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  1. Bmw M5 2005/2008 -Original M5 Japan Spec -Sunroof!

    Re: [WTS] Bmw M5 2005/2008 -Original M5 Japan Spec -Sunroof! I am interested in a M5. But I looked at your road tax which is only RM1.6K. What happens when we buy the car? Do we still continue to enjoy this cheap road tax?
  2. ProRide Sports Springs

    Re: ProRide Spring/Absorber. (Standard/Sports) Do you have shocks and springs for Inspira?
  3. Mitsubishi Lancer Marketplace Links - Parts & Others

    Hi, I am looking for some stock Evo X parts: Evo X turbo TD05H-152G6-12T Evo X exhaust manifold Evo X downpipe Evo X intercooler Exo X 560cc injectors Evo X fuel pump Evo X exhaust camshaft actuator Evo X 3 bar MAP sensor Evo X intake tube and MAF housing pipe Parts looking are...
  4. Mitsubishi Lancer Marketplace Links - Parts & Others

    WTB Evo X Stock Injectors, please PM me for those interested in selling. Thank you. James
  5. Modifications done to Inspira

    O....sorry. I am still having the FOC stuff Proton puts in. But Yes, I will be using a good synthetic oil like Torco. I think for Engine Oils, I wont pay more than RM70 per liter.
  6. Modifications done to Inspira

    Its ok bro: Most important, it solve my gear box problems ( I was getting a crunch sound when ever I don shifted from 5th to 4th gear). The problem became worse when the gearbox was hot after running on B roads where you constantly have to downshift from 5th to 4th gear. Most racing gear oils...
  7. Modifications done to Inspira

    I also using Torcp 100% Synthetic Racing Oil 75 W - 140 GL6, it cost me RM110 per liter. I bought it at Eneos. If you want I still have 1/2 liter, I can give you for free. My other manual has a LSD and needs a different grade.
  8. Inspira any problems ????

    I was surfing the Lancer Singapore club. Club members also complain that the Lancer GT 2.0 Manual 4B11 has the same problem in sychromesh. DMS, as a reference, do we share the same manual transmission as the 2.0 4B11. I suspect its the same! If its the same, we can buy after market clutches...
  9. Open track day 26th Feb

    Are you sure its and open track day on the 26th of February or it is a close RCA track day?
  10. Inspira any problems ????

    I would like to report with relief, that once I change to Torco Racing Synthetic Gear Box Oil 75 - 140 W, my crunch sound as I down shift from 5th to 4th is gone............. I change it last Sunday, initially on the first 2 days, there was no improvement to the crunch sound, ie Synchromesh...
  11. 4WD Inspira

    Maybe instead of the Mitsubishi X, we could look into the Raliart.......
  12. Inspira any problems ????

    OK back to my Manual Transmission (MT) complain: I am using a 1.8 MT and for the past 2 months I have been complaining that there is a crunch sound when I down shift from 5th to 4th gear: On my 30,000 service and my 40,000 service, I made the complain: However due to time constraints on my...
  13. Inspira any problems ????

    The problem with me, I never keep my cars more than 3 years. B410 lack of torque means that even though you have a high lift cam, ie 264 degrees etc, it aint going to produce more torque. But I am really interested to drive a 1.8E that is much better than my car. Even with my present mods in...
  14. Inspira any problems ????

    By the way, there was an Inspira entry to Sepang 1000 last year. But it Did Not finish. Which is a waste as there were only 3 entrants in the 1.8 category. Which means that if you had finish you would have a Podium finish. I understand the car had a LSD. But I am sure this year's Sepang 1000...
  15. Inspira any problems ????

    I am considering fitting in a Bolt on Turbo to solve the 4B10 lack of torque. However, have to weight the consequences of this mod. I am just worried the stock 4B10 engine will screw up do to the additional torque, at the same time the cost of the BOT cannot exceed my budget of 8K with tuning.
  16. Best Sport Rims Off Set For Inspira?

