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  1. NEW MEMBER : pop in for a quick intro

    Welcome Jeffery, hope to see u soon for our TT... More discussion are done @ our facebook group... Hope to see u thr ;)
  2. looking for hyundai coupe/tuscani 2002-2007 so badly!!!

    Do join us at our FB group, we more active over thr ^^
  3. Looking for Hyundai Tiburon RD(1996–1999)

    Daftar Masuk | Facebook
  4. NEW MEMBER : pop in for a quick intro

    Hi Guys & Gals... do join us at facebook.... Log In | Facebook or search Hyundai Coupe Club Malaysia.... * remember to type full... there r other page that similar... ohya welcome to the club... cheers,
  5. find hyudai coupe rd1 accessories and part

    Hi Dean, u can get stuff from Mr. Lee who r distributor for Hyundai Parts @ Subang or u may also ctc with one of member who own a Hyundai Service Center @ Desa Tun Razak... for more detail.... feel free to join our club @ FB group Log In | Facebook
  6. HCC July 2011 Gathering @ Pacific Coffee - IOI Boulevard

    Log In | FacebookGuys... pls check our TT this month at FB Page....
  7. H.Coupe GK CF/Fiber Hood

    There are few member with CF hood n 18" for GK, mine is RD1. check out our FB photo... Hyundai Coupe Club Malaysia | Facebook
  8. TT Session

    1) Citrus Park 2) Bandar Puteri 2pm
  9. TT Session

    Anyone up for a quick drink this weekend? afternoon? ^^
  10. TT Session

  11. SCoupe/Coupe/Tuscani Sound Proofing

    haha.. maybe I too sensative... :p stay tune we r actually planning convoy to Melacca... after CNY... ard march or april 2011 :) since year end everybody bzy... hmm... let c how....
  12. SCoupe/Coupe/Tuscani Sound Proofing

    @scoupe, it was mainly from the back... kinda like fan.... at the back lozzzzzzzzz... anyway join us for TT ler... last TT no Scoupe came... :(
  13. SCoupe/Coupe/Tuscani Sound Proofing

    Hey guys~~~ mind sharing on sound proofing? I been searching around... dun seems to find one to go with... For me RD1 major problem was from the back... its like driving a Hugh Truck/Lorry.... how about you guys? Mind share your model... problem... and whr u did ur Sound Proofing & how...
  14. i wan bodykits for coupe...

    Re: i wan bodykits for RD2....htundai coupe... @Marcus, this bodykit was installed on our member Oscar car... he import from oversea.... another option seems available but I shall check out first... check out our fb group... ;-)
  15. i wan bodykits for coupe...

    Re: i wan bodykits for RD2....htundai coupe... @Marcus, one of our member has this for RD2 ;-) Hyundai Tiburon 1999 - 2003 Cuda Body Kit
  16. TT Session

    @Daniel, follow us here & join us whenever we have one... you leave ur hp no for easier ctc ;-)
  17. workshop to change the engine

    @ken @cow both of them change to Evo engine... may be they can help u on this... ;-)
  18. NEW MEMBER : pop in for a quick intro

    @East, try open a thread for this... :-)
  19. NEW MEMBER : pop in for a quick intro

    FTO... hmm... the V6? or the 1.8L? if u happen to be in KL, do join us for TT ^^ Model name Engine Peak power GS 1800 cc SOHC 16 valve straight-4 125 PS (92 kW; 123 hp) at 6,000 rpm GR 2000 cc DOHC 24 valve V6 170 PS (125 kW; 168 hp) at 7,000 rpm GX Sports Package GX Sports Package Aero Series...
  20. TT Session

    Location for meeting?
  21. NEW MEMBER : pop in for a quick intro

    Welcome East ;-)
  22. TT Session

    Hey guys.... Just had a drink wif fren last night at Station One OUG Plaza Amber parking space... Outlet business hours: 11am - 2am Lot 1 (Ground Floor), Citrus Park Food Emporium Plaza OUG, Taman OUG, Jalan Klang Lama, 58200 Kuala Lumpur...
  23. TT Session

