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  1. Strong fuel smell....

    Do anyone experience strong fuel smell in the car while driving ..? The smell do not come frequent but occasionally. I believe something is wrong.. but i have sent my car for inspection at several mechanic and they do not detect any problem. Any sifu please comment.. Thanks :hmmmm:
  2. Hyundai Tuscani 2.7 V6

    Hi to all sifu, Do any of the member here own this ride.... Tuscani 2.7 V6..? Been considering Tuscani 2.0 (facelift) for my daily ride.. but damn susah to get a good unit in the market .. very limited..and mostly is not facelift.. Is it difficult to get the facelift accesories like smoke...
  3. A32 Gearbox flushing..

    Can any sifu recommend any good workshop that can do autogear oil flush. (prefer area - Old Klang road, Kuchai, Sri petaling, Puchong or P.J).. Planning to do it to my A32.. as it already clock 200k..
  4. A32 .. engine die off.. need help

    Hi sifu, My ride a32 year 1997 3.0 just change to 2.0 engine & gearbox recently.. get it from half cut (engine & gearbox lantai)... everything work well after conversion except 2 issue that bother me now is :- 1) The engine is having difficulties to start.. all the time. Now I have to...
  5. A32 engine sudden turn off .. need help

    Dear Cefi Sifu, I experience in several occassion that my cefi A32 2.0 engine sudden turn off while driving. First I thought is the spark plug that cause the problem but when I send my car to my mechanic .. it seem the car is ok upon clearing all faulty code. But recently it happen again...
  6. Looking for used Eibach Prokit for A32

    Hi.. I'm looking for a set of Eibach Prokit for my A32.. P.M me if you have it and intended to sell.. Thanks guys.