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  1. Suitable suspension for civic 96-00

    This is very true
  2. Suitable suspension for civic 96-00

    While you're at it... be sure to check other brands such as Cusco zero1/2, BC racing, ftuned, claws, tein (have so many types), mines, zerone, gab, HWL, D2, zeal... From the brands above, few are easy to find new and used. Some say XXX brand is shit and YYY brand is good... But do ask around...
  3. Suitable suspension for civic 96-00

    Aiya no need to be harsh la hehe.. Everyone has to started somewhere. But i agree that TS should've done his homework more..
  4. Suitable suspension for civic 96-00

    My honda EG whatsapp group buddies said to avoid tein SS but no justification provided so no comment la. But personally i've used buddyclub junior spec, serves me well but with only 12 steps of softhard. Would be nice to have more for finer adjustments, on full soft it was very bumpy but comfy...
  5. Need advice on brake kit

    How do you guys test your brakes? in terms of "bite"ness? Drive to 120 then sudden brake to 60? I do think like I need to bleed my brakes... Cause i stepped 1-2cm into the pedal still did not feel like it's biting unless i step further down..
  6. Need advice on brake kit

    Okay noted. Will keep that in mind... when i ask around, my friends told me can use ek9's servo but any other suggestion?
  7. Need advice on brake kit

    Honestly the past few months I was quite lazy and did not get the chance to do any testing wasn't able to compared. But i notice one difference at low speed around 60kmh i slammed the pedal and it did not took long before my car stopped When i bought my car it comes with a 96 dc2r brake...
  8. Need advice on brake kit

    Yep but i just decided to take it anyways lol
  9. Need advice on brake kit

    After few months searching, finally got my rotor, was lucky enough to find PMU 2 piece, was quite steep, the slotted is not that deep but didn't feel like waiting, God knows how much longer I'd have to wait if pass on this one, I had people giving me recommendations on buying an EK9 disc which...
  10. problem with check engine light after vtec open

    I'm also experiencing this problem.. Previously i did not have this problem.. But one fateful morning after joy ride from Genting there was this long stretch of road, so i engage vtec and stayed around rpm 7-7.5 for quite long lah.. Then the check engine light appears.. Being a paranoid person i...
  11. Pros and cons of engine braking?

    I think the only solution is to practice practice and practice
  12. Pros and cons of engine braking?

    Very hard for me to do heel and toe.. Every time i press the brake with my toe and to rev match i moved my heel, it seems unavoidable that I lift my toe hence the braking is not consistent... Any advise or pointers?
  13. What's d standard B18CR on wheel HorsePower can get when dynorun?

    Ran mine on dyno and only got 161hp... Must be something wrong =( wanted to change the valve seal and piston rings...
  14. Need advice on brake kit

    Okay understood. Thank you
  15. Need advice on brake kit

    I was told that 262mm can also fit work... Should i just go on with 262mm? or better get 282mm
  16. Need advice on brake kit

    Thats one huge rotor.. whats the size?
  17. Need advice on brake kit

    Good to know that lol.. Btw can i pair 262mm rotors with spoon calipers? I read everywhere and was informed everywhere that 282mm is the size to go for
  18. Need advice on brake kit

    ok got it Hondata next ^^
  19. Need advice on brake kit

    My rims barely clear the calipers 7jj 40 offset I think the distance between the rim and the caliper is less than the diameter of the new 20cents coin. But i need to check again to confirm the distance. Is that distance safe? Or it is better to get a rim that clears more?
  20. Need advice on brake kit

    PMU rotors cause it's available at one of the shop in Sunway lol.. and pricing wise at 1170 should be okay la.. The normal SCR version (1 piece)... Errmm I asked around, so far no negative feedback on the PMU disc... But since you said it's a waste of money.. I'm quite taken aback lol.. One of...
  21. Need advice on brake kit

    Finally got my hands on these bad boys.. albeit pricey for what it is. Don't have any more photos, this was post washing photos, sadly I'm not into photography and not good at it, else there would be more photos. Next would be steel braided and pmu 282 rotors
  22. Need advice on brake kit

    Currently I'm using 96 DC2R master cylinder.. Is that good enough or it'd be best to upgrade? And if i am upgrading, any recommended Master cyclinder?
  23. Need advice on brake kit

    I read it wrongly, 45offset cannot fit spoon calipers.. Will re read again
  24. Need advice on brake kit

