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  1. Retrofitting power trunk to W220 - Merc

    Anyone knows where to get this done?
  2. Happy birthday tom goh!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRO! Have a great one tonight!
  3. Sharing of Pics from ZTH Member's Instagram Profiles

    Hi folks, Do share your instagram links or pics here:
  4. Lexus LS430 Ultra Luxury Model

    Lexus LS430 Ultra Luxury Model 2003 Imported New High End Model ... 4300cc V8 5 Speed Automatic Very Smooth Engine and Transmission New Timing Belt Full Napa Leather Interior Electronic Front and Rear seat Seat Heater and Cooler Reclinable Rear Seats TV/ Navigation Touch Screen Audio...
  5. Nissan Fairlady 350Z ST (6Speed Manual)

    Nissan Fairlady 350Z ST (6Speed Manual) 03/07 Brembo Brakes Electronic Brown Leather Seat Seat Heater Fujitsubo Exhaust Work Emotion 18 inch TV/ Navigation Alpine touch screen head unit Alpine amplifier Alpine Reverse Camera Xenon Light Nice number 282 1 careful owner 100% Accident Free...
  6. E60, 525i Japan Spec 2004 (MSPORT)

    Seller decided not to sell the car. Thread deleted
  7. Need help - used or new 305-335/35/18

    Anyone came across the title mentioned sizes? Year has to be 09 onwards
  8. ECO Assist - Honda

    In recent times, we now know that the importance of going Green. I mean, afterall, we only have 1 HOME - our Earth. Since then, every major manufacturer and business owners have gone green or, some has banked on the concept of going eco-friendly. This may be a marketing gimmick to gain more...
  9. Moderator's Intro

    Hi folks, Since there's a intro section to all newbies, I think it's only appropriate to have a sticky topic here in the intro section for introduction MODERATORS. Mods, please come in here and introduce yourself. It's only polite to intro yourselves to the guests and members at...
  10. Happy Deepavali and Happy Holidays folks

    We at ZTH wishes all members - Happy Deepavali and those away on holidays : DRIVE SAFE! :)
  11. Show off your Toyota ENGINES here!!

    Folks.. come come.. share your toyota engine pics here...
  12. Please help guys - advise needed!! Pls contribute!

    I am actually planning a mega project. I just got a greenlight from the minisdri of techno-loji and minisdiri of finanse... they agreed to fund my project fully in the 1Malayhsia Semua Boleh project. I am to build a space ship to travel into space. I am at lost now. Eventhough at home i got a...
  13. Tribute Thread - The Most ****** ZTH Member

    It's been more than a decade... it's long over due .. I mean this topic. This is a 'tribute' topic whereby we vote based on our own opinions, well, basically, based on mine since I'm gonna start the ball rolling first - the most **** member. i.e, most lengjai, most gila, most bla bla.. 1. The...
  14. ZTH Petaling Jaya TT

    I know.. i know... sounds cheesy.. but wat the heck.. since subang got one... klang got one.. cheras got one.. WHY PJ AFTER ALL THESE YEARS DONT HAVE?!?! All PJ kaki report in.. as far as I know.. here are the list: 1. myself 2. looseand 3. vr2turbo 4. ramsing 5. insignia 6. ....
  15. Zth hq tt

    Do u all know, ZTH's HQ is at Publika? (or near there). I can't disclose the exact location as you all know, TOM has been, and always will be a big 'playazzzz'. So if I ever disclose the location of his office, the girls will start swarming his office and hang their bras and panties on the...
  16. Hi .. I am not a newbie but... CAN ALL THE FEMALE NEWBIES pls sign in here!

