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  1. Kota Bharu Drag Scenes...

    aggred with u bro..:driver:
  2. mitsubishi evolution 3 for sale

    bro..dont be like a child la..dont condem-condem.hehe...if u are not need to 'ngepek2' here..wasting your time..better keep silent and find your evo6 tu..:stupid:
  3. mitsubishi evolution 3 for sale

    an original evolution 3 (4wd) for sale year:1997 Some of the specs: -'proton plate'...ex proton perts rally car. -new suspension TEIN SUPER STREET. -evolution 8 recaro seats.(full set) -6 pieces DEFI's meter. -AFC neo and RSM -Cusco Piping and KOYO radiator. -HKS oil cooler...
  4. WTS:Mitsubishi EVO III

    yup,the same car..he repaint silver color same like evo's original color . Bump: sold...thank you
  5. WTS:Mitsubishi EVO III

    yup..thanks bro...FRIDAY b.u.m.p
  6. WTS:Mitsubishi EVO III

    thanks bro..
  7. WTS:Mitsubishi EVO III

    Jin 9197 about loan dont for info DDgreystar evolution III the chasis number started with ce9a.......... this car was in great condition.. B.U.M.P
  8. WTS:Mitsubishi EVO III

    on the behalf of my friends. He want to sell his Mitsubishi EVO III(Original 4wd) 1997 recond -carbon fibre front bonet -new set tein super street. -strut bar carbon fibre front and rear -rim tarmac -seat evo 8.5 great condition -painted with original silver colour evo 3 rm 63k...
  9. EG rulezzzzzzz!!!

    Re: EG rulezzzzzzz!!! thannk u bro eg6 front part surely can fit to this ej1 without problem. the rear part plak i just dont know lagi..tak penah try lagi...some say can use eg9 part..EG9 bumper price (berapa ringgit skang,EJ1 kena order,RM1k plus2: bawling:)
  10. EG rulezzzzzzz!!!

    Re: EG rulezzzzzzz!!! help me..hehe...:banghead:i'm looking for ej1 bumper..some say eg9 can it true?..
  11. EG rulezzzzzzz!!!

    Re: EG rulezzzzzzz!!! tq bro...enjin biasa je...b16a..baru je masuk..barang ej1 ni mane ea mau dapat..susah la...
  12. Ej1

    i'm not sure but ek suspension cannot fit..
  13. EG rulezzzzzzz!!!

    Re: EG rulezzzzzzz!!! ej1 can join ka bro...
  14. Ej1

    im looking for an ej1 rear bumper..can anyone help me on this..0173836277
  15. SH3 converted EF9

    car has been booked...sorry.
  16. SH3 converted EF9

    b16a big v ys1 gearbox with lsd (gear 3 ngan 4 syncro bunyi skit) fto semi bucket seat,yellow colour,bumper with rounded fog light RM16.7k nego...drop your email here and will send the pict ASAP.. location seremban..0169125552
  17. WTS honda civic sh3 converted EF9

    give me ur email plz..donno how to put the picture..
  18. WTS honda civic sh3 converted EF9

    B16A VTEC dohc..lsd YS1 yellow y56..enkei rp01 16" front bumper with rounded fog light toda flywheel tein adjustable and many more... RM17.7 k pm me nak cari kete e30 plak..hehe
  19. Bmw E30 Sr20det For Sale! Dam Powerful Car

    what a nice E30.. aircond functioning or not? can nego lagi kaa?
  20. [WTSwap] swap with enkei japan

    how bout swap with my RP01 17 x 7 jj 40 offset made in japan give me ur email to see pict..Anwar from seremban
  21. BMW e30 Turbo SR20 for sale... Urgent sale !!!

    what is your best price bro? serious buyer from seremban
  22. [WTS] Used Nokia N80 Internet Edition

    trade in with w900i black...if interested...sms 0173836277
  23. turbo bike some info about it?i need to build a motorcycle with turbo la bro.. for my last semester project..i need an information bout it
  24. turbo bike

    is it imposible to turbocharging a motorcycle...i mean a small bike..not a big bike..
  25. 1983 Bmw E30 With Rb20

    bro... Can PM me with the spec and last was the condition?
  26. Loose Parts For Sale...chop shop item...

    wastegate for gsr 4g93t me the price
  27. Enkei 17 Rp01 for sale (really rare item) look inside

    swap with me la bro..i have rp01 17" pm me back for the pic
  28. Enkei Rp01 For Sale

    made in japan ke?
  29. Wira EVOIII for sale .. VERY VERY CHEAP!!!

    very nice car... -what is the original cc of that car bro? -where is the car?