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  1. CARs Professional Car Care Center...

    wat's about the waterless car wash bro Krismas? never heard of it before...
  2. CARs Professional Car Care Center...

    i used to wash my car by myself but i recently moved to condominium to stay oredi... tat's why no more place to do my own car cleaning... washing de car urself is alwiz better than sending it to the car wash but what to do... i'm a fussy fella as well when it comes to car cleaniness... haha!
  3. Auto Detailing Services USJ1

    just sent my car for Meguiars signature car wash n vacuum... well done job! thanks alot Lilseoul! i'll drop in 2 weeks once... thanks again... =)
  4. CARs Professional Car Care Center...

    ok ok... i went to ask oso... de person in charge damn lan si till ui feel i tulan wif him... haha... anyways thanks for de advice bro... cheers! ;)
  5. Auto Detailing Services USJ1

    Lilseoul bro... i'm staying in PJ area, kota damansara to be exact and i'm really interested in checking out this car detailing center of urs at USJ1. but i'm not really sure on how to get there as i am not familiar with USJ routes at all... can u gif me a brief idea on how to get there from my...
  6. CARs Professional Car Care Center...

    hello ZTH brothers... anyone of you here are members with the CARs car care center? de car beauty center at 1 utama n mid valley one... how much izzit for a car wash ar? n i heard u gotta be a member with them izzit?
  7. CARs Professional Car Care Center...

    hello ZTH brothers... anyone of you here are members with the CARs car care center? de car beauty center at 1 utama n mid valley one... how much izzit for a car wash ar? n i heard u gotta be a member with them izzit?
  8. Mitsubishi Lancer 2.0 GT Lays the Smackdown on the competition!

    whoa! awesome! 2.0 liter car with sport specifications for only RM 116,000? tat's worth it.. additional advantage.. complete CBU from japan...
  9. gen2 sedan...the real cars

    haha.. not much difference from de existing Gen 2 hatchback oso..
  10. Satin Black 722 McLaren or Batmobile ???

    whoa! *drooling* dream ride of de century..
  11. The Ultimate Street Tuners Carnival 2007 Part 1

    whoa.. more like model show than "Ultimate Street Tuners Carnival" hehe.. nice pics there Tom.. cheers bro!
  12. 2008 Honda Accord EX sedan

    ahha! Honda copy cat eh.. Camry look alike..
  13. XXX car wash gets approval in Australia

    ahha! in every malaysian male driver's dreams this is gona happen here.. 100% impossible..
  14. Twin turbo E30 M3 vs Carrera GT on the Ring

    love de acceleration of the beamer.. smooth n fast.. but still.. cant beat the Carrera GT.. leave him behind like 6 tiang lampu..
  15. Porsche Rinspeed 997 Turbo Released - LeMans 600

    aiyo.. a porsche memang is one wif its own distinctive elegant n sporty looks.. price? of coz more than a million lah..
  16. The 341bhp Autodelta Gt Super Arrives In Dubai

    whoa! de whole car looks good..
  17. The Hankook Racequeen Girls in Tokyo 2007

    ahha! good one.. thanks for de AWESOME pics tom.. cheers bro..
  18. Anyone see this before in Malaysia?

    haha! looks very much of an innovation from malaysian engineers.. :) but looks handy n convenient to use..
  19. Mugen Tricks Out the latest Honda Civic Type R!

    wah.. *drooling* nice nice CIVIC..
  20. roadtax printed date faded.

    can alwiz go back to JPJ n print a replacement roadtax bro.. i did b4 last time..
  21. Twin Turbo BMW E60 M5

    car is awesome.. but price de price makes u fall off from ur comp seat.. 350000 USD.. convert to RM (if they do sell this model here) = 1.4 million ringgit excluding tax.. wah!
  22. Safety Driving Tips - PLUS

    haha.. thanks for de very useful reminder n advices.. de cartoons re kinda cute n funny though.. cheers!
  23. New Mitsubishi EVO 10 Prototype X

    hmm nice.. de evo actually looks cute.. haha!
  24. 2008 Subaru WRX STI Hatcback aims at New Evo X

    hmm.. something futuristic.. looks kinda cool though.. more sportier..
  25. Tokyo Auto Salon 2007 - Highlights | Part 3

