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  1. [WTS] Mitsubishi Eterna Front Bodypart

    bro,u got pm
  2. [WTS] Mitsubishi Eterna Front Bodypart

    Salam Bro Walruz. All item inculded except the Front Grill Only, Item Included : Fender Left & right Head lamp Bonnet Front Bumper With Fog lamp
  3. [WTS] Mitsubishi Eterna Front Bodypart

    Bro beautle,u got pm.
  4. [WTS] Mitsubishi Eterna Front Bodypart

    Hi all,i have mitsubishi eterna front body part set without grill for sell , condition as shown in the picture below. Location at :Bdr baru bangi Price: RM300 Interested can sms or call : 012-3222949 .Thanks.
  5. Chop Shop sale..

    bro,looking for honda halfcut use b18b engine wit manual tranny, i think its from integra model.thanks
  6. WTA: My Car Performance Drop Dramatically

    what about compression test? maybe u can do to know ur engine lost compression or not
  7. myvi turbo with picts and video....

    jpj will like if they see the window tint...hehehehe
  8. myvi turbo with picts and video....

    jpj will like if they see the window tint..hehehe
  9. Question about integra

    wahh,good info
  10. Benz Turbo

    look innocent from outside, but watchout! u will being fooled by diz car
  11. B16A fuel comsumption

    sounds good, the FC is just like NA engine with no vtec, sometime more economical... mine use sohc w/o vtec,auto, rm60 can go only 335km,haiyoo...
  12. Round 4: Sepang Drag Battle 2006

    uhuhuhu, pocket rocket car, awesome!!
  13. NX-02(Peugeot 206) Anyone knows about this.

    i think this is a worth buying compare with the real price for peugeot 206