    Thanks for the answer.. And good suggestion on the weighing part.. Regarding wheels i will check it out but I planned to buy new set of rims with 6.5jj and 45 offset.. I searched around hondatech, one of the members claimed to have no problem with that combo.. But i also read that at high speed...
  25. Need advice on brake kit

    Does anyone know how to distinguish between fake and original spoon callipers lol.. Samurai Racing quoted me rm4.8k which is supposedly their official distributor here and another garage quoted rm3.8k... Both brand new. I tried searching hi and lo but couldn't find an answer.. The closest thing...
  26. Need advice on brake kit

    ... Got one fella from whatsapp group just advise to get a brand new one from samurai for 4.8k but have to wait november la...
  27. Need advice on brake kit

    Wtf 3.3k with pad is a steal... I'm quoted 4k for used with pads or rotor or hose lol
  28. Need advice on brake kit

    I made up my mind already... Will opt for spoon
  29. Need advice on brake kit

    I'm not sure if PMU shifted to Taiwan or not but the seller told me it's confirm not from Japan. He said either China or Taiwan, i forgot... Okay i think made up my mind already lol, thx for the input. I will stick with Spoon... Will upload photos too once i installed everything.. Do you mind...
  30. Need advice on brake kit

    As long as I'm using 282mm rotors i can basically PnP isn't it? Right now my dilemma is should i just order new one from samurai racing which is rm4800 but i'll have to wait till November or buy used for rm4300 which i can get instantly... or wait for god knows how long for someone to let it go...
  31. Need advice on brake kit

    Bro if you suggest spoon calipers.. What i had mind is I will get a Project Mu 1 piece rotor and Project Mu brake pad, but do you have any suggestions on which steel braided hose i should be getting??
  32. Need advice on brake kit

    Okay noted thank you :)
  33. What is your first car?

    Swapped in B series. Installed some aftermarket parks too Next are the brakes..
  34. What is your first car?

    Yeah.. Working on it now... still have my myvi which is for daily
  35. What is your first car?

    First car given- 2nd gen iswara aeroback...then i proceed to have an accident, sorry pa and ma First car bought by parents- myvi 2009 model First car i bought on my own- Civic eg 94
  36. Need advice on brake kit

    Also, the project mu brake kit that i'm looking at is not from japan.. it's from taiwan... and the spoon twinblock it's from japan but only the caliper which is cost as much as the project mu brake kit Will heed your advice on master cylinder upgrade
  37. Need advice on brake kit

    Hello, sorry if i opened a new thread, i'm sure this question has been asked over and over again in the past but i was unable to search for it.. I'm running on a stock eg6 brake kit and I'm planning on upgrading to; 1. a new project mu brake kit or 2. buy a spoon twinblock calipers then...
  38. Cheap cars to buy in Malaysia but fast!

    I tried talking to the owner, he refused to sell it lol.. I guess I will have to wait next time haha.. Looking at eg 2doors now... Viewing car next week
  39. Cheap cars to buy in Malaysia but fast!

    I will try this approach. Never thought of this. Thank you.
  40. Cheap cars to buy in Malaysia but fast!

    Is it cheap or expensive? It's still on mudah. Btw nearby my house there a workshop with an old FC3S apparently the owner keep inside, but no engine and gearbox too, i'd like to buy it from him but don't know how much should i offer, i don't want to overpay and i don't to over-offer. What...
  41. Cheap cars to buy in Malaysia but fast!

    Celica TA is nice too. Now the only i found in mudah is 22k no engine n gearbox 44k one n a 58k one
  42. Cheap cars to buy in Malaysia but fast!

    Off topic.. Fc3s can get ka for 35 or less? Looks so pricey nowadays
  43. Wtb rx 7 fc3s

    Fd3s is out of my budget... I'm so sorry, but thx for the offer
  44. Wtb rx 7 fc3s

    Looking for an FC3S, doesn't matter which year or series. I wonder if it is still possible to look for one for rm30k Please do PM me ya :)
  45. Honda Integra DC2 B20B for sale

    is this type R version?
  46. Buy & Sell your RX-7 and RX-8 here.

    Still looking for an RX 7 FC3S... anyone please spread the news to friends that are interested to let go of their FC... tqvm
  47. Buy & Sell your RX-7 and RX-8 here.

    Looking for an FC3S, please pm me if anyone is letting go of theirs