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  1. Varrstoen Wheels for Sales

    Mazda RX8 wearing ES1 Varrstoens 19 x 9.5 +0 19x 11 +15 Lexus GS wearing ES1 Varrstoens Audi A5 wearing ES1 Varrstoens BMW E90 wearing ES1 Varrstoens
  2. Varrstoen Wheels for Sales

    Fairlady 350z wearing Varrstoen ES4 E92 BMW wearing Varrstoen ES4
  3. Varrstoen Wheels for Sales

    Zandvoort Japanese Autosport Festival 2012 Varrstoen was the official sponsor for this Drift Event. [Kyouto Drift] - Togethia - Zandvoort Japanese Autosport Festival 2012 - YouTube
  4. Varrstoen Wheels for Sales

    RX7 wearing ES3 Varrstoens S2000 wearing ES3 Varrstoens
  5. Varrstoen Wheels for Sales

    ---------- Post added at 11:00 AM ---------- 6 hour anti-bump limit - Previous post was at 10:59 AM ---------- ES2 Varrstoens on an R34 GTR. 19 x 10.5 +12 all round for that flush finish
  6. Varrstoen Wheels for Sales

    BMW E92 wearing ES1 Varrstoens ---------- Post added at 10:45 PM ---------- 6 hour anti-bump limit - Previous post was at 10:43 PM ---------- Fairlady 350Z wearing ES2 Varrstoens ---------- Post added at 10:46 PM ---------- 6 hour anti-bump limit - Previous post was at 10:45 PM...
  7. Varrstoen Wheels for Sales

    Are you after exceptional looking wheels with aggressive offset? Look no further. Varrstoen Wheels from the Netherlands are gaining popularity in the EU and US as the choice for Stanced, Flushed and Fitted rides. Varrstoen Wheels have a balanced design, high end products reflecting a...
  8. Greddy Mazda RX-8 Showcar

    This car has already been registered since 2009
  9. Greddy Mazda RX-8 Showcar

    Bump. Price reduced to RM 150,000. Urgent Sale. Please call me at 012-2113313. Thanks.
  10. Toyota MR2 Turbo

    Bump, still for sale. Price revised to RM 65,000. This car is in very good condition, willing to price to sell. Please contact me at 012-2113313. Great car. Needs a great owner.
  11. Greddy Mazda RX-8 Showcar

    Bump. Still available for sale, please PM me. Tq
  12. Toyota MR2 Turbo

    Ha ha, i wish :) You can bring your own model
  13. Greddy Mazda RX-8 Showcar

    More coverage of the Greddy RX8. Click on link below Picture It: RX8 GReddy turbo
  14. Greddy Mazda RX-8 Showcar

    Hi all, Quick Sale. Owner going overseas. Please call to view.
  15. Greddy Mazda RX-8 Showcar

    More pictures added. This is a one of a kind RX8.
  16. Greddy Mazda RX-8 Showcar

    Thanks guys. BUMP
  17. Greddy Mazda RX-8 Showcar

    This RX8 was the Greddy Japan Showcar. It's accolade of titles include appearance in: 1. 2004 Hot Version "Rotary Rocket" video by Best Motoring - Driven by Keichi Tsuchiya, 2. HyperRev RX8 Magazine vol 110 3. 2005 Tokyo Auto Salon show booth car, 4. 2006 KLIMS Mutiara Motors showcar, 5...
  18. Toyota MR2 Turbo

    Engine (300WHP @ 1.2bar Boost) 3S-GTE (Revision 3), Forged HKS Pistons, Balanced & Ported, KKK K26 Turbocharger, Turbosmart 38mm Wastegate, Sheepdog Blowoff Valve, TRD Spark Plug Cables, Sard Fuel Regulator, Custom exhaust manifold, Trust Intercooler, HKS Superpowerflow Air Filter, HKS Super...
  19. beware of seller

    Guys, Don't have to be nice to this Dominic guy. We should identify and get rid of these menaces in our society. It's called outright cheating and should not tolerate it. From the way the story goes, it sounds like a previous MR2 club malaysia member whose very active selling used parts. It's...
  20. beware of seller

    HI Ablivion, Is Dominic's his real name or does he have another name? It's best to provide more details about this person, including providing his mobile number here so that others are aware. Thanks.
  21. Carboninmotion - RX8 Bodystyling

    Hi guys/ girls, I'd like to introduce you to Carboninmotion. The RX8 Bodystyling specialists. In a blink of an eye, our business is already 2 years old and we've been supplying, making RX8's more aggresive looking during this time. If you have not had the chance of knowing whom we are, do...
  22. Mazda RX8 Bodykits

    To usher in the the 2011 New Year, Carboninmotion is offering the AE02 (Fibreglass - non-Carbon Fibre) Rear Spoiler worth RM 1,000 as a Free Gift with total bodykit purchase in a single receipt of RM 3,000 and above. To view a picture of the AE02 rear wing, see link below. Kindly note that the...
  23. Mazda RX8 Bodykits

    Kindly refer to our website CARBONINMOTION.COM for prices. Thank you.
  24. Register for 2010 RX8Clubmalaysia Mega Gathering

    Guys and girls. This is the moment we are all waiting for. 2010 mega gathering is just one day away. Meeting point is at Bermaz Motor Trading, Jalan Ampang, Kuala Lumpur Full address is as below: 214 Jalan Ampang 50450 Kuala Lumpur, Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur Please be at...
  25. Register for 2010 RX8Clubmalaysia Mega Gathering

