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  1. wers all d old zth kakis? all fart tart d...or dont like forums d? lol

    Thanx, will be back shortly in june, if the reunion gonna be held then, i will deffo try to join
  2. wers all d old zth kakis? all fart tart d...or dont like forums d? lol

    New job, different country, busy sket. How u guys doin? Fine i hope Anybody in italy, jom minum oiiii
  3. Need help for engine stalling evo3 engine!!

    U must be using a vent-out bov, kan? Edit : just realised ive asked this question several posts back, but op hasnt given his answer. Seldomly online ler these days
  4. Crazy Evo video I saw on Facebook, in Malaysia?

    Genting, uphill
  5. Proton CFE Manual Swap

    The ones i used were made here, there was a set i got of 14inch from indonesia. A lotta things cant be googled
  6. Proton CFE Manual Swap

    Goodyear, goodyear, goodyear. Gsd3 was my all time fave
  7. Proton CFE Manual Swap

    I prefer tyres made in malaysia
  8. Proton CFE Manual Swap

    Dont get it wrong, the engine is capable, only the gb is the limiting factor. Drive a manual version like in the exora and ull see the different. The cvt will elongates the gear once it detects the belt slips, so u dont feel the familiar pull when boost kicks in
  9. Proton CFE Manual Swap

    Does it involves the awesome charade? Lol
  10. Proton CFE Manual Swap

    Whats the bajet for this project bro? I have sumthing at the back of my head ni, most probably a doable one, hihi.. Pm tepi ler kalau minat
  11. Proton CFE Manual Swap

    Id rather get a cheap car and mod it up, its more fun dat way
  12. Need help for engine stalling evo3 engine!!

    What bov are you using? A vent-out or the original setup?
  13. Proton CFE Manual Swap

    Luckily i remember that odd behaviour, lol. Getting a manual ecu shud be the best bet imo
  14. Proton CFE Manual Swap

    I just remember, i worked on a suprima few weeks back, and in neutral it just revv to 3000rpm, like a launch control, so i dont its doable ler. The ones i worked with was with the " normal" autobox jer, just swap gb and rewire it, done
  15. Proton CFE Manual Swap

    I say, just sumbat masuk the manual and rewire the cvt wiring to indicate "N" gear jer, see how that goes. I think shud be the same jer with any autobox, weve done dis in few cars. The ecu and tcu are usually independant of each other fyi
  16. Proton CFE Manual Swap

    I wud rather advice u get the gb set complete with the ecu for the manual version, or just rewire the terminals at the gb end for the cvt wiring. U sure the cvt doesnt have a saparate tcu?
  17. wers all d old zth kakis? all fart tart d...or dont like forums d? lol

    been bz laaa, with the kids and wife(s), heheheee
  18. Knocking/Pinging - Really bad or harmless?

    i wud avoid pinging at all cost
  19. Felixia Yeap

    ass lickers? people who are glad seeing her respecting her ownself are ass lickers to you? wow...
  20. High fuel consumption + White plugs?

    aku drive slow lagi kuat makan petrol wooo
  21. High fuel consumption + White plugs?

    easy, its leaning out, power drops, u try to extract more when there isnt anymore, tekan more, higher fuel consumption.. OR, it is a bad engine to begine with.. i hope dats not the case ler
  22. High fuel consumption + White plugs?

    any of my pos is tuned there fyi, u can at least pm him on the expenses needed, he ll give u a good price imo. pm vteckiller i suggest u to get at least an fpr and tune it up, and check the results on a dyno
  23. High fuel consumption + White plugs?

    i dunno where u got dat idea, but u need to it out the window if i know joshua and i think i do, he will entertain anybody dat walks in his door, no worries.. u need to get d problem inspected asap tu
  24. High fuel consumption + White plugs?

    i suggest joshua thiran of millennium motorsports asia
  25. High fuel consumption + White plugs?

