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  1. WTS: HTC Hero SIS set

  2. WTS: HTC Hero SIS set

    HTC Hero SIS set brown Full set in box Great condition SOLD Bought in Nov 09 Item in Cheras prefer COD call or pm me for details include your email so I can send you some pictures of the item Marc 016-395 6759
  3. Aztech Wireless Modem like new!!!Cheap...

    And here I was thinking to buy the modem from him. Thanks for the heads up. :itsme:
  4. PSP Games for sale, cheap!

    This guy is a waste of time la. Dun answer questions wan. PSP games are FREE if you know where to look. No need to pay unless you want the UMD la.
  5. integra Headcounts!!

    Re: integra Headcounts!! Hello guys, Just wanna ask around if anyone knows of any teggy owners selling off their DB6? Please let me know yea. Thanks:biggrin:
  6. Cordon Bleu 70cl for sale @ RM250

    Still available.
  7. PRINTING name card with minimum cost....

    Hahaha... ok. Understand what you mean. Me not mad ya. Send me a pm as to how much you charge with the listed specs.
  8. PRINTING name card with minimum cost....

    Sorry to kacau your thread brader but I think you should at least list down a rough price guide la. And also the quality of paper you use for the name cards. Like one box how much? One banner how much? I'm not in the printing business so I'm not a competitor. My company does advertising and...
  9. Cordon Bleu 70cl for sale @ RM250

    Hi all, I have 2 cartons (24 bottles) of Cordon Bleu 70cl for sale @ ONLY RM250 per bottle. Not stolen goods but leftover from function. That's why so cheap! First come, first served basis ok. :listen: Interested parties can send me a 'PM'
  10. WTB: Enkei RS5 15" for RM300

    Hello. Looking for Enkei RS5 rims. They're a bit dated but if anyone has a set to sell, please call me. Off set should be able to fit a Honda Integra DB6. I dunno the exact off set. :shocked:
  11. [WTS] Sony PSP v1.5 - Black, 4Gb MSPD, bag etc

    Is it still for sale?
  12. 205/45/16-Bridgestone Techno

    Contact number? PCD 100 or 114.3? Off set? Currently used on wat car? Can fit wat car?
  13. New Games at Fujiwara Game Shop 2/3/2006

    I'm lazy to go dig up old thread. Could you please give me your shop's address? I pm-ed you but no reply. Need to have a systems check done on my PS2 fatboy.
  14. integra Headcounts!!

    3pm is ok. Am thinking whether to join you guys or not cos later that evening got wedding dinner to attend in Cheras. Really want to join la. If earlier then better lo. At least got time to get back and change.
  15. integra Headcounts!!

    Dataran Prima? Near Baywatch ar?
  16. Nissan Cefiro A31 RB20Det can beat VTEC B18C or not? Top Speed?Bhp?

    Last time I was in an impromptu/friends only sprint from Awan Besar Caltex to SS2 mamak near BP station there. One EG6 B16A One Cefiro A31 RB20DET (Ciplak cos mix n match with RB25 parts plus bigger turbo n intercooler) One Satria GSR Mivec Turbo with lorry i/c One Wira sedan 4G92 (Mivec 1.6...
  17. Simple Question: why choose TOYOTA instead of HONDA?

    Toyota: - Cheap to buy Spareparts melambak, half cuts very cheap Reliable Remember the corolla ad? :tongwink: Maintenance is very low. Almost like pump petrol and that's it. Jokin oni. But of course if you keep to the preventive maintenance schedule, your TOY-ota will serve you a long long...
  18. VW Old Beetle

    Sorry, Hijack another thread again. Can anyone give me a rough estimate as how much a 1200 Beetle would fetch in the market? It's fitted with an aircon and is in good running condition. A paint job is needed to make it complete. Fren ask me but I dunno the answer. So ask you sifus here.
  19. Integra DB8

    Hijack your thread a bit. Sorry yea. What is the market price for a 1997/2000 DB6 ZC auto? Stock except for 16 inch rims.
  20. TTT 2nd Sep 05

    Haha. Lotsa old timers now MIA liao. So need help from you guys who are still active lo. Thanks Mikey. Zul my man. Do you have Hamdan's contact? PM me if got ok? Thenk yiu.
  21. TTT 2nd Sep 05

    Sorry ar, Hijack your thread a while ar Mikey. Anyone of you have Hamdan's contact number? He is this old timer who drives an AE82 and stays in Klang. His ZTH nick I think is Dan. Mebbe Zul will know. Help ya. TQ ya.
  22. Cefiro A33 Half-Cut ?

    Long story. Loan punye pasal lo and the seller want it fast. As in end of the month. MCH. So fast becos he needs to go to NZ. Company send him there. Nabeh. Liddat cancel lo. Lucky he also gentleman ip back my deposit. So hunting again.
  23. Cefiro A33 Half-Cut ?

    The deal didn't go thru. So now I'm on the hunt again. Will check out the RM43k feilo later. Haih... potong stim oni
  24. Cefiro A33 Half-Cut ?

