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  1. Mod 20v 4age

    20v syok
  2. 4AG BT with CP High comp piston.. compression 10?

    u use what grade fuel?
  3. B18C non type r~

    wanna ask friends how about b18c gsr with b16a head coz many of gsr head come with auto tranny cam.if i don want change manual cam n i change all complete head to 16a manual, how about the power?anybody have expirience in this?
  4. Vibrating sound when clutch pedal is not depress

    dah rosak lagi la. but don worry still can use.if want to remove that sound change other clutch and bearing as well.
  5. Vibrating sound when clutch pedal is not depress

    thats bearing sound.bearing dah kurang fit. this problem happened coz by the trinity clutch.trinity clutch don have spring to damp the for torque during gear it will tangkap the bearing n sometimes last sr20 also has some problem as friend waja evo 4 also pecah bearing...
  6. DIY Honda ECU Repairs- P30 P08 P27

    where i can repair ecu in penang area...
  7. Toyota Marketplace Links V2

    fgk 20v apexi 20v spiral header ae111 carbon fiber bonet...
  8. ae111 levin trueno carbon fiber bonet

    no crack at all
  9. ae111 levin trueno carbon fiber bonet

    can spray clear n polish then it will be like brand new item plug n play seg with levin or trueno bodypart local bodypart not sure got air vent japan ori product
  10. 4age upgrade to 7age..

    need to custom a bit..sangkut oil sump
  11. Civic EK 2Door 1.8cc

    since 2010 not sold yet kaa
  12. 4age upgrade to 7age..

    ae86 timing belt
  13. 4age upgrade to 7age..

    my 7age 20v rev till 9000rpm with power band at 8600rpm using toda 288 cam.used v power fuel
  14. Water overflow to spare tank.

    maybe thermostat got problem, either jam or only open small hole when it open.. or maybe extractor very hot so need to wrap with thermal wrap.coz extractor very close to radiator or maybe radiator got problem, factory defect or gasket head bocor or head bengkok better bring your call to trusted...
  15. 4age 20v engine parts

    sorry don have bump contact me for more info n nego.
  16. trumpets on 4age

    anyone has experience do not use any trumpet inside plenum..i have tried quite responsive whooo..i use svt plenum without trumpet..
  17. trumpets on 4age

    if u want trumpet with filter do contact me at 0136724992 sample pix
  18. bride full bucket brand new

    sold daaa
  19. 4age 20v engine parts

    many parts for blacktop aircond compressor for blacktop rm270 tps sensor rm100 blacktop extractor rm150 altenator rm120 vvt solenoid rm80 condensor rm80 radiator rm100 etc
  20. Rare Toyota..

    if silver ceres with grey rim n full bodypart, that my ex car, i sold it last owner from shah alam ---------- Post added at 04:39 PM ---------- 6 hour anti-bump limit - Previous post was at 04:25 PM ---------- my ex ceres
  21. a pair of bride bucket seat

    railing can mod to either left side or right side
  22. a pair of bride bucket seat

    original japan bride not taiwan bride tiptop condition see pix for detail complete ori bride railing can mod to all car
  23. Fujitsubo Legalis R exhaust system for ae101 111

    contact me for info n nego
  24. ae101 ae111 original bride bucket seat

    plug n play seg driver side only but if one a pair also have very comfort ori from japan
  25. Best Engine Oil for NA 20V Blacktop

    such an old topic....u will know the best oil if ur car equiped with oil press meter n oil temp meter..good lubricant oil can maintains hi oil pressure n low oil temp..lucas oil quite good for this..but mahal skit laa
  26. Musc drag challenge cyberjaya 2010 - final

    opss sorry for my mistake about that...peace....don shoot at me..hehehe..
  27. sequential shifter

    to replace H pattern shifter try look for ikeya friend evo use this type of shifter..ikeya cost around rm5k
  28. bride full bucket big size

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- me for more info and nego
  29. ae111 corolla gt 4 door seat front n rear

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- me for more info and nego
  30. Fujitsubo Legalis R exhaust system for ae101 111

    can use to 4ag20v n superchager engine bunyi x bising complete piping ringan full stainless steel some description from fgk website The Fujitsubo Legalis R exhaust system improves exhaust flow by reducing back pressure whilst maintaining minimal increase to sound to ensure your vehicle...
  31. sdb round 4

    pink panther b machine bilah have what..hehehe
  32. sdb round 4

    180sx also nissan s13 family same as silvia... ---------- Post added at 06:45 PM ---------- 6 hour anti-bump limit - Previous post was at 02:23 PM ---------- ayie car..pix from avantech facebook
  33. AE111 Japan one make race

    we have many toooo-much-technical-reading-in-the-internet google expertist here to solve our engine problem..haha..even they are more expert than Joe Signorelli or tony rigolli..
  34. AE111 Japan one make race

    gear ratio cun.....hahaha
  35. sdb round 4

    this saturday nite....
  36. AE111 vs EK9 vs GSR turbo vs SR16 Neo vs B8 210 turbo?

    but k24a much2 power
  37. ae111 corolla gt 4 door seat front n rear

    plug n play seg ae111 n 101 this seat taken from ae111 gt 4 door rear seat can flip down to put bigger luggages
  38. AE111 vs EK9 vs GSR turbo vs SR16 Neo vs B8 210 turbo?

    fuyyoh so many takumi kun in malaysia nowday....
  39. sdb round 4

    vrooommm....vroooom....will more 10 second car born this time?..
  40. Toyota Autocross

    yup alvin..can give us time n result for course 1 2 3
  41. nissan b13 toyota ae92 front lip

    fit nissan sentra b13 also fit toyota ae92 se limited can mod to other car also
  42. light weight enkei rim with semi slick tyre

    15inch tyre made end 2005 very grip ofset 45 ori paint
  43. light weight enkei rim with semi slick tyre

    ultralight weight rare enkei tracer rim with semi slick tyre family of rpf1 ori enkei 7jj pcd 100 from eg6 halfcut potenza re01r tyre about 80 percent item at shah alam
  44. jdm clean box for jdm car

    for most of toyota,nissan,daihatsu and all japan car ori from japan come with holder contact for detail item at shah alam
  45. 4g63 evo tshirt

    only have evo n vtec
  46. 4g63 evo tshirt

    evo only left m size
  47. Toyota corolla seg turbo

    if u dont mind..can i know which workshop built your engine
  48. How to run from JPJ block...

    i hate jpj..
  49. honda civic sh4 dohc vtec

    gear box?y1 or ys1
  50. WTS Toyota Corolla Trueno Sprinter AE86

    yup..ae86 come with 4age either levin or trueno..ae85 either levin or trueno still come with 1.5 engine..itsuki akina speed star ride, itsuki kun friend of fujiwara takumi...hahahaha