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  1. (Sharing) Exhaust/Muffler setup for Lancer GT

    I'm currently using the stock exhaust system and the noise really irritates me like heck.. Any nice quieter exhaust? How loud is this hotbits?
  2. (Sharing) Exhaust/Muffler setup for Lancer GT

    Please share with me/everyone here your exhaust/muffler setup on your Lancer GT. Just wondering if there is anyone out there that kinda hate the sound (I consider it noisy) from the stock muffler? Anyone can share any setup that looks nicer as well as sounds quieter and nicer? Please share the...
  3. [WTS] Honda Civic (M) EJ6 converted to EK ViRS 99 bodykit

    Ya... ya.. I let Zul take care of my car :) EHEHE! Maybe you saw my car before. *cheers* Bila free.. teh tarik oh!
  4. [WTS] Honda Civic (M) EJ6 converted to EK ViRS 99 bodykit

    Loan is arranged by buyer but I will also help apply at the same time.
  5. [WTS] Honda Civic (M) EJ6 converted to EK ViRS 99 bodykit

    I will snap an engine bay pic and post later. The mileage is at 190K KM. Thanks!
  6. [WTS] Honda Civic (M) EJ6 converted to EK ViRS 99 bodykit

    Car SOLD! Thanks!
  7. Smart Eye HID is Selling Hot!!!!!(Very Low Price)

    Hi XIELD, I PMed you but you didn't reply me. Anyway, just want to post my experience purchasing the HID kit from XIELD (Jason). I'm not saying he is cheating or what sort, but just sharing with you guys my experience so that you can judge for yourself. I ordered a Magnetic Hi-Lo HID 6000K...
  8. CROWER and Brian Crower

    Hehe.. PAPA more experience lah like that.
  9. B16b/B18c R cam which 1 better?

    I have found some specs for the cams in other forum. I don't know if you all have seen it before, but here goes (just to share share with all of you).. STOCK GSR : b17a and b18c1 (Chilled Cast Core) INTAKE lift - 10.6 mm,duration - 230 @1mm EXHAUST lift - 9.4mm, duration - 227@1mm 1...
  10. B16B or B16A engine

    You already have a B16A then you would want the B20 bottom block, not the VTEC head because you already have it. Don't forget your brake upgrade, safety is important when you go fasssst.
  11. CROWER and Brian Crower

    Then what about hattech brian bin crower ??? LOL!
  12. B16B or B16A engine

    Oh.. means still use back stock B20 piston and conrods etc? Suhaimi no need B20 vtec already so fast! Kasi orang chance overtake la mie! :P
  13. B16B or B16A engine

    Less than 10K? Reliable or not one? What to change if budget is less than 10K for B20B setup? I heard a lot need to change one lah.. starting from the rods up to the block oh!
  14. Difference between b16a, b16b, b18c and b18cr head...?

    From what I know, the B16A block is shorter (263mm) than the B16B and B18C (both 270mm), so I suppose the head for B16A is shorter than B16B and B18C.
  15. CROWER and Brian Crower

    I noticed that there are 2 brands of almost similar name for the camshafts out there in the market. CROWER (Crower Cams & Equipment) and Brian Crower ( Anyone knows if they are from the same company or are they different? Anyone knows about how different are both brands in...
  16. take note

    Mie, beli 20 biji .. percuma 1 biji kan?! HEHEHE!
  17. take note

    Suhaimi.. no wonder you bought so many eggs the other day la! HEHEHHEHEHEE! Jangan marah yeh!
  18. The difference between B18CR and B18C5?

    Ooh! Thanks bro! Anyway, was wondering if the internal is the same as B18CR?
  19. The difference between B18CR and B18C5?