    2nd thoughts.. attracted to all de cars posted here.. modifications concepts tat i favour.. thanks tom for de great photos.. cheers bro..
  26. Tokyo Auto Salon 2007 - Highlights | Part 3

    attracted to de supra wif de blue angel eye's headlights.. very cool and unique.. heh..
  27. How to know Turbo Exhaust or NA Exhaut??

    see de piping size lo.. if it's unusually bigger than other cars then it should be turbo..
  28. Mazda RX8 (WPD5757) HIT and RUN

    tat number plate sounds so familiar.. seems like belong to anak datuk.. stupid fellas driving wif no brains.. xZ bro, hope ur dad is alrite n fine there..
  29. NEW 2007 WAJA and SAVVY

    hmm.. no uploaded photos here?
  30. Tokyo Auto Salon 2007 Part 2 - Live Coverage | New Concept Models

    more n more cars.. *drooling* thanks alot tom for de great pics.. cheers bro!
  31. Tokyo Auto Salon 2007 Part 1 - Live Coverage - Live Pictures

    keep em` coming tom.. great pics n coverage.. :regular_smile:
  32. Tokyo Auto Salon 2007 - Exclusive Coverage! Pictures, Videos, Girls!

    haha.. cant wait to add another new folder entitled "Tokyo Auto Saloon Girls 2007"..
  33. Used Car Interest Rate...

    haha.. so high might as well get a new car.. toyota doin promotion.. 1.99% interest nia..
  34. The Xtreme Nights 2006 - Bukit Jalil Stadium

    whoa! girls n cars both oso cun.. thanks tom..
  35. Miss Hypertune 2007 Mutiara Motors M7 Oils - Soda Club Hartamas

    aik? when was de event held? nice pics tom.. cheers bro!
  36. TOyota Blade at rm67k ...

    haha.. impossible for toyota cars to be tat cheap.. for tat class of vehicle.. if it is PROTON will be dead man..
  37. Video: Tengku Djan in action in the D1 World All Star 2006, Irwindale USA

    cheers Djan.. u haf made malaysia proud..
  38. H Getz or P Myvi, pls comments some!

    MyVi is a better choice bro.. get de manual one better still.. FC excellent..
  39. How to remove doorside sticker?

    hmm.. there's risk in using thinner or Zippo fluid.. it might streak off de shiny layer of de paint work..
  40. windscreen scratch

    yeaps.. screen scratches cant be repaired..
  41. Car sales advertisment & what they reallyl means.

    whoa.. tat's a very very long advertisment.. haha.. buyers see so long list oso no mood to read oredi.. :confused_smile:
  42. izit can repair ?

    send it to de shop bro.. best service..
  43. Fuel Saver

    haha.. gimmicks of fuel saver n power booster add-ons to engine.. best way to improve FC for ur car is to practise good driving habits.. :regular_smile:
  44. Naza Sutera Sportivo

    MyVi MyVi MyVi... value for money car..
  45. What type of Tyre you use at your car?

    1) What model of your car? - Mitsubishi Lancer A1712A 2) What type and brand of tyre ? - Michelin XM1 3) Why you like this brand? describe it? - proven to be silent on movement. gives the safety confident feeling when u re driving on highways. have been using Michelin tires all this...
  46. rigthness in driving?

    alignment, balancing, camber adjustment n tire conditions.. check if ur left n right tires wear n tear is even or not bro..
  47. Test: Q8 Oils and Lubegard

    btw.. de japanese girl is sweet.. :_:
  48. Test: Q8 Oils and Lubegard

    Q8 oils performance proven.. good good!
  49. Drive: 2006 Audi A4 Avant FSi CVT

    fuiyoh.. damn like de interior.. so elegant n classy..