    I am sure you would have no problems. If its a stock rim of an Evo 8 or 9.
  17. Modifications done to Inspira

    I am getting piss off wt Proton Service ctr in USJ which is right next to my house: The earliest appointment available is 23/02/12. I need to do a 40K service. If gear oil change will help, I will be using a better gear oil like Torco soon. I cant remember, how many free service we have but...
  18. Inspira any problems ????

    I also realized that that there is very few performance parts for B NA series. Which is a bit of waste! In terms of quality issues: Inspira's are just like any Japanese car that is CKD. However, we just hope that the locally produce parts to replace Japanese made parts are up to mark. I...
  19. Inspira any problems ????

    My 1.8 E Mileage is now almost 40,000 KMS. Still rattle free. But 4th gear synchromesh is probably worn. Other than that, it performs as expected. 1.8 lacks torque. Mitsubishi has still not embrace using small capacity Turbo's. It would be great if they can come up with a smaller capacity B...
  20. Modifications done to Inspira

    K Wng - Kaki Motor: 4 - 2 - 1 Extractor cost me only RM380 + Flexible Hose - around RM400+. Power Zone is too too expensive! I have the same feeling about Open Pods, that is why I refrain from using it. Tuning is done my my buddy: So no cost!
  21. Inspira any problems ????

    No, its one of those things, I think as a result of so much water on the road on that particular day, and the new position of the O2 sensor: Water hit the top surface of the O2 sensor causing it malfunction. But since then to now, CEL has not come on. Power Loss is normal ECU response - Its...
  22. Modifications done to Inspira

    I put in a Cast Iron 4 - 2 - 1 Extractor from Kaki Exhaust Yes Decat gives you better throttle response With your open air filter, has your throttle response improve
  23. Modifications done to Inspira

    Dont know, I never tried since the last time: But play face book as it is much easier for me. What is your ID in facebook? Bloody synchromesh is still giving me problems. Irritating moving the gears from 5th to 4th.
  24. Modifications done to Inspira

    My wish list: 1. Cams, Has anyone tried it yet???? I dont want to be the guinea pig! 2. New set of tyres for my 18" rims - Archiles ATR 225 X 40 X 18" only cost RM330 per pcs 3. A cheap exterior mod. 4. I will put in a better gear oil to see whether my gear shift is smoother.
  25. Modifications done to Inspira

    1. Ecu Reflash 2. Decatted 3. 4 - 2 - 1 Extractor wt mid section 4. Rear Muffler 5. Simota Drop In Filter 6. 4 Pot Sumitomo Brakes Short list compared with previous WRX!
  26. Modifications done to Inspira

    Hi Guys, with my mods, I now can comfortably cruze at 210KMH, Had a bit of fun with a White Polo GTI and a Civic FD E. Polo GTI is fast with a top speed of 220+KMH. Civic FD Top is about 200+, so it was great fun having 3 cars running on the Sepang - USJ run with neither having an obvious...
  27. Modifications done to Inspira

    DM3 Thanks: Why dont you create a Inspira Fan Page in facebook: I think we all have facebook accounts You are great: Thanks for the photos
  28. Modifications done to Inspira

    I was at After 12 with Jack looking at his 400 Kit for the Inspira: Price is approximately RM4K with Evo spoiler and side skirts, price includes installation and painting. I will try to upload a picture for you.
  29. B4110 Project

    I have a Universal APEXI genuine product ( I won in a lucky draw) : I could buy a ram kit available for RM200+ and connect the Universal Apexi Intake Fillter. But I think it would actually reduce the performance, I have a drop in Simota Air Filter using the stock cold box. Too me, this is a...
  30. B4110 Project

    Honestly, unless you have the necessary hardware upgrades like Extractors, mid and rear section, intake upgrades etc. You are looking at a small gain of 5 - 10 HP which has hardly any butt feel. My suggestion: Stay away from performance upgrades of a CVT, instead concentrate on Rims and Bodykits.
  31. B4110 Project

    Another alternative is to buy the 350mm Tar Ox upgrade disc from Speedworks. But steel braided hoses is a must. Will eliminate spungyness.
  32. Inspira any problems ????

