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  1. An experience with Seoulful Racing

    i bought from both website before. so far, i am very satisfied with their service. my item always arrives and its brand new. My expectation is only that :P
  2. Just discovered this club

    Jackson welcome to HCC. My advice to you is get a Tuscani! 03-09 model
  3. Custom Exhaust for Tuscani 03

    @marcus bro, yurs is new or used? @alex yo alex. will drop you a call =)
  4. NEW MEMBER : pop in for a quick intro

    wassup everybody!! welcome outcast & east coupe. Do join us in facebook as well. hyundai coupe club malaysia. is much more convenient to check for club updates over there
  5. Tuscani for Sale!

    James, wats the status? sold dy ar?
  6. Custom Exhaust for Tuscani 03

    Happy new year everyone! My exhaust bocor dy.. so looking for some custom exhaust, to upgrade my current one with performance boost. Anyone got any good contact or recommendation? If price is reasonable, I might just go for header + exhaust together. I am still considering whether to...
  7. [WTS] Hyundai Coupe Fx SuperStreet (NEW)

    bro, I did not receive any pm from you. can resend? thanks
  8. Full Stainless Steel Exhaust Manifold

    bro can give me price quotation for tuscani 03 stainless steel header and exhaust?
  9. [WTS] Hyundai Coupe Fx SuperStreet (NEW)

    bro, your bodykit, custom made or import from korea? got coupe 03 model? the pic is 07 model
  10. Tuscani for Sale!

    Come on man, for real?
  11. TT Session

    sry guys, i will have to pass. as i am bz on every fri night.
  12. TT Session

    why must it always be friday?
  13. TT Session

    After TT night.. everyone went silent -.-
  14. TT Session

    i manage to get a hold of alex tai (black tuscani) he says he is busy on friday but will try to make time cause his sister is getting married on sat. we will join us for awhile if time permits.
  15. TT Session

    i vote for alam suria
  16. TT Session

    adoi, i have some urgent stuff going on on 29th night i might be late, very late. 11pm perhaps for me... you guys go ahead 1st, i join later
  17. Air con compressor

    hehe.. i am noob too
  18. Air con compressor

    hey mgbk, the glenmarie one is hyundai warehouse. not mechanic. As for cheras, alex is our friend. you can arrange everything with him. If he come TT on 29th, you can order with him. I will be ordering some parts from him too :) and i dun have any good aircond shop to reco. i change my...
  19. TT Session

    Lets confirm on 29th night. A lot of members prefer it on Friday. For the chop shop convoy we can always go another time. Lets discuss about it on 29th TT session. @Ken, Lets go Aman Suria la. That place have been our spot for quite some time. We can always drive down the road for more...
  20. TT Session

    @marsboy, i like ioi boulevard a lot! but parking might be limited. unless we park inside. besides that, bandar puteri (bumbu bali & etc) also have very limited car park.... basically almost impossible to get especially when we are showing up with at least 5 to 10 cars @sandra lets try to get...
  21. Air con compressor

    what a coincidence. my air con juz died 2 weeks back. i sent my car to my workshop and they replace it for my. cost me a hefty loads of money. i drove a gk btw. for rd1 you can try mr lee at subang. edit Just read your post in the other thread. apparently you already know mr lee. if he cant...
  22. TT Session

    I have to disagree with McD as a TT place. I support the idea of having a standard location for TT. We can pick a new location and set is as our home base, the puchong shop mentioned my marsboy might be a good idea. But we have to try it first. Besides that we can actually pick the one that we...
  23. TT Session

    @sandara segambut got seafood noodles :D Yum! @jack i am only free on tues nite and sat nite everyweek (by right la) but can make exemption if got bigger plans. if TT only for 2 or 3 of us, i will have to pass.
  24. TT Session

    you got value wan meh? neways, ken, I wanna make a suggestion. why not we convoy to kedai potong at segambut? we can do it on any saturday morning
  25. NEW MEMBER : pop in for a quick intro

    wah eason. 2 models of tibby. salute! and welcome to HCC :)
  26. TT Session

    adoi, of all days. 29th i might be busy. will update you of my attendance. sim, happy 1 month anniversary weh. hahaha.
  27. Oscar's Open House (16 Sept 2010) All HCC members are invited

    sure, will be looking forward to some TT session with all of you guys ken, heard that? lets organize another TT. Oscar's open house turn up rate is bad.
  28. Oscar's Open House (16 Sept 2010) All HCC members are invited

    lol. this is like 3 or 4 ppl, out of 30 people we had in the club.
  29. Oscar's Open House (16 Sept 2010) All HCC members are invited

