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  1. Mitsubishi Evolution 9 Lancer (M) -2005

    then buy... worth it really
  2. SIC Track Day

    that's why i sell my eg... get a comfort car and sometimes run genting or titikong lol....
  3. WTS: honda civic EG 2 doors B18CR

    tq jsdaemon
  4. WTS: honda civic EG 2 doors B18CR

    confirm B18CR bro... intake is skunk2 ya.. JPJ endorsed. don't worry, drive and go
  5. WTS: honda civic EG 2 doors B18CR

  6. WTS: honda civic EG 2 doors B18CR

    tqtq... ok la ok la, not very fast. only 180 on wheel...
  7. WTS: honda civic EG 2 doors B18CR

    no major accident, -B18CR type R engine, -E-manage ECU -70mm Super 90 throttle body -Walbro 255LPH-HP fuel pump -Sard fuel pressure regulator -B18CR 4-1 header -LSD gear box -cusco lighten flywheel -exedy racing clutch -3 layer alluminium radiator -Brembo slitted disc rotor -steel braided hose...
  8. SIC Track Day

    ya. super expensive. lucky tomorrow depavali and this thursday awal muharam got private track day too. Rm380/3hrs
  9. SIC Track Day

    u are right. that is single 1 hr slot with some formula car. if Open Track day is Rm300 for 3 hrs. normally 2-5pm. or 9am-12nn. Is open for all car. as long as ur car can go.
  10. SIC Track Day

    your track day price is rm350 for 2 hrs. a bit costly compare to open track day rm 300 for 3 hrs. x mampu.
  11. SIC Track Day

    R.I.P. to this page
  12. bad ping garena

    bad ping garena try this? how to solve..
  13. [WTS] ██ Honda Civic EG6 ██

    jeremy u interested in eg ??
  14. B18c block bottom

    All brother, looking for b18c bottom only.. pm me if u have. or where can i find it ? thanks
  15. SIC Track Day

    Hell.. everyday raining start from 3pm onward. this week battle in the rain? Damn. Akuma, dun follow me 99 ah.. Im afraid i buang... lol
  16. SIC Track Day

    checked! confirm sunday 18/12 2-5pm
  17. SIC Track Day

    Generally it is from 2pm to 5pm. Bart, this week confirm got ??
  18. Help on Honda EG/SR3 roll cage

    thanks bro..
  19. Help on Honda EG/SR3 roll cage

    cant see that at mudah ??
  20. Help on Honda EG/SR3 roll cage

    i know new is Rm900. that's why looking for something cheaper. or custom made will be cheaper? but I dun 1 welding it on the car. need to remove when needed. because is not a track car... :)
  21. Help on Honda EG/SR3 roll cage

    Guys, u guys know where to make roll cage? or can where can buy used roll cage for my EG/SR3 (2doors). thanks
  22. Open track day 4/9/11

    SB3 is Subaru sti 8 spec C. i think that's only 1 lotus that day right? fast...
  23. Open track day 4/9/11

    hmm... maybe my wrong... could be subaru.. i ask the author first.. ---------- Post added at 05:09 PM ---------- 6 hour anti-bump limit - Previous post was at 12:06 PM ---------- Oh yeah... is Subaru sti 8 spec C.
  24. SIC Track Day

    got video upload already.. video and photo please upload here.. thanks akuma, nice to meet u, altho didnt fight my car with u... haha
  25. Open track day 4/9/11

    Any photo or video?? please upload.. i didn't take any picture because sitting in the car, Q up, waiting green light... :sleep: this video is from ess530i mx5, damn fast car...
  26. SIC Track Day

    why rm400? increase price again? hayzz....
  27. Open Track Day Dates?

    4.9.11 if no changes..
  28. RCA Sepang Track Day 16/07/11

    T.T where is my sunday track day use to be available.. only free on sunday.
  29. [WTS] Auto Gauge Meter Gauge for sales

    can u show me the picture for Autogauge 95mm Super White (Black Face) RPM Tachometer when at night ? LED or just back light? got open ceremony? how's the shift light light up when up to desire point? thanks
  30. Totalled Lamboghini?

    cant speed?? honestly as a spectator i hope they will pull when they leave. that's what mean powerful car. if they just drive slowly walk away. is abit boring. if they pull away fast, once u hear the exhaust sound and engine sound.. andrenalin is up ...
  31. Honda Marketplace Links - Parts & Others

    Mugen style muffler for eg taken from EG B16A.
  32. Open Track Day Dates?

    latest i can see is on Sep 4. sep 5,6,7,8 & 12,13,14,15 is millenium endurance race practice. then S1000km race practice will on nov 28,29,30,dec 1. another open track day is on dec 18. if nothing change.
  33. WTS- Evo Mitsubishi evolution 8 MR

  34. SIC Track Day

    Hay.. just wondering who build SIC? if it is build by our government which mean is tax payer money.. then should let the citizen use the facility. well if u said is need $ to maintain, we got pay the ticket for entrance too. why always used & booked by private co. ? If is build by private...
  35. SIC Track Day

    OTD as i seen the lastest will fall on september (1 time sunday) and december (1 time sunday). actually many sunday no advance booking by other organization. just dun understand why they dun organize OTD.
  36. RON95 on Evo

    Rm 2.5/L ? = fairy tale = alladdin... haha:rofl:
  37. How much EG/EK should be reasonable?

    ek4 (4 doors) la.. haha..
  38. How much EG/EK should be reasonable?

    which car is so hotcake???
  39. How much EG/EK should be reasonable?

    thanks for all input appreciate. I know the price is around there but wondering why is it so expensive since already 15+ years car. my friend got a accord bought new 15 years ago.. now is only cost about 20k or less. i think the new car for accord should be more expensive than civic right? and...
  40. How much EG/EK should be reasonable?

    search a few EG/EK/DC2. found that it still stay at the price from 25k to 50k (depend on modification). wondering worth or not since the car is more than 10-15 years.. cant get loan, need cash. and 2 doors price higher than 4 doors. i'm aiming on 2 doors.
  41. eg6

    is this manual or auto? ur description there is auto, but ur right up description is manual.. confuse..
  42. eg for sell

    bro, why the car dun have aircond condensor and air cond piping ??
  43. Polis Operasi???

    JPJ best friend = $ Police best friend = $ so JPJ best friend Police
  44. WTS- Evo Mitsubishi evolution 8 MR

    not sure the loan how many years. bbz - yes.. is a nice car.. still sakit hati to jual. drive this car i have great confident during corner and over take a car.
  45. WTS- Evo Mitsubishi evolution 8 MR

    previous buyer loan not approve.. up for sale again.
  46. WTS- Evo Mitsubishi evolution 8 MR

    100% accident free. 04/08 (sep) MR = Mitsubishi Racing spec Engine no modified - so no worry this car got problem and u can enjoy to modified urself. Mainly I just improve the overall handling & safety only. -steel braided brake hose, -tein monoflex -cusco F&R anti roll bar, -cusco version...
  47. The Mitsubishi Evo is no more???

    then evo is limited already.. come buy my evo 8 MR...
  48. WTS-Mitsubishi evolution MR

    engine pic up
  49. WTS-Mitsubishi evolution MR

    price is nego....
  50. WTS-Mitsubishi evolution MR

    friday bumpbump