    Pls intro yourself here so that all d petrol heads will drown u with their oil Appreciate if u could attach yr pic . Thanks. P..s.. Tom forced me to create this topic
  17. R35 GTR - Short Sprint (1070whp)

    Malaysian built and tuned R35 GTR on Thai dragstrip?
  18. Sonny & Maxtrek Tires - Brand new at very affordable price

    HELPING A FRIEND POST THIS AD! Contacts:+6012.3383.325 / +6012.6664.747 / +603.5611.2616. Sonny / Maxtrek provides value for money tires that are on par with other more well established brands and we even dare say, their comfort and noise level is on par with premium brands. Company...
  19. On board an R35 GTR : 1080whp - a short run

    I shot these 2 nights ago... I am putting up the short run video first... later i'll post more... ;) <object height="224" width="400"> <embed src="" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowfullscreen="true" height="224" width="400"></object>
  20. ZTH BMW Owners Section

    DElete silap section
  21. GT Auto - 1st Place (Pro 4WD) MegaLap Challenge

    2m 26s - stock wheels, stock suspension... stage 2 tuning.. :) Timing below: MegaLap - 1st Placing! (PRO 4WD Category) with our Nissan R35 GTR | Facebook
  22. This is how sport rims should be shot

    LIKE A BOSS!! From FAR.. contrasting looks Nearer... focusing nearer... NO ARGUMENTS!! Arnold Schwarzenegger - Do it! - YouTube
  23. Market Place - Pricing

    I have thought of voicing this out for years. In my humble opinion, sellers SHOULD state the selling price. Why make consumers guess? Sellers should be confident about their products and pricing. Super markets and even online sellers at ebay and such has pricing. Why cant you guys? I am really...
  24. Old Timer's Section - If u ain't dead yet, pls login here and TCSS..

    as devious requested - old timers lepak section is here. Old timers meaning - members who has been with ZTH since 2000-2001 ... come... TCSS - Tok kok sing song...
  25. Project Z - Week 25 Deleted

    Continuation since the whole topic has been deleted.. Dude.a t first, i feel abit upset bcoz the project seems abit lost.. then i feel even more disappointed as you do not get the point of a car project... then I feel abit pissed bcoz you really fail to understand the concept of project...
  26. I am BLaCkHoWLiNG and.. I am here for your suffering

    I have been around for a long time... My name is ..Blackhowling (stick to forum rules...we dont use name...coz too alim)... Nowadays, human suffering is beyond comprehension...EU is in the brink of credit default, US is soon to be diving into a double dip recession.. On a more micro view, you...
  27. Haltech Interceptor PLATINUM

    Fellow Zth-ians, I've got a used Haltech Interceptor PLATINUM for sale. It's taken out from my BMW. I've got other 'projects' on hand and no donations so gotta sell ECU for cash. (LOL). It's excellent for piggy back tuning and the ultimate device. I purchased this sometime back from GT Auto...
  28. Major JPJ Block Tonite at NPE --->> Sunway Bound + TV3

    Avoid.. unless u wanna be super tv star
  29. Federal FZ-201 - Semi Slick

    Has anyone tried this tire?
  30. Looking for Software Engineer cum Project Manager - Education industry

    <style>@font-face { font-family: "Courier New"; }@font-face { font-family: "Wingdings"; }@font-face { font-family: "Calibri"; }p.MsoNormal, li.MsoNormal, div.MsoNormal { margin: 0cm 0cm 10pt; line-height: 115%; font-size: 11pt; font-family: "Times New Roman"; }p.MsoListParagraph...
  31. HP Pavilion TX2000 For sale

    1. HP Pavilion TX2000 - RM 1300.00 - AMD Turion 64 x 2 Technology - Touch screen, can turn into tablet type - 2GB on board memory - 250GB Hard disk - Nvidia Graphics - DVD Multi Layer RW - Comes with Charger and bag call 0122213696
  32. ZTH AutoSalon Decade Bash Prize Presentation

    Prize Presentation for ZTH's Decade Bash Auto Salon Competition in May 2010. We had 4 Categories, 11 Winners. Best of Show - Euro / Conti Class 1st Prize - Hung, E46 Coupe Aka Devil Machine 2nd Prize - Andrew's E46 M3 3rd Prize - Fat Yeop's E34 Best of Show - 4 Door Category 1st Prize -...
  33. Supra Gathering... @ Putra Heights

    We are going to have an assembly. SAT OCT 16 2010 It's a gathering of people with the same interest or own the same engine / cars - 2JZ / 1JZ / Supras JZA80/70/MA, etc..... & Friends! Not necessary just Supras or JZs For more info.. click on facebook link here...
  34. Steven's Corner OUG - Gangster??