    I had a problem yesterday on 4th gear part throttle up the NKVE hill towards Jln Duta Toll. It was raining heavily and suddenly the Check Engine Light (CEL) came on. Engine lost power and refuse to rev., ie safe mode. Also no more air conditioning. I stop aside, restarted the engine - CEL still...
  33. Inspira any problems ????

    Gearbox Blues Guys, please help me, I have a problem when I move the gear lever from 5th to 4th gear, I get a crunch sound, ie like the synchromesh is not functioning. Only happens when I move the gear lever fast and only in those gears 5th to 4th. Is anyone experiencing this. Off course I am...
  34. B4110 Project

    Single Muffler: But exhaust note, very boomy: May have to tear out the OE 2nd mid muffler and put in another bigger muffler: I will dyno soon. Matspeed has a regrinded cam for B410, it cost RM1800 including installation: Tuning is via open source. Lets put in a good body kit and maybe the image...
  35. B4110 Project

    Just did exhaust at Kaki Exhaust, now have complete 4 - 2 - 1 Extractor with new mid section and muffler. Oklah, car feels lighter. Looking for a set of cams to complete everything and move on to the body work mods. Then sell the car. Ha Ha.
  36. B4110 Project

    Thanks for your information: Looking for a new aftermarket clutch: DM3 when you want to meet up???? Lets target something for next year for modded Inspira's Let me fix up my body kit soon. Then we can have a photo shoot at Sepang, I can arrange!!!!! By the way my modded brakes was able to take...
  37. 4WD Inspira

    30 - 40K for a Evo X is crazy money: I prefer a 5 speed.
  38. 4WD Inspira

    Need to compare the 2 chassis? I will do so, try to put up the engineering drawings of the 2 chassis. But in my opinion it should be ok to transplant a 4WD into the Inspira: I am also looking at the cheaper Lancer Rallyart instead of the Evo 10. any ideas what is the price of the Evo 10 halfcut...
  39. B4110 Project

    Hi DM3, maybe I am an incompetent computer user, I have problems registering into the forum. Exhaust: I really dont care on the design but I feel that my exhaust is not free flowing despite having a new rear box. Its due to the poor resonator I put in as a replacement for my cat. However the...
  40. B4110 Project

    30,000KM bro. Also some interior rattling. Registered in April 11. Super high mileage.
  41. B4110 Project

    I have decided to look for a proper body kit for my Inspira: Take off most of the Proton decals. I dont want an Evo look or a Lancer GT: Hate the front and rear bumpers, anyone can recommend a good PP Bodykit, no fibreglas for me. My budget: Dont exceed RM3K with installation and painting. I...
  42. R3 Inspira

    A biy lost in space. The muffler I put in to replace the cat is now faulty. I think the asbestos has broken inside the pipe. I think I will ask K Weng to do a complete exhaust system
  43. CTA : Competitive Track Autoshow 2012

    Ha Ha, so the price money is for the girls to strut their top.
  44. R3 Inspira

    I posted the dyno chart earlier. About throughout10 HP increase
  45. Modifications done to Inspira

    Its called RS, they do mainly performance cars like Subaru etc. They are also maintaining my track car. Yes I have seen the web site from Speedworks: I think the kit sells for about RM4500 without installation. I can tune via Open ECU so I dont need their piggy back, As far as the injectors are...
  46. R3 Inspira

    I have done it....
  47. R3 Inspira

    R3 will never be a AMG or a M (BMW). Proton owns the name, they can do what ever they want with it. Thank god! Mitsubishi insisted that they have to retain back the original ECU plus gearbox. I would guarantee that Siemens would have Fxxx it up! At least we can tune the ECU with a Tatrix cable...
  48. Modifications done to Inspira

    DM3 beeen getting bored with Inspira, brought it to track on 6th November, ran a continuous 10 laps. Sumitomo 4 Pot live up to expectation but brake feel is spungy (Could be corrected via steel braided hoses) Been trying to wear out the useless Conti's given in the Inspira. But Thread Wear...
  49. R3 Inspira

    How about we look for a good Evo X bodykit and we do a bulk purchase........ I dont want fibreglass barang! It will be fun plus maybe cheaper.
  50. R3 Inspira

    We are the idiots who bought the first batch of 1.8E with nothing.