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  1. Hit & Run WLT 2321 Proton Persona

    Yeah it's WLT2321 Proton Gen2
  2. Hit & Run WLT 2321 Proton Persona

    Eyyy you're right. Damn they look alike could hardly tell the difference lol.
  3. Hit & Run WLT 2321 Proton Persona

    Naw man sigh. Really should get one over the weekend. Used to have it but it broke.
  4. Hit & Run WLT 2321 Proton Persona

    Happened this morning 955am on Federal Highway. This son of a bitch was hogging the right lane (car in front of him is like 3-400m away) and I was in a rush. Flash lights don't move. So I honk. Still don't move. So I middle lane to overtake manatau this son of a bitch not happy and start to...
  5. Where is the location of the Automatic Transmission Refill Tube

    Better not put that shit in your car man. I've read bad things about all these off the shelf additives.
  6. Car short circuit

    Hey guys, I recently helped a guy jump start his car in Bangsar when it was drizzling. As he was fixing the jumper cables, he dropped one on the road (which was wet). I didn't think much of it. After a couple of days without taking the car out, I couldn't start my car. So since the battery...
  7. Number plate not yet open tender but already on the road?

    sure:burnout: oh no. its a Range Rover. full details also available on jpj's database so defo not fake. no not perak. kl haha.
  8. Modded car for daily or weekend?

    just example la haha. choose whatever your dream car is...get a cheap, reliable daily driver n save up for a nice weekend car.
  9. Modded car for daily or weekend?

    knn sean so fast upgrade frm ur prelude ah
  10. Number plate not yet open tender but already on the road?

    yeah will call jpj perak on monday.
  11. Number plate not yet open tender but already on the road?

    definitely not fake. its on a rr. i checked owners background. linked to kerabat. im just guessing tht they can request whenever.
  12. Modded car for daily or weekend?

    my suggestion is to get a cheap daily driver. something that is fuel efficient, reliable and low maintenance. you save money, headaches + gain some peace of mind (save your annual leave frm spending them in workshops). the money u save, go get a nice car your can drive on the weekends...
  13. Number plate not yet open tender but already on the road?

    thats the thing. i was shocked to see ASH X coz its only AKM now...ive been waiting for ASH thts y got the shock of my life when i saw it in person. because S is after K, logically speaking tender havent open yet so i guess VVVIP aka kerabat got preference eventho not yet launched? but ive...
  14. Number plate not yet open tender but already on the road?

    So the latest Perak plate now is AKM XXXX but i just saw ASH X in bangsar... shouldnt ASH come after AKM? or kerabat can just pick and choose regardless of plate already open for tender or not?:confused:
  15. Hankook V12 Evo2 finally here

    haha i knw but no choice bro...poket kering... anyway just bought 2pcs in klang for rm180/pc cash n carry not including gst now doing alignment n camber at tire plus sunway use 1 yr then change bk to hankook
  16. Why you changed car??

    i missed no.7 so im f*cked haha want to sell but rugi all hahahahaha
  17. Hankook V12 Evo2 finally here

    yeah rm230 brand new 6 months frm manufac date but tht was like maybe 15-18months ago? thts why die die also must buy from klang hahaha woah v12 evo2 380?! looks like i can forget abt it LOL prolly aim concept2 then since its only rm250ish but might just get 2pcs of ziex912 temporary...
  18. tire brand no stock?!

    good for conti sucks for ppl like me lol makin hari makin kurang purchasing power sigh
  19. Hankook V12 Evo2 finally here

    v12 s1 more exp right? lol abt 15months ago i managed to get v12 evo at ban hooi klang for approx rm230/pc iirc 205/40/r17
  20. tire brand no stock?!

    wonderful idea :congrats::hahaha:
  21. tire brand no stock?!

    last sat i called like 8 shops in jln kapar not a single 1 carry achilles n hankook all try to push me cc5 la, mc5 la, re003 but wa tara bajet for re003 hahaha
  22. tire brand no stock?!

    i previously bought hankook and achilles frm ban hooi jln kapar but now they say they dont carry it n keep pushing me conti instead adui thx for d recommendation tho! will call them up tmr. oh btw, ur fav tire shop quicksave is mahal la lol
  23. tire brand no stock?!

    what happen? called so many tire shops esp in klang but dont carry hankook, achilles, gt radial:confused::banghead:
  24. Hankook V12 Evo2 finally here

    nobody carry hankook evo2 in klang :(
  25. Tire Price list Zth

    205/40R17 Falken ZE522 - RM198 Excellent Speed (Kepong) (Apr-14) Falken ZE912 - RM241 (GST+V+B+A inclusive) online store - @ Klang Valley (Oct 15) Falken ZE912 - RM212 @ Ban Hooi Klang (Oct 30, 2015) Falken ZE912 - RM185.50 @ Hin Leong Klang (Oct 30, 2015) Falken Ze912 - RM190 @ Hock...
  26. Hankook V12 Evo2 finally here

