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  1. 4G93T Club

    Chris, how much is it that your TD05 20G cost ah??? :hmmmm::hmmmm::hmmmm: pm me.... :adore::adore::adore: currently me using TD05 VR4.... so the flange & space can fit ah??? car is saga....
  2. 4G93T Club

    Bro Chriss Yong, can advise where is the head stud??? is it the teppet??? my teppet noisy like diesel car leh... but me using 1.8mm MMC metal casket lah.... beside that my engine internal is stock GSR RS.... On external for : 1. Fuel management, all changed right from Walbro fuel pump to...
  3. 4G93T Club

    Can GSR RS internal withstand such pressure??? I'm using GSR RS engine with VR4 TD05 turbine, Walbro fuel pump, GSR Banana with external 1.3 bar wastegate & Microtech LT10S management, etc on a LMST Saga.... please advice me ya.... :confused::confused::confused:
  4. 4G93T Club

    Bro Yashio... my inside chip shows number MA7815 leh... is it RS Chip???:confused::adore:
  5. 4G93T Club

    bros, need to ask : (1). my GSR original ECU punya sticker write MD175663 & then small word at below is E2T38371M 1903.... my halfcut is RS dashboard.... so is this RS ECU???:hmmmm: (2). currently me using Microtech LT10S with 255lph Walbro & standard white GSR injector, why FC is...
  6. Plug N Play - turbocharger upgrade

    pm me the price for 4G93T...
  7. 4G93T Club

    since you stay in Puchong, as per my knowledge, you got 2 good workshop at that area.... one is RS Impressive at the industries area near Mun Lee.... however price is a factor here.... they need at least 10 working days for normal turbo conversion.... the other one is Speedline at Tamn...
  8. Turbo Specifications.

    was wondering VR4 TD05 turbo is actually what size??? 16G kah??? got any details on the compression & HP it can produce???
  9. 4G93T Club

    How much km/h is not much of concern... must important is horsepower can achieve 350HP... Can it be done???
  10. 4G93T Club

    Hi fellow members.... :itsme: I'm new into this turbo kinda things.... My Saga LMST just been installed with 4G93T GSR RS Spec about 1 month ago... but I've fully modified it with BOV, Wastegate, S/S piping, Microtech LT10s, HKS Fuel Rail (but injector still standard), Adjustable Cam Pulley &...
  11. Come...Come...Come...DIY Vertical Door

    Bro, where can I get these Vertical Door??? & how much nowaday??? Bump: Bro, where can I get these Vertical Door??? & how much nowaday???
  12. Saga / Iswara Rear Suspension Problems

    got any picture of those mod for super saga??? know where to do such mod???
  13. Saga / Iswara Rear Suspension Problems

    Dear all sifus outhere.... Can you advise me how to improve the First Malaysian Pride Car's rear suspension systems since it is running on axle... So whenever comes to heavy connering, the car rear will roll despite installing all kinds of aftermarket anti-roll bars.... :adore:
  14. Change what engine???

    thanks to all sifus out there... at last I've got my turbo half-cut ready for my conversion.... :biggrin: 4G93 GSR RS with TD-05 Turbo & Evo3 intercooler!!!!:driver:
  15. Triniti Clutch-Variouse Cars Model

    bro, pm me the best price for GSR RS (T) model...:wavey:
  16. Spacer for sale ( any size )

    bro, pm me the price of your spacer... got 3" thick want ah???:wavey:
  17. For Sale: CRIME FIGHTER Alarm 65K Full color animation 2-way auto start car alarm sys

    Re: For Sale: CRIME FIGHTER Alarm 65K Full color animation 2-way auto start car alarm bro, pls pm me the price including installation & place to install... cards payment allowed???
  18. Change what engine???

    I don't know how much is my horsepower now because I didn't do any dyno. All I can tell is my engine currently is fitted with Piper Performance Cam, Arospeed Adj. Cam Pully & Zerone Lightweight Aluminium Crank Pully. For airflow improvement, I've fitted with K&N Air Filter (with piping which...
  19. Change what engine???

    My current car is Proton Iswara 2004 model. Engine is 4G13p (NA engine) with carb. All types of NA modification is done to the engine until ALL accessories shop I visit like Kakimotor, Powerzone, Powertech, Enos, etc can find nothing else to add-in....:banghead: Still not satisfied with its'...