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  1. TT Session

    no pic of the latest gathering?
  2. Just discovered this club got a lot eh... lots of colours as well.. from latest model till the very 1st model... =D
  3. An experience with Seoulful Racing

    Both also from Korea... Hmmmm.. I got no choice, coz I can't get any aftermarket parts for Hyundai locally... Lol... Seoulful racing is good la.. After so many deals with them, I trust them a lot now... Hahaaa
  4. Varis GT Wing

    stand in aluminium?
  5. An experience with Seoulful Racing

    Hi guys, Its just to share my wonderful experience with Seoulful Racing. This happen about a month ago, probably in the end of November. I ordered a pair of GK F/L headlights for conversion... guess what.. I received a pair headlights for left side :bawling: RIGHT IS MISSING... I right away...
  6. [After12] Carbon Fiber Products

    CF hood for hyundai coupe 2004?
  7. H.Coupe GK CF/Fiber Hood

    Thanks for the link bro... seems like there's no way to get CF hood other than import... wonder how much the customs tax will be...
  8. H.Coupe GK CF/Fiber Hood

    Hi, Does anyone know where can I get a CF hood for coupe GK? Been looking around for quite sometime... if any of you know where to get it... please do let me know... Thank you! Besides that, any1 here driving GK with 18" ride? is there any rubbing issue with the front wheel during...
  9. [WTS] Carbon Fiber Hood *Available All Type Of Car*

    Got any CF hood for Hyundai coupe year 2004? Thanks
  10. Get Good Price. Cash. Fast & Easy For Your Car!

    Mazda RX8 Year 2004/ Reg 2009 White 49+++KM Manual 6 Speed Stock LCD monitor, leather seats, electric driver's seat
  11. S15 VOLTEX GT-wing Type3 Used

    Best time for me to view the item? Location plz... btw, is it original or replica? thanks
  12. iPhone 4 Maxis set 16gb

    SOLD. Thank you for viewing
  13. JDM bodyparts available

    RX8 rear bumper? If available please leave ur contact number.. thanks
  14. iPhone 4 16GB Black MAxis set

    Item SOLD. Thanks
  15. iPhone 4 16GB Black MAxis set

    Selling my iPhone 4 16GB Black Maxis set. 101% Brand new unopen package with warranty card inside the box. Warranty under Maxis for 1yr... comes with iPhone 4 PAPERBAG... lol...:burnout: Not even open to turn on the phone... waiting for the true owner to turn it on... lol... Thanks for...
  16. TT Session

    Double park a, will ppl say this group of ppl lan c or not? If 1 or 2 double park nvm la... I think they still can tolerate.. but if in a bunch... and its on Friday... babyishfemme: thanks for informing me bout the updates. =D
  17. mitsubishi EVO X bumper for sale

    location to view the item? PM me best price as well... thanks. Helping a friend of mine...
  18. Car Tinting promo - new shop launch@SUNWAY!!!

    Bro, tmr I will tint my H.coupe front windscreen 1st.. probably will arrive around 10 ~ 10.30am...
  19. Car Tinting promo - new shop launch@SUNWAY!!!

    Onz la... will call u then. Mite get my optima tint whole car 1st... drive to work daily no tint.. kulit pun hitam liau.. lol.. thanks bro. Optima package C also 799 rite? Cantik la...
  20. Car Tinting promo - new shop launch@SUNWAY!!!

    Bro, If I need to tint my front windscreen with ur package C film... how much for Hyundai coupe? Need appointment a? If no appointment then I go early in the morning can a? BTW, wat time u open bro?
  21. TT Session

    Kedai potong for H.coupe parts a? I mau pergi... mau mau...
  22. Spray Paint Promotion

    Bro, please quote me a rough estimation for Hyundai Coupe.. change colour.. no bodywork... using glasurit pearl colour...
  23. Impact Exclusive Shop

    Wa... big no no bro... where can like tat 1... my fren who is the actual business owner very friendly 1.. I help him to promote thru ZTH coz he tak pandai pakai pc ma... but he pandai buat bodykit.. hahahha... I mostly every saturday will be there... tmr wanna come or not?? I be;anja u McD...
  24. Impact Exclusive Shop

    Thanks for your free bump Abang Fat Yeop.. TitanRev... bro.. pass by oni meh? Come in la... haiyo...

    Re: [WTS] 100% STAINLESS STEEL EXHAUST EXTRACTORS (4-2-1 & 4-1 DESIGN-Use ARGON Weld Got hyundai coupe yr 2004 Stainless Steel extractor? I need a 4-1
  26. Impact Exclusive Shop

    Paging Ah Leong n friends, thank you for visiting. Will let you know once your item arrive.. :burnout:
  27. Coupe GK Disc Rotor

    but the pentagon say they didnt stock up parts for H.coupe... guess I can oni measure the disc offset/width/thickness and look for a most identical disc for replacement..
  28. Impact Exclusive Shop

    For quotation of items not listed on our blog. Please email the picture of your desire item and we will reply ASAP.
  29. Coupe GK Disc Rotor

    ordered items from seoulful racing.. and it reached my door step within 2weeks... thats fast!
  30. Impact Exclusive Shop

    Impact Exclusive Shop 148, Jalan Zaaba, 70100 Seremban, Negeri Sembilan. Google Map: Search for "Impact Exclusive Shop, Seremban" Contact:- Blison D : 012-351 1377 E-mail : Blog : Hello Everyone, We provide a...
  31. Coupe GK Disc Rotor

    its so pricy from uk ebay... =.=' Mayb I'll just ask the mechanic remove the disc n look for something identical for me...
  32. [WTS] Racing Nut 1.5 Aluminium

    how much was the rays? 16pcs or 20pcs??? If I need 20pcs how?
  33. Coupe GK Disc Rotor

    Thanks for you info. ---------- Post added at 04:23 PM ---------- 6 hour anti-bump limit - Previous post was at 03:42 PM ---------- Any1 here tried to purchase products from the site above thru local shipping company? Saw lots of attractive items... price wise still affordable after the...
  34. Coupe GK Disc Rotor

    Hi, Do you guys know where to get performance disc like Dixel for H.Coupe GK? My front disc sudah tamat hayat.. so its time to get it change. Stock caliper is good enuf for me, thus I'm just looking for a new slotted rotor replacement only.... have any of you change b4? BTW, any of you...
  35. HCC Meet-Up

    any TT in this month?
  36. Mazda Rx-8 Maintenance and revview

    Just visit to find all ur answers
  37. Zenden Alloy Strut Bar For Alot Of Car

    Please quote me bars for:- RX8 Undercarriage (front, middle & rear) Hyundai Coupe year 2004 Front bar, Rear bar, antiroll F & R and undercarriage (front, middle & rear)