    how much is the new v12 215/45/r17? im currently on v12 205/40/r17 bought last year for rm250/pc at ban hooi (doubt can still get tht price lol) but botak liao
  27. Tire Price list Zth

    yeah so i was wondering since 205/40/r17 to 195/55/r15 is almost d same or -0.05%, tht means fc no change right (if yes negligible)
  28. Tire Price list Zth

    bro im abit confused with what i found lol from 175/65/r14 to probably 195/55/r15 there is increased circumference but lower revs per mile? lower revs per mile meaning improved mileage right? so if i downgrade from 205/40/r17 to 195/55/r15 there is almost no difference? (-0.05%) :hmmmm:
  29. WTS ORI ENKEI RPF1 15X7JJ offset 41

    wah bro what tire polish u use? so shiny sia come intro lol
  30. Tire Price list Zth

    just bought atr sports 2 195/55/r15 at Ban Hooi for rm160/pc but kinda unhappy with d boss wife macam attitude...alrdy nego with d worker he say rm150 ok masuk pay time she say cannot wtf...even when d boss was there d last time he was very willing to nego. anyway other latest prices as of...
  31. New Tires : Front or Rear

    my rear is light too. but front super heavy makan very fast so usually i just replace front since my front tires are cheaper than my rear - change more often = lagi makan duit so gotta use cheaper tires than d rear lol
  32. Tire Price list Zth

    will survey d price in jln kapar ok will take into account atr sports 2...btw read up on it apparently its not doing too good in d wet...any other tires to recommend? btw now kedai papan macam not cheap already n kinda 'forcing brands' on customers thx bro. saw those prices in d previous...
  33. Tire Price list Zth

    her dad changed d rims a long time ago so its running on that. hmm but d v12 is priced around 180ish...cheaper alternative better:rofl: what's d threadwear on achilles? frm tht 3 u mentioned d 912 is d cheapest lol
  34. Tire Price list Zth

    Hi guys! need recommendations for 195/55/r15 gf needs to change d tires on her waja current set is falken ze912...abt 5% left or maybe less lol budget < 200/pc (of course d cheaper d better...basically best bang for d buck) requirements: reasonable threadwear + all round weather tires (must...
  35. Toyota Vios Missed Service Interval

    hi guys, my sister's '13 vios missed its 30k service by +4k so in total 14k mileage. does that mean her warranty is void? i think so tho since vw if +1k auto warranty void. she's so screwed. :stupid:
  36. Get your car aligned by The Professional R3 Team

    non proton kenot ke? :(
  37. Introduction and Hiya to all

    notbad no buaya
  38. ZTH Cheras KL

    hey guys:itsme:
  39. Only Nice Plate Numbers Part 2. Plz, No 'ROJAK' Numbers In Here.. Tq..

    w2 or w3 goes to my church. iinm its a s300 merc
  40. Red Satria Neo R3 Stolen

    is this d car? Police shoot a man in the head during a high-speed chase - Nation | The Star Online
  41. Which car better to get amoi?

  42. Tire Price list Zth

    haha. the cv3 replicas dont have 8jj front n rear, most staggered 1.
  43. Tire Price list Zth

    sup bro, today i went to jln kapar, went to the famous hin leong for the gt radial hpx but they dont even carry gt radial tires. d guy even asked me why want indon tires :hmmmm: lol so i came across ban hooi, they also dont carry gt radial (not many carry it eh), but d boss offered to order...
  44. Tire Price list Zth

    what about falken ze912?
  45. Tire Price list Zth

    bro can rekomen me cheap 205/40/r17 tyres below 300 (best bang for d buck)? my t1r on the front almost botak +-5% no bajet for t1r so wanna get some cheapo but decent tyres for temporary usage for the front.
  46. Brake failure

    Sifu, I've changed my rear right hand brake pump about 3 months back and now the problem persists again - no brake fluid (its leaking somewhere somehow):banghead:. Any other possible ideas what the problem could be so I can refer to the foremen to check tomorrow morning? Thanks guys
  47. viper alarm

    Managed to contact a authorized viper dealer here in kl. asked for d price of 1 piece 2-way remote n was quoted rm1k :banghead::banghead::banghead: nearly fainted. lol! anyway i found a seller on ebay selling d remote model tht i need for only 1/3 d price i was quoted. crazy la...
  48. Kena AES? Come report here LOL!

    So far, AES Records are as follows: 1. Maserati GranTurismo 268kmh 2. Ferrari (no mention of model) 243kmh 3. ...... 4. ......... 5. ........... Caught on AES camera: Maserati race up to 268 km/h (with Ferrari not far behind) - Cars Bikes Trucks AES summons turning into rich men's bragging...
  49. viper alarm

    thx for d reply guys. i doubt its under warranty coz i did not hv it installed by a Viper authorised dealer. In fact, i bought mine in the US. Brought back n gave a ex-BMW electrician sifu (since he is pro in electronic stuff i got him to get it done for me) to install. Anyway, i've read tht...
  50. ZTH Cheras KL