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  1. SH3 converted EF9

    Naper nak jual keta bjek?
  2. Continue Installment Car here..

    Wira Sedan ada? PM me!
  3. PROTON WIRA 1.5 GLi - MARCH 2006

    Boleh sambung bayar ke? PM me detail kalau boleh sambung bayar.
  4. An apartment for rent at Regency Tanjung Tuan Port Dickson

    PM me rate for weekend and weekdays
  5. Sweetcloset For Kids...guess..oshkosh..esprit!!

    Bro, Used or Brand New? Berminat ni...
  6. [wts] wira 'sambung bayar'

    Pict! Berapa kena bayar owner?
  7. Integra DA1

  8. Integra DA1

    B16A Big V, B16B, B18C, B20B and others la! Don't mind about other engine, now we are focus on selling this car!
  9. Integra DA1

    Update with pict! When u buy this car, i'll give u front bodypart DA6 (now using front bodypart DA1) & dashboard DA6 for spare!
  10. Integra DA1

    Update with pict!
  11. Integra DA1

    Honda Integra DA1 for sale! Engine 1.6 Small Vtec, Sunroof, Dashboard & meter DA6, 15' rim (like sparco) Can view & nego price at Melawati! 7.5K nego. (pict will upload soon) Hisham - 012 272 5722
  12. Bride and Recaro seats & Seat rails

    Yup! I know there's kontena will coming this month! ;D
  13. Bride and Recaro seats & Seat rails

    Bro, this shop ex TYPE R at Sg Besi... Now move to USJ and change shop name to R One kan?
  14. branded semi bucket for

    BRIDE seat how much?
  15. Sunroof with Sale!!!

    Tak kisah la, apa sunroof flat yang sesuai masuk kat keta saga.... berapa kos?
  16. Sunroof with Sale!!!

    Ada tak pict keta yg tebuk bumbung & msk sunroof keta lain! Contoh... Proton Saga masuk sunruf SR3. ada tak?
  17. Loose Parts For Sale...chop shop item...

    Apa2 rare part for EF, do u have any?
  18. Sunroof with Sale!!!

    Sunroof EF9 with installation how much? If sunroof SR3 masuk body EF bleh buat ke? Kalo bleh berapa plak kos dia?