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  1. HKS EVC Pro - Manual & Installation

    hai there.. im looking for that manual & setup instruction. Anybody have that copy. please email me or i take the fotocopy. im really need that manual. Thanks
  2. Any Good REcommended Clutch?

    buy the clucth only.. use back ur clucth cover.... not hard as ur think..
  3. BR clutch

    then... we must refer to BR.. coz they all said that their clucth can tahan... so how.. coz we are the customer...
  4. airflow sensor

    change the ecu...
  5. Toyota 1JZ (A) halfcut complete for sale

    izzit with wiring complete
  6. Hi Quality Imported Used Tyres For Sale , Ch33p ! Cum Check It Out !!! :)

    i want 205/45/16 tyre .. how much.. serius thanks
  7. Many Parts to clear!!cheap!!

    what saiz that sportrim..really interested
  8. looking for hulfcut/engine mit.turbo series...(month. payment)

    why u try at maybe they can give u monthly payment.
  9. any drifter from penang or butterworth ?

    everyone are welcome to join....dun worry...if we got time..then we all can join together,..... we need people who got the spirit of motosport..then ..all the thing can be easy...cheer to all ...lets we make northen grow up in motosport..especially in drifting.....heheheh
  10. performance stuff for sale (pics)

    can nego bro the muffler...
  11. any drifter from penang or butterworth ?

    wow sound interesting time maybe i can join u.. victor...
  12. any drifter from penang or butterworth ?

    kei - office : thanks bro ..i already take ur no. if anything ill call u..
  13. any drifter from penang or butterworth ?

    im staying at prai.... driving yellow TE86....thanks bro....ill keep in touch with u all...
  14. any drifter from penang or butterworth ?

    so.........when can start ...and have a nice teh tarik ...with all the least we can know each other...
  15. Any drifter from taiping or Penang

    thanks bro.... let me know ..when u guys go for drifting...
  16. WTS : New Exedy cluth kit set for all car

    how much for 4A-GE engine....
  17. Chop Shop Item..

    need rear lsd for ae86..... 017-4880762
  18. 1.3/1.5 convert 1.6 CLUTCH kit

    any clucth racing for my 4age engine.....thanks
  19. any drifter from penang or butterworth ?

    wanna join u guys.... but when ??
  20. lot of half cut with picture

    bro...i just want rear axle with lsd for toyota ae86 me bro the price,...or you can msg me.. 017-4880762
  21. Any drifter from taiping or Penang

    hai...anyone that from penang or taiping that drifting.i would like to join.coz i just move here from i need to know the places that all drifter training.hope to join... thanks
  22. [WTS] Shift Lights

    blue .... (confirm)
  23. [WTS] Shift Lights

    when can i view the item.... :rolleyes:
  24. [WTS] Shift Lights

    1) ArChAng3L - 100rpm, BLUE 2) Anion - 100rpm, Blue 3)Lord Pheonix - 100rpm, Red 4) Aint - 100rpm, white or blue 5)dave- 100rpm, red 6)ssr - 100rpm, white or blue 7) leadaxer - 100rpm, blue or red 8) Khorne - 100rpm, BLUE or WHITE 9) HIDLIGHT - 100rpm, red or blue :ph34r:
  25. [WTS] Shift Lights

    me want to...but could i see the picture first.. thanks.. ;)