    Arghhh... reading all this stuff makes me wanna cry liao. Seksa man. Waaa...
  25. Cefiro Club

    Wat language to use during meet ups Proper language used by most Malaysians when meeting with frens lo. If there are kids around then the use of profanities will be kept to a minimum. If there are Indians frens around, feel free to use any Indian dialects they understand. If Malay frens around...
  26. Cefiro Club

    I know why.. Must've been a bunch a youngsters watching one too many Initial D liao. You know? The episode with the red EG racing with Tok Hoi's 86.
  27. New Integra owner

    EG8: RM1k+ for the whole headlight (plus the cover)? or just the internal parts? Chop Shop can find rite? I'll go hunting later. wfei: I'll keep that in mind. Your price is really tempting!
  28. New Integra owner

    Halogen to HID My Teg has the normal halogen headlights. The cover is already showing signs of fatigue so I was thinking to get them changed in the near future. HID projectors mebbe? Can anyone point me to the possible replacements? Hopefully change the whole thing la instead of just the bulbs...
  29. New Integra owner

    EG8: Yes, I'm enjoying my ownership of the Teg very much at the moment. skidall: Yea lo. No V-Tec wan. Plain ZC SOHC. Yours leh?
  30. New Integra owner

    Aug 2005 Hello people. Korek this thread out again. Well, the price of fuel just increased. Now RM1.62 Pumped a full tank this morning. RM70 for 43 litres. Nearly choked. FC is still around 400km per full tank. The car so far no problem. All also ok. Changed all the necessary parts liao...
  31. Cefiro Gathering at BERGER King 31/7/05

    Eh? No mention of me wan? No cefiro mean no mention issit? Yor... That means I have to get my feilo quik qui liao. Anyways, sorry I had to leave early. Something came up as I was waiting for you guys in ProJet. So had to go back to Cheras pronto. Sori ar, law. I mistaken you for lokeky...
  32. Cefiro Brougham 30g anyone going? Me kinda interested in meeting you guys. Hehe.. but I shy wor. How leh? 3pm issit? still got 3 hours to go.
  33. A32

    Wah.. liddat beh tahan liao. Must shift to high gear to hunt for feilo.
  34. A32

    Anyone knows of any feilo being sold with the transplanted 2.5 litre engine? Nowadays I check on the Star paper hor, most 97 batch feilo are less than RM50k. Most are RM46k ++. How much lower do you think can bargain ar? Actually plan is like this. Buy a 3.0 feilo. Saje want to feel power of...
  35. A32

    How much is the VQ25DE nowadays? Does the h/c come with the bodykit as well?
  36. hey any TT ahhh?...wanna join coz daymn bored la...

    means this Friday 1st of July 2005 issit?
  37. way back of

    Ah... Old times. I still remember them ...
  38. Happy Birthday to Gurubesar Mike!!!!!

    Yo Mikey. Happy birthday and many happy returns.
  39. Guess what happened on Wed nite

    For those who didn't get a chance to read this on Wednesday nite. :D Hi people. Just got back from the office not too long ago. MCH. Even before I got out from my car my next door neighbour and family were rushing out of the house. As I got down I found out the reason for the commotion...
  40. What job does ZTH member held?

    Copywriter for Naga DDB. Main account is DiGi. Yes yes... all the DiGi ads you see was done by me and my art director. Not proud of them but it's my way of earning a buck or two. I do some ProJet and Tourism ads. Sometimes UOB and RTM work. Absolutely over exploited and under paid. :angry:
  41. where to download the VTEC Song

    Cannot download wan? :(
  42. Toyota Soarer/Lexus ES300

    Sorry Sorry....SC300 is it then. :lol: So any leads? :P
  43. Toyota Soarer/Lexus ES300

    Helo people.. :) As per the title of this post, I'd appreciate any input about this beautiful beautiful car. Nope I'm not changing my car as of yet but my friend is thinking to. He drives an AE101 but contemplating to change into a bigger car. So I sort of poison him with the Toyota Soarer's...
  44. where to download the VTEC Song

    Aku pun nak
  45. The Fur Trade

    For those of you who have no qualms wearing fur of the real kind, take a look at this and tell me you're not shaken. To those who are against animal cruelty, please refrain from watching too long. You'll be crying before long, especially girls and sentimental guys. Not for the faint hearted...
  46. Car w/ ZTH stickers

    To the fellow ZTH brader in a red Wira Aeroback and silver stickers No plate XXX 2395 Dis morning around Taman Desa Saw you and ur frens in the car In fact I wasn't very tailing far That's right, I was in the Integra :lol:
  47. EK with DC5 head

    I saw that car too this morning. It was heading towards KL on the Federal Highway. Spotted it near Hilton as I was on my way to Kelana Jaya. Did a double take when the DC5 "transformed" into a hatchback as it passed by. Hebat! B)
  48. Strip Britney Spears

    MCH...heart attack.....tiu nia seng....knnccb :angry:
  49. Honda Gathering (29th Jan 2005)

    Ayam cumming. But sked I get lost de. Any hp number I can call if lost? :(
  50. New Integra owner

    Sad face? cos no one layan me ma. But now got liao so change face lo. :) I didn't post in the other thread because didn't wanna kacau the flow ma. This thread more focussed ma. Thanks for the replies. :lol: I'm currently in the market for some abs. EG8 mentioned about the tokiko shocks. But...