    its leaning out and destroying the engine, must be pinging like mad when u revv it up.. check compression, and get it tuned properly asap
  26. My experience on OWS Spark Plugs

    ive stopped using all these performance plugs long ago, std plugs performs better den some of them imo
  27. branded oil is a quality oil?

    original oil is quality oil, careful with the ciplak oil in our market
  28. which civic generations is the sportiest?

    ef and eg
  29. Spark plug: Denso Iridium or NGK Laser Platinum

    i wud go with the normal plugs jer ,and change often. unless ur engine makes it hard to access the plugs ie 6a12tt, den u need to go with the long lasting plugs like the iridiums
  30. Just purchase an Aura

    i only have around 12 charades at a time, with various engine types in them, from the HCE to HDE, and then there is the 4efte, but iam no expert in the subject matter. please pm me directly for more info, thanx peter for the introduction
  31. jerk when pedal to the metal

    needs tuning jer tu
  32. what daihatsu engine suitable for race/time attack??

    id get dat k3ve
  33. Problem on myvi yrv turbo ..Gearbox problems

    EXACTLY vr2turbo
  34. Problem on myvi yrv turbo ..Gearbox problems

    sumtimes from the gb itself, can be caused by hard launch or bogus gear oil
  35. Data used up before end of the month?

    u watched in HD kot, reduce the quality and you will save a lot of data izso
  36. How to make a 4age Silvertop sound like VTEC and performance likewise

    give it a bigger cams, for dat top end power. complement with a torquey zorst setup..
  37. anyone using nitrous in daily driven car here?

    yes there are, ive seen sum daily drivers with nos hooked up to it. its better to crank ur boost up peter den to run run both imo
  38. D15B to sell!! Very economy+powerfull.

    pm price please, and is d autobox still in ur possesion? can dat be included with the offered price?
  39. Low boost after replace TD03 turbo

    in ur case, d hot side was made for response instead of top end power, so it is smaller compared to ur previous turbine. i suggest u either change dat side to a bigger one, or get a similar previously used, or my fave, mod it up to provide good top end power. i highly suggest speedspin for dis...
  40. fuel regulator on carb?

    not needed, the float in the fuel bowl inside d carb will make sure fuel is enough and will allow excessives flow back to the tank. fuel starve in a carb can be caused by dirty jet or inefficient mechanical fuel pump. dat mechy pump can be replaced wit an electronic unit, see how it goes and...
  41. What is tyre flex?

    tyre flex, either caused by the softer tyre walls or u got higher profile tyres. add more tyre pressure for d fun factor, but not too much
  42. Burn Spark Plug!!

    post pix of the plugs, dat wud help a lot.. but, fyi, honda's dizzys are known to feck up without notice.. check dat and report back sir
  43. Greedy E-manage

    for d bogus emamage issue, just get a unit from a trusted seller.. ive found bad units in customers' cars dat were bought in famous big names around sunway, so be very careful not to trust expensive price tags. the ones i ordered, installed and tuned has been good so far. pm for more details, tq
  44. Turbo repair

    need any help with dat din?
  45. Mobil 1 5w-50 - 1l Bottle Where To Buy?

    buying another 4l bottle wud be cheaper in the long run, in the other hand any oil with the same grade wud be sufficient to top it up. fyi, as long as the oil level is between d two "H" and "L" marking, it shud be fine jer
  46. Low boost after replace TD03 turbo

    td03 shudnt be a problem for ur engine, there must be a leak sumwhere or else it wudnve boost up when u disengaged d actuator boost signal. check dat and report back, or u can always pm me for more detail
  47. Discussion: what makes a vehicle fun to drive?

    torque, lots of it
  48. <RM100 engine oil

    elf for me, the most importante thing, make sure d oil is original
  49. Suitable engine oil for 4AGE Blacktop

    for a car wit a relatively high mileage, u can actually use 30 weight oil, but it depends on d engine really. its oil consumption depends on ur tolerance, if u r comfy enuff for say half a liter for every 1500km, and always servicing it before d oil gets too low, den u can use a 30 weight oil...