    They claim Cops are also Corrupted??!/album.php?aid=193647&id=714713358
  35. Watchguard Firewall X Series

    I'm posting on behalf of a friend... Item(s):WatchGuard Firebox X700 Firewall Server (got 2 units available) Package includes:Just the FIREWALL Price: RM 3800.00 highly negotiable (if take 2 units, even better discount) Warranty: NONE Dealing method: C.O.D Location: KL / PJ Contact...
  36. ZTH Members, Pls Support ! You Must!

    Tom and Shedden are recording a new record. Due to release in December 2010. It's called the ZTH Platinum Rock Series. Some of d ballads includes rewritten songs like: 1. Enter V12 (taken from Metallica's Enter Sandman) 2. Sweet Ride O' Mine (G&R's Sweed Child O'Mine) 3. Bump (From Van Halen's...
  37. Auto Salon - Best of Show, CONTINENTAL / European Makes

    We have 4 participants here but only best out of 3 will be selected into the hall of fame (april winners). Below the participants name are the list of mods and the pics of their rides. P.S. Guys, please pardon the watermark. It's an automatic feature of my batch file resizer.. (Again, Maaf...
  38. Auto Salon - Best of Show, 2 Door category (standard class)

    We have 4 participants here but only best out of 3 will be selected into the hall of fame (april winners). Below the participants name are the list of mods and the pics of their rides. P.S. Guys, please pardon the watermark. It's an automatic feature of my batch file resizer...
  39. Auto Salon - Best of Show, 4 Door category (standard class)

    We have 5 participants here but only best out of 3 will be selected into the hall of fame (april winners). Below the participants name are the list of mods and the pics of their rides. P.S. Guys, please pardon the watermark. It's an automatic feature of my batch file resizer.. (Again...
  40. Auto Salon - K Car Category

    Initially, we had 5 participants hence only best out of 3 will be posted here. Due to the fact that there were last minute pull outs, these 2 are already automatic winners. The poll will determine who's No.1 and who's No.2 Below the participants name are the list of mods and the pics of...
  41. Launching : Renault Laguna Coupe...

    I shot these at Zinc Bangsar.. the launching of Renault Laguna Coupe Interior: Engine: Random:
  42. ZTH Decade Bash - Alternative Events : ZTH AutoSalon

    Ladies & Gentlemen... and distinguish guests of ZTH, Apart the '(00) Time Attack, in commemoration of ZTH's 10 years in existance, there will also be a ZTH Auto Salon "Competition". The categories in which ZTH members can compete are: 1. K-Car (Kancil, Kenari, Kelisa, Viva, MyVi, etc)...
  43. BGJ5151 - Silver Perdana Reversed into my car and "farked off"

    U know why i say farked off? coz he banged my car.. tok some cock.. then i taruk him.. he say sorry.. but never pay.. then i told him if he cannot afford to pay then dont drive, ride a bicycle.. and just fark off.. to my surprise.. he really did fark off... basket.. my front ... a few clips...
  44. Billion Fans - Feedbacks anyone?

    Has anyone tried it? I mean, does the performance justify its price?
  45. 2010 ZTH's 4DLW + 10 WA + 5 HB

    For those who cant take jokes..bullshits and cocks.. please go to or for those who can.. read on.. OK.. Here's a vote to ZTH's 2010 4DLW (4 Heavenly Cocks), 10 Women Assasin (a.k.a Playaz) + 5 Horny Bastard (Hamsap King) Before we...
  46. E34 - bmw

    After spending much time playing with my kid and chilling with my wife, I sent out a few text messages to my mates asking them out for a cuppa tea but none replied. I guess there are a few possibilities. Either they are up in the hills doing their thang via touge, still asleep in their bed after...
  47. Toyota Corona Mark 2 - RX12

    I've got a friend looking for this. Please revert details and i'll forward to him. Thanks
  48. Help - Urgently Need This

    Please see the attached picture. I need the part in purple. It's a shifter bracket. It comes from JZA80 Supra's V160 Speed Getrag gearbox. I only need the shifter. Has anyone come across any broken boxes? this is super urgent. Thanks
  49. Car Clubs - Inside view from a friend..

    Guys, i recently did an interesting write up. Just wanna share... -- Clubs. What's a club? Under the dictionary, the definition of clubs are: 3a : an association of persons for some common object usually jointly supported and meeting periodically; also : a group identified by...