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  1. B-series Full Race Engine - for DRAG

    This post is advertisement for sale, not for un-related/unnecessary inquiries. Grow up ... SOLD & I dunno any Mat from Malacca.
  2. B-series Full Race Engine - for DRAG

    Re: B-series Full Race Engine - for DRAG (SOLD) pics ? how to see all those internals lah :proud: BTW ... S O L D
  3. B-series Full Race Engine - for DRAG

    b u m p .... engine *booked* .
  4. B-series Full Race Engine - for DRAG

    b u m p .......
  5. B-series Full Race Engine - for DRAG

    Full race engine for drag sold
  6. used EF9 rear disc brake

    best offer ?
  7. Ori Bronze Mugen MF8 16x7 4Hx114.3

    BUMP Last price RM2500 - cash & carry
  8. Ori Bronze Mugen MF8 16x7 4Hx114.3

    B . U . M . P .
  9. Ori Bronze Mugen MF8 16x7 4Hx114.3

    Serious buyers , pls call the number - i rarely log in here. TQ
  10. Ori Bronze Mugen MF8 16x7 4Hx114.3

    Offset unsure, either +43 or +52 Condition superb , only very very very minor imperfection. See to believe. No tyres. No caps unfortunately. Email me for high-reso pic (4Mb ). Price revised to RM2500 {market price 4K++ } View in W.Maju, Ulu Klang - weekend only 016-9800024. No time waster...
  11. Rare Mugen MF8 16x7 bronze For Sale

    B U M P :proud:
  12. Rare Mugen MF8 16x7 bronze For Sale

    016-9800024 Pls call after office hour:wavey:
  13. Rare Mugen MF8 16x7 bronze For Sale

  14. Rare Mugen MF8 16x7 bronze For Sale

    B U M P . Akuma, I have no use of this rim ...... might as well pass it those who can use them
  15. Rare Mugen MF8 16x7 bronze For Sale

    B U M P emails sent . sorry for late reply ... i rarely come in here nowadays
  16. Rare Mugen MF8 16x7 bronze For Sale

    Mugen MF8 Serious buyers - please email me for pictures /* rather slow to load pics & update here */
  17. CaLLinG CrX SiFu's!!!!

    Rebuild your engine. Due to small engine bay, plonking Vtec engine will mean -> excessive tempering to chasis/body & I would not advise that. Unless, *MAYBE*, if there are conversion mounting ( like Hasport ) for Vtec conversion, then please do so. But I doubt there are ...
  18. best looking wheels for EK

    Bronze Mugen MF8 da best. Get a set from me ... RM3K
  19. Honda CR-X Vtec For Sale

    B U M P Call owner hp above TQ
  20. Honda CR-X Vtec For Sale

    Update. Pics available - high resolution i.e. big size Serious buyer(s), pls email for pics
  21. Honda CR-X Vtec For Sale

    Honda CR-X Year 1990 Pearl White - quite recently painted. Straight body - stripped before painting , previously owned by meachanic & built by him Big Dohc Vtec JDM Extractor 4-2-1 Spoon Vtec Controller KakiMoto exhaust Recaro front seats SPOOM rim - black Full Vtec exterior Genuine Mugen rear...
  22. Red Honda CRX WKC 727 Stolen @ Sunway

    Please help out our friend here ... The car will not go unnoticed if you spot it ! - Color red/sparkling ribena, it's one of a kind paintjob - Full Mugen bosykit ( front, rear bumpers, side skirt, door cap ) minus the rear wing only - Front & reaar bumper replaced not too long ago - thus...
  23. Red Honda CRX Stolen @ Sunway WKC 727

    Pleas help out a friend of us ... This car will not go unnoticed if you spot it ! - red/sparkling ribena paint work - full Mugen CR-X bodykit ( except the rear spoiler ) - front & rear bumper juz replaced w Mugen frp ( unpainted yet - thus white ! ) - not many CR-X looks as nice as this one out...
  24. Help : SuperPro Polyurethane Bushes vs Mugen hard rubber bush!

    I'd choose Mugen :tongwink:
  25. Mugen DC2...