    Guys/ Girls, 5 more days to event day. Registrations are still open. Thanks.
  26. Register for 2010 RX8Clubmalaysia Mega Gathering

    This years concept is based on Tokyo Drift's Underground party.... both videos below will give you a close enough understanding of what's to expect at this year's 2010 RX8 Mega Gathering - Come Join Us! Register today at YouTube - Fast &...
  27. Register for 2010 RX8Clubmalaysia Mega Gathering

    Guys/ Girls, Please come to TT tomorrow at 3TwoSquare Petaling Jaya tomorrow from 10.30pm onwards to hear more about this event. We would like to pass you some Mega Gathering Invitation Cards to invite your friends who owns RX8's or just any other RX8's you may spot when you're at work or...
  28. Register for 2010 RX8Clubmalaysia Mega Gathering

    2010 RX8Clubmalaysia Mega Gathering Registration Opens Today! CLICK HERE TO REGISTER TODAY. HURRY REGISTRATION CLOSES ON 20NOV10! Dear RX8ers. Our Mega-Gathering for 2010 will be held on 27NOV10 (Saturday). We have planned a fun filled day for us all. I’m sure for those who joined us in...
  29. HPC 9th May

    I'm joining Group3 bud.
  30. HPC 9th May

    I hope to run my MR2 at HPC this year. I've registered.
  31. Renew your Car Insurance Online with HSBC Bank

    Hi, I think most of you know that I work for HSBC Bank. Specifically in Direct Banking looking after e-Channels. We've just launched an Online Car Insurance and Road Tax portal for the convenience of both HSBC and Non-HSBC customers. Right, it's not entirely new, but for those of you who have...
  32. CAR CLUB RENDEZVOUS event (2010) - for RX7

    kk13, it's a club gathering event plus autokhana (optional). The sponsors would also present their latest gear too.
  33. CAR CLUB RENDEZVOUS event (2010) - for RX7

    Hi, I'm posting this on behalf of Motorsport Channel and RERider. We have about 20 participants from also joining this event. Possibly both RX8 and RX7 sessions will be together. It's a good time to get the rotary group together during this event. Date: 21 March 2010...
  34. MR2\MRS Stuff to exchange\sale

    Hi YN, Sorry, the meterhood booked already lor... by MRMIC. ---------- Post added at 02:02 AM ---------- 6 hour anti-bump limit - Previous post was at 02:00 AM ---------- Danial.... sorry the LSD also booked liao.. will let you know if buyer backs out..
  35. MR2 Gallery - AW, SW, ZZW

    ---------- Post added at 12:09 AM ---------- 6 hour anti-bump limit - Previous post was at 12:08 AM ---------- This is an MR2 ---------- Post added at 12:12 AM ---------- 6 hour anti-bump limit - Previous post was at 12:09 AM ---------- ---------- Post added at 12:20 AM ---------- 6...
  36. MR2\MRS Stuff to exchange\sale

    Have the following for sale: Greddy Rear bumper add ons - Ori - RM 250 Ori LSD unit - Taken out from LSD Gearbox - RM 300 - Sold to Lee Meterhood used (made by MRMIC) - RM 50 - reserved by MRMIC Clear front signal lamps used - RM 300 a pair Pls call maxis-2113313. Thanks.
  37. Mazda RX8 Bodykits

    Full range of RX8 bodykits available at Please contact us for more details. Goober - Maxis -2113313 Jax - Maxis -3238230 Just some of the body styling available through Front Bumper Designs Version RR Front Bumper (aka R3) Version ATR...
  38. RX8clubmalaysia Mega-Gathering 2009

    Video teaser of our Mega Gathering event on 13DEC09. YouTube- RX8 Malaysia Mega Gathering 2009 - Teaser
  39. Mazda RX-8 custom vented fiber bonnet

    Looks like the Monster Garage Vented hood for the RX8.. bump
  40. RX8clubmalaysia Mega-Gathering 2009

    We're at 78 RX8's joining this event... Just 22more RX8's to go.....And that is why I'm posting in ZTH in case there are RX8 owners here too. Please click link to Register for this event Dear RX8ers. Our Mega-Gathering for 2009 will be held on 13DEC09 (Sunday). We have planned a fun...
  41. MR2\MRS Stuff to exchange\sale

    The GT Wing is nice... I saw it myself.. The width is perfect and the angle is nice too.
  42. WTS - Lenso 18"

    Hi.. nice rim. Pls PM me your best price :slug:
  43. MR2 Gallery - AW, SW, ZZW

  44. MR2 Gallery - AW, SW, ZZW

  45. MR2 Gallery - AW, SW, ZZW

    Very nice marcus... why is there a lonely R33 in the pictures too :)
  46. MR2 Gallery - AW, SW, ZZW

  47. This was what I missed KKS for

    Took some shots of the autoshow with my new Nikon D90 and Tamron 18-200mm lense.... i'm loving it...! Bump: Bump:
  48. MR2 Gallery - AW, SW, ZZW

    Continue keeping theSW20 alive! Bump: And one lonely R33 Skyline for iexit... :biggrin: Bump: And one lonely R33 Skyline for iexit... :biggrin: Bump: And one lonely R33 Skyline for iexit... :biggrin: Bump: And one lonely R33 Skyline...
  49. MR2 Gallery - AW, SW, ZZW

    Not MR2 but what the heck! Merry Christmas!