    Bros, What is the difference between a B18CR and a B18C5 other than B18CR has 200hp and B18C5 has 195hp? I found on the net that B18CR is JDM and B18C5 is USDM and also SGDM. Is it true? Is there any JDM B18C5? as I heard also that there are limited units of B18C5 in Japan. How do you spot if...
  20. BOSCHMANN Authorize Retailer ~Sell BM product at low prices

    Boschmann ZX3-S4E amplifier Interested with the above mentioned item. Please PM me the best price? Please also send to me the full list of amplifier to me too. I intend to power my Sub woofer that has double voice over coil with this amplifier. Thanks!
  21. WTS> APEXi products and others item (PHOTO)

    PM me best price for RSM + Stand. How much is installation? Is this RSM the RSM GP?
  22. Car use CCFL fo sale

    Bro, Can PM me your location and contact number? Got cheaper if buy 2 set? How is the wiring done? How long is the wire?
  23. B16B VTEC Type-R for sale

    What's the best price? What do you mean by No engine no. ??
  24. new vs 2nd

    Civic!! Then put in the new Type-R bodykit..respray to champion white..etc etc.. *slurps* Anyway, just my preference lah. Both the cars are nice cars!
  25. Willing to pay !!! Need Modified K20 DC5 engine !!

    Wah.. Suhaimi sudah taiko..banyak connection eh? ;)
  26. Toyota Mark II GX90 for sale

    What is the best price? Still can get loan for this car ka?
  27. Hondarian Head Count - Episode II (2007)

    BtLeJuiCe / Ian / EJ6-SO4 / PeeJay / 0126568678 /
  28. [AVANTECH] HONDA B-Series Parts For Sale

    Sudah B16B yeh?
  29. [AVANTECH] HONDA B-Series Parts For Sale

    B18C-R mana ada new punya ;)
  30. [AVANTECH] HONDA B-Series Parts For Sale

    Brother.. baru tukar kerja a bit busy lor.. can la.. now a bit better edi.. ada apa new parts? :) The new parts dalam your kereta ke dalam stor? HEHE!
  31. [AVANTECH] HONDA B-Series Parts For Sale

    Wah mie.. lama tak nampak! *bump*
  32. looking for EG/EK/DC lowered/sport spring

    You got PM bro
  33. [Car Paint] JUICY'S Car Spray Paint Job with Standox and Glasurit!

    BUMP! P/S: For those who PM me, the price is depending on your car condition. If alot of dents and your door or body parts got gaps, then price will be different. So, we will need to arrange time to view your car before can quote you the real price. No obligations! :)
  34. Team 99ers - Civic 99 Spec Enthusiasts' Club

    Hehe.. the 99ers forum lor :)
  35. looking for EG/EK/DC lowered/sport spring

    I have a set of APEX (Yellow Color) sports spring. Want? APEX I heard is from Holland punya :)
  36. My Honda S2000 whack by a BMW M3

    Suhaimi's car also can ma.. after your "project" lar :P
  37. Team 99ers - Civic 99 Spec Enthusiasts' Club

    Wah.. so this is the one you told me about ka Simon?
  38. New Civic Type-R Release!!!

    Oi Jin!! Know who am I or not? :P When wanna yamcha?
  39. where find k20a

    Wah.. so nice can masuk K20A-R liao *slurps* The half cut is very expensive ler :( So is the Hasport mounting!
  40. Sasuke Honda ORI and Imitation parts (Exterior & Interior)

    EK 99 spec is one very handsome car :P The one in the pic is panda car.. *giggles*
  41. Sasuke Honda ORI and Imitation parts (Exterior & Interior)

    Wah..Simon.. hehe the sample front and back conversion pic..the car looked so familiar.. :P
  42. [Car Paint] JUICY'S Car Spray Paint Job with Standox and Glasurit!

    Are you thinking of respraying your car and put that new look up back to your car? There are various brands of paints and clearcoats used catering to all budget. What they will do is to knock your car back, realigned all the body parts and respray it. All the paint job and body works are SUPERB...
  43. [team Shadowfax]: Ek 4drs 99 Spec If Possible!

    Not for you la Mie :P HEHEHE! j/k
  44. HONDA EK99 Bodyparts & Many more...

    evening bump :P
  45. EK9 Meter

    Mie, yours is normal la overheat.. powderful engine ma.. HEHEHEHEHEH!! Your meter.. "H" stands for Hooray.. "C" for CIS!... HAHAHA!
  46. HONDA EK99 Bodyparts & Many more...

    Alar Mie.. ada black door molding also didn't tell me! :P How's the condition? Your price?