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  1. (wts) pioneer DEH-P6550 (rm250)

    item sold to eric...
  2. RECARO SEAT.....(KL area)

    ape crite bro?? tajuk lain... recaro???
  3. (wts) pioneer DEH-P6550 (rm250)

    items reserved for eric from malacca till this Wed!!
  4. (wts) pioneer DEH-P6550 (rm250)

    1unit of used pioneer DEH P6550 for sale.. price is RM250Nego.. upgrade to VCD compatible... call or sms 012-9271998 for fast deal.. location Setapak!! CD FEATURES Latest S-10 Mechanism CD-R and CD-RW Compatible 1-Bit D/A Converter, 8fs Digital Filter MP3/WMA File Playback not...
  5. Mercedes 190E 2.3 16V Cosworth

    nice car mate..
  6. wira 4g91 1.5 twin cam rm13k!!!

    year?? picture??
  7. [WTS] Honda Integra DA6-B16A Big Vtec (2 Doors)

    how bout loan bro?? any loan available??
  8. Continue payment

    sms me at 012-9271998 for perdana v6... plat no JGExxxx... monthly rm1.1k... give me rm1k then continue payment for another 3-4 years..
  9. dump ass DBKL....!!

    go and see malay film... title 'ali baba'... got elephant gun there.. hehe..
  10. (wtb)gti exhaust (muffler)

    hi everyone... im looking for satria GTI muffler.... please sms me or pm me if u want to sell it ... sms to 012-9271998 faiz... thanks...

    ape yang bile2 masa?? nak sewa mestilah boleh bila bila masa pun.. call je.. janji bayor duit sewa udah ler..

    bleh nego kalau lebih 1hari.. kereta racing mana ada daaa..... boooommm.... car for rent...
  13. wira 1.8exi sedan 96/97 RM10,500

    not very bad i think... worth the price ler..
  14. (wts) nokia 6111

    phone sold edy... thanks...
  15. wts:rear disc brake sets for wira

    its stated there.... nett price... so , no negotiable....
  16. WTS : Satria 1.6 absorber

    can i buy front only?? how much?? sms to 012-9271998
  17. How to install a delay?

    its relay lah bro, not delay....
  18. WTS Satria GTi dashboard

  19. RECARO SR2 for sale - urgent

    pm me best price... last time i buy recaro seat from u cod at petronas bt.caves.. remember??? bagi murah2 skit.. biar nampak mcm urgent sale.. heheh...
  20. RECARO SR2 for sale - urgent

    still available??
  21. (wts) nokia 6111

  22. Putra Both Door for sale

    bro, can just buy the door trim?? can trade in with my 1.3 door trim?? pm me or sms to 012-9271998 for fast deal.. thankss...
  23. WTS Satria GTi dashboard

    yups... what is the package?? meter??
  24. CARBON FIBER LOOK....spray

    ur pm box is full lah bro... pm me best price for satria front bonnet!! also ur location adress... thanks
  25. Bodykit Cheap sales!!!!!! firbeglass and pu

    bro, my question......... answer plz.... ASAP!!
  26. wts : used Nokia 6280 3G = RM878 (nego)

    perghh.... its not who can offer high or low ler bro.... but please be reasonable ler... let say the buyer offer u rm300 for ur n-series phone!! r u willing to sell it?? unless u are so desperate...!! hahaha
  27. wts : used Nokia 6280 3G = RM878 (nego)

    stupid offer leh u guys... this phone worth RM7++ ler....
  28. Bodykit Cheap sales!!!!!! firbeglass and pu

    satria convert gti full body kit how much?? i go there before, they ask rm1.3 k with painting... hm... i think it should be around rm800 to rm900 only becoz they said, for painting only rm 350.... pm me or sms to 012-9271998...
  29. SE P910i PDA Phone cheapest ever u can find!!

    keypad not working?? huh... pm me best price plzz
  30. [w.T.s.]Mini Ceiling Fan, Very Cute one!

    im interested lah bro... negotiable?? how to deal?? location? sms to me at 012-9271998
  31. looking for turbo timer & boost meter

    i got hsk 4button turbo timer.. sms me or pm me 012-9271998 thanks..
  32. jvc video camera hdd 40GB

    got warranty tak??
  33. Nokia 7380 L'Amour Collection

    best price plzzzz

    KereTa untuk disewa..... kancil rm60 sehari.. iswara rm60-80 sehari... wira rm80-100 sehari.. waja rm 150, hyundai getz rm 180sehari, van 8tempat duduk rm 180 sehari... ada auto dan manual...kereta adalah dalam keadaan baik..menyediakan penghantaran ke rumah anda atau dimana sahaja.. semua harga...
  35. WTS : nokia L'amour 7360

    rm 350?? Cod ANYtime!! sms to 012-9271998 thanksss...
  36. Perdana Twin Turbo (A) year 2000 for sale

    any dp?? full loan??
  37. Auto start enjin and other.

    patrick gone alr3ady... not reply all message since last 2 weeks...
  38. proton putra 98 model recaro semi bucket.

    n joy is semi bucket lar bro... this one should be the same.. like gti, putra ...
  39. Auto start enjin and other.

    patrick.. can u come to selayang and do some wiring for my car...?? i pay u additional rm20 for petrol.. need urgently... sms me at 012-9271998 thanks...
  40. TFT LCD with camera.

    if to be fit in satria... where to put?? can use ar?? pm me best price.. really interested...
  41. Driver side Recaro Satria GTi for sale with railings.

    bro.. i think u dont know the market price... rm650 can get 1pair lah bro...
  42. proton saga VR4 turbo

    can sell the engine only arr?? hehe.. murah murah kira
  43. TFT LCD with camera.

    only for reverse?? cannot use as tv/vcd monitor??
  44. HKS, Greddy, Apexi, Razo, Grex - For sale

    pm me for tt also... provide installation?? give me best price.. thankss
  45. Nokia 7380 L'Amour Collection

    best price plzzz
  46. Cheap Turbo Timer For Sale - Below RM100

    why dont u include installation... ??
  47. ICE setup, need advise

    ultra noob here, what is rms actually?? hehe
  48. Fridge For Sale

    offering rm280 for three days.. 012-9271998 for fast deal.. hehe