    Ard 2 years back ( maybe nowadays still ), Mugen kit for 88-91 CR-X still can be ordered brand new. As DC2 last till 2000, I think you should be able to order new. Juz get thick RM ready :tongwink: Used units very scarce, hardly seen any in Japan auction .
  26. *WTB* Enkei CPS II 15"

    RPF1 RPF1 RPF1 RPF1 :regular_smile: too bad, i dun like enkeiiii
  27. VTEC stuffs - Jun4, Mugen,B20 etc

    TOYOLs out oledi :regular_smile: Pls call Lydia for details. Price kaw kaw nego.
  28. VTEC stuffs - Jun4, Mugen,B20 etc

    No pics. I have those limited details only. Further enquiries , pls CALL. Not my items
  29. VTEC stuffs - Jun4, Mugen,B20 etc

    1. Jun type 4 : RM2900 2. Mugen head Cover : RM3600 3. B20B complete bottom : RM1300 - few units 4. EG6 rear dic brake : RM450 5. Adjustable cam pulley : RM350 6. SARD fuel regulator : RM 300 7. Mugen absorber , rear , EG : RM 350 For details, pics, nego , call Lydia : 019-3088897 , friendly...
  30. Track Day-15th October 2006;SIC

    :regular_smile: that CR-X only covered 50K km worrhh ... like new inside out :regular_smile:
  31. EP9 For sell - from abandon project.

    Latest rumor : As to make it fully head-to-head battle with "Akuma" trademark sticker ,Scomatic will put big mama sticker "EPbloody9" so , you guys surely won't miss him.
  32. Track Day-15th October 2006;SIC

    Gambar Japan Yahoo Auction worrhhhh :regular_smile:
  33. EP9 For sell - from abandon project.

    I'm very very glad you guys choose to have the fun in SIC , rather than on public road or other illegal venues. To ALL, have a good time there. I still looking for a yuppie car , prefably CRX like Akuma's :regular_smile: To bro SCO..... ( like Schu pulak (Schumacher)..... ) GOOD LUCK ! ALL...
  34. EP9 For sell - from abandon project.

    Letter "P" & letter "F" are very far apart on the keyboard lerrrr :retarded: BTW, go & check out yr thread in Honda section too
  35. Choosing Honda Car problem

    bro scomatic dear, u still haven't replied me laa when we can yumchaa .... u make me SAD laaaa BTW, most likely , I'll be in KB for some work next week (TBC). Maybe we can hang out & get the truth out .... I'll be in the 'new purple hotel'. Can buy you breakfast .... sap sap suuiii laaa ...
  36. GRA Autocross 10/9 Stadium Shah Alam

    all this kuantan fellas talak kelijaaa kaaa ?:tongwink::tongwink:
  37. 15" Black Racing

    up-to-the-top can suit many cars , will look great , especially on EF with EK-9 arms :retarded:
  38. Choosing Honda Car problem

    eeeiiii ... u guys brutal laaaa ... can't beat them, join them laaaa ..... scomatic, harmony ..... come .... we go yumchaaa & talk more abt your hybrid K20B and EF9. we can share ideas & maybe to make more powerfulnew hybrid K-20C, K-20D, KkaplaHotakLu etc etc ..... . . . . . . . . . mu a...
  39. Choosing Honda Car problem

    Entering 'defend' mode. Deploying new 'squad' for defend Get a life .....
  40. Choosing Honda Car problem

    That's not REALLY my point. My point is that WE feel this guy is BullShitting US. At one time said bought EF8, then said EF9 ...... But, IF, this guys truly speak the truth, I sincerely seek apologies for my words. But from what he typed here, smells fishy ... very fishy .....
  41. Choosing Honda Car problem

    I'll do that if you help yourself by self-enrolling into Tanjung Rambutan mental hospital. They will be happy to serve you. Until now, you've been talking rubbish stupid arse stories , and some people here I see cannot tahan oledi. Play S15 Nismo, play track, and still clueless on car...
  42. Choosing Honda Car problem

    if got extra $$$, i will change EK9 windscreen, sure more aerodynamic my car will go faster .... EK9 windscreen maaa ....... unnderrstend ??
  43. Choosing Honda Car problem

    SSR type X 15x6.5 +42 black/red for sale RM1700 nett ! PM me. If this sale happens, wanna change my roof to EK's roof for better handling too ;-). Note : I'm hijacking this thread coz this thread is not healthy. Too many people got headache already, some are even so de-motivated with their EF &...
  44. Honda Crx And Crx Delsol Headcount!

    I know .... once upon a time .... you were a wanker :tongwink: ex-wanker & future wanker are all welcome hi hi hi ....
  45. Honda Crx And Crx Delsol Headcount!

    Go to All CRX wankers are there.
  46. Mugen MF8 16x7 pcd114 bronze w Falken Azenis

    closed tutup sattee san
  47. value of EF9 (ori/convert)

    this week me in T'ganu, weekend go Redang .... alloooohhhaaaaaaaa .... see teteksssss ;-)
  48. value of EF9 (ori/convert)

    Dewwwww ..... king is akuma ...... 500hp stock honda parts .....
  49. value of EF9 (ori/convert)

    My friend's EF 1.6EX 4dr 1990. STOCK. Accident free. My friend brought to UsedCar - Laku ( too low $$$ too sad to mention ) only. Believe it . EF sucksssss ..... ha ha haaaaaa