    Hi Fish, everyone is unactive in this club. lol
  30. Oscar's Open House (16 Sept 2010) All HCC members are invited

    ken, you got hcc member's database right? ahahaha. they dont check forum anymore ler. we have to inform them via sms. share with me their contacts la. we split the list to half. i help u inform them.
  31. Oscar's Open House (16 Sept 2010) All HCC members are invited

    Hi there everyone, Oscar is having an open house on the upcoming Thursday night, 16 Sept 2010. All HCC members are invited. I will post in more info after i double confirm with him. Kindly post in for RSVP or if you have any inquiries. Or you can call/sms me at 012-6067638 - Darren...
  32. Need some help/advice from all sifus. Amp problem

    Thanks Zenn for the suggestion, will definitely look into it Anymore sifus can help me with my problem? especially to fix my faulty amp once and for all...
  33. Need some help/advice from all sifus. Amp problem

    Hi there guys, Here is my current setup 1X HU pioneer deh 6050 4x Hert component. (forget which model, but i am very satisfied with it :D) 1x Prokick classic series 4 ch amp. (the faulty amp, forget model as well) I am having some problem with my amp, but i am not sure whether is this a common...
  34. Recent TT at Aman Suria 30.07.2010

    oni 4 pix? i tot there is more......
  35. Coupe GK Disc Rotor

    seoulfulracing and kspec include shipping in the price dy. so what you see is what you pay. Product reaches straight to your door step. :) I always buy from seoulfulracing
  36. Coupe GK Disc Rotor

    Hi there, I believe disc rotor are quite standard for cars. Hence you can get it anywhere. but specifically for Dixel, i am not sure. Perhaps other members can reco u good shop your only hope for GK afterparts will be there is no...
  37. HCC Meet-Up

    noted yo.
  38. Hyundai Coupe Bumper

    hi there, is this m&s metaphor bumper?
  39. HCC Meet-Up

    if you all wanna have dinner/proper meal and dun mind about the price, i would suggest Delicious at jalan tun razak (opposite US embassy) it is a nice cozy place. good food too. and averagely we need to allocate rm30-rm40 per pax for a meal. ps, my pseudonym and the place i suggest is juz by...
  40. HCC Meet-Up

    yea... it will be in kl
  41. NEW MEMBER : pop in for a quick intro

    xinpin: yeap, i am using titan now. there are a few HCC members using it too.... is cost rm600 a piece, hence rm2.4k japanese rims will cost min rm6k for 18", last i check in sunway, excluding tires. thai/taiwan rims is as funkz says, less than rm3k can get. some comes with cheap tires :P...
  42. NEW MEMBER : pop in for a quick intro

    use TiTan shock absorber :D U will not regret it
  43. NEW MEMBER : pop in for a quick intro

    I drive a CBU tuscani year 2003. 7 years dy... still running quite smoothly. As long as you put a little effort in it.. tuscani will be fine I allocate ard rm2k-3k for yearly maintenance. parts that is faulty before will be water pump, radiator and perhaps a few more which i already forget...
  44. NEW MEMBER : pop in for a quick intro

    Hi xinpin correct me if i am wrong as i am quite confuse also... hyundai tiburon is hyundai coupe's branding in north america. tuscani will be for south korea and singapore branding. "hyundai coupe" will be for EU countries & commonwealth countries however... tuscani is only applicable for...
  45. Hcc future meetings

    hey ken, count me in for the upcoming TT
  46. HCC Meet-Up

    hi guys i jest receive a sms from sandra however tomorrow i already have plans la. but if my plans got cancel or end early, i will drop by la. btw, my car is in bad condition ler.... :( if i come tomorrow, dun laugh at me. lol
  47. TT tonight

    hey.. its great meeting up with you guys ken james ilya sam eugene vc min some fat guy from johor let do this again another time n i hope i get all of yur names correct :)
  48. Invitation card to join HCC

    i wan also...!!! count me in
  49. How much latest Tiburon/Tuscani ?/

    keranamu malaysia
  50. NEW MEMBER : pop in for a quick intro

    wassup bro, welcom, welcome