    On I am in
  24. TT Session

    Dec 11 is Selangor Sultan Birthday.... anyone going for long holiday?
  25. TT Session

    @Sim, after Chinese New Year 2011 ;-)
  26. TT Session

    I m here 2 ^^ Yes..... Melaka..... I m in.... b4 tat as discuss during TT @Illy was suggesting his place... for next TT... wat do u thinks guys? ok? Car Park, Swimming Pool, BBQ......
  27. TT Session

    weeeeeeeeeeee.... finally.... its coming.... ^^
  28. Air con compressor

    eh.... if its cold then ok ler.. normally like denso... more cold la... like proton car... :-)
  29. Air con compressor

    what brand u got?
  30. TT Session

    ok babe ;-) c u thr <3
  31. TT Session

    @ken, friday for LDP 9pm still jam not? if going from Puchong...
  32. TT Session

    Good..... ^^ looks like more n more r joining TT this time hehehehe
  33. Can 6A12 fit into 1st gen coupe?

    Rexy, check this ;-)
  34. Air con compressor

    Okla bro 270 if compressor I think more ;-)
  35. TT Session

    @sandra wanna try out puchong? Others? The new place I found shud able cater for 10 cars...
  36. NEW MEMBER : pop in for a quick intro

    Guys..... do join Our Facebook........ too [url][url] :driver:
  37. TT Session

    Hey guys, found one new mamak open next to Giant Bandar Puteri with open car park at the front of the shop.... new shop so still spacious in term of car park... try check out the map... attached... Rathaa Curry House.... ---------- Post added at 09:58 AM ---------- 6 hour anti-bump limit -...
  38. TT Session

    @pert, this is Hyundai Coupe Club ;-)
  39. TT Session

    So guys.... venue voting pls ;-)
  40. Can 6A12 fit into 1st gen coupe?

    HI Rexy, I found this old thread.... Aj who change his heart to Mivec 1.6
  41. NEW MEMBER : pop in for a quick intro

    Welcome Dylan ^^ do take a look at our TT thread... we r having TT this friday... do join us
  42. Air temperature sensor

    Same goes with my car... the test gear show it is having some error. Test it in the afternoon and it shows steady.... 20 C all the way.... so i guess... its having problem... the car was like ok for abt a week... then yesterday it coughing again... like engine going to off.... I am...
  43. TT Session

    i dun we finish tat early also... no worry la...
  44. Air temperature sensor

    Hi Bro, I guess u r referring IAT(Intake Air Temparature) sensor.... check out ... My was like coughing a week back... so when my mec plug in the test gear n found tat thr were error on IAT sensor... even he keep trying to delete it, the...
  45. Can 6A12 fit into 1st gen coupe?

    Hey guys, look for the TT thread... we having one TT this friday, some experiance in swapping engine is joining... do join us....
  46. TT Session

    I am on... abt venue.... lets vote.... ;-)
  47. Air con compressor

    lozzzzzz~~~ Me just got the car 1 month old lagi noob :p anyway my workshop at puchong... I help u ask n c how much ;-)
  48. Air con compressor

    @Mgbk, you dont need to get new compressor coz no guaranteed according to my mec, they give me 1-3 month guaranteed for recond instead...
  49. Parts/ Price/ Contact

    @mgbk, I think u need to meet up with Ken. I met him once n he know RD1 very well... n driving one now with EVO4 engine ;-) its best u consult him b4 going anywhr for servis... he overhaul RD1 stock engine b4 n gone thru every single part of the engine... best if u just try to make it next...
  50. Genting Meet up 15 Oct 2010

    @Ken, hahaha ~~~ Its a last minutes things... we were supposed to meet up ard KL then I stucked at Sunway Medical and Sim need to rush up so.... we end up meeting up thr :p @Sim, me n ken did meet up