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  1. Shift lamp me how much for the shadow shift light...
  2. Proton Saga / Iswara sure moved up a few you're car lah dude?
  3. NEW Perdana V6 Extractor For Sell RM550

    bro,do you sell just the headers only? pm me the price for headers only
  4. 17" 2pc Speedstar Wheels

    currently in JB now...will be back in KL on Friday....those who sms me earlier,i will inform you when i reached back in KL...tq
  5. 17" 2pc Speedstar Wheels

    17" -sold SOLD>>>>:proud:
  6. 6A12 Vs 4G91

    most spareparts....not too sure abt driveshaft....try ask the mech that done your conversion
  7. 6A12 Vs 4G91

    most spareparts are compatible among 4g9x....driveshaft? get from 1/2cut also can.....
  8. 6A12 Vs 4G91

    wokeh....if not,i will be searching 210cc hehehehe :biggrin:
  9. 6A12 Vs 4G91

    ouch...wat happen lah dude? dey monsterville....when r you gonna get the bigger injector? remember to sell to me your oil one ha....:listen:
  10. 6A12 Vs 4G91

    only you bz modding car...i'm bz repairing my car hehehe
  11. (WTS) Perdana V6 engine parts

    bro...there 2 sensors on the timing belt side....willing to sell?
  12. Some stuff for sale

    vr4 injectors are in good working condition but no sockets comes with it
  13. (WTS) Perdana V6 engine parts

    bro,the head is RM250 per head or for both? pm me....
  14. 6A10 tb 60mm

    bring up my thread
  15. 6A10 tb 60mm

    bring up me thread
  16. Arena Table grill - electric use

    Item sold.....
  17. 6A10 tb 60mm

    offering tb without ISC...RM200
  18. 6A12 Vs 4G91

    wokeh....see you guys there...
  19. 6A12 Vs 4G91

    so are on for tomoro???
  20. 6A12 Vs 4G91

    hmm??? 2nd TT? it means last saturday on ka? where at sek.13??
  21. 6A12 Vs 4G91

    haiya...why no news on the yumcha??? ke only me didnt be informed? huhuhuh
  22. Proton Saga / Iswara

    depends where and from who you some sellers selling at forum such as here (zerotohundred), pmc (, terato ( or even ekereta ( are selling quite reasonable price....
  23. BR clutch to share where in klang valley??? :listen:
  24. BR clutch

    yup...i know that...but you still can refer to brian the problem you are facing....paid customer maa.....
  25. (wts) Fuel regulator trust imitation with liquid meter

    got warranty? good up to how many horsepower?
  26. BR clutch

    yup me too been using 8.5inch semi race orgenic clutch from far so good...maybe its the 1.3/1.5 clutch kit that has problems...anyways,we are the customers...can always refer to brian (BR)....
  27. 6A12 Vs 4G91

    wokeh will be waiting for a shot of tongkat ali hehehhehe
  28. Arena Table grill - electric use

    Arena Table grill - electric use great for indoor grilling....used for a few times only... SOLD Arena Table grill on Flickr - Photo Sharing! Arena Table grill2 on Flickr - Photo Sharing! Arena Table grill3 on Flickr - Photo Sharing! Arena Table grill4 on Flickr - Photo Sharing...
  29. My top speed

    havent remove speed cut???
  30. 6A10 tb 60mm

    6A10 tb 1.6 v6 6a10 from mitsubishi 1.6 v6 with ISC and TPS good for 4g9x upgrades.... RM280 nego * sorry...updated after remeasure...not 60mm as stated before pls view pics 017-3667578...
  31. Performance Part For 6A12 V6 N/A & Turbo that ka...this is bad
  32. 6A12 Vs 4G91

    iz282 lah set the date....
  33. Performance Part For 6A12 V6 N/A & Turbo

    i would like to know the cam degree and is it re-grind or billet? pm me
  34. 6A12 Vs 4G91

    wow nice.....if for saga/iswara is RM95 for 4 doors is it? if change the 'papan' need to top-up how much?
  35. how to power up V6 6A10 ?????

    if its possible to transplant 6a10 to a gen2...all mountings need to mod coz of the timing belt issue....6a10 is on the right side while gen2 is on the left
  36. Some stuff for sale

  37. Condo For Rent

    come and nego.....introducer can get commission....
  38. how to power up V6 6A10 ?????

    or downloading latest tongkat ali to boost up the car....wakakakakaka..... yeah....6a10 in saga very syiok....hehehhe
  39. Some stuff for sale

    nope...the ep71 grille not for sale....
  40. Condo For Rent

    come and nego.....introducer can get commission....
  41. 6A12 Vs 4G91

    yup....and its not cheap...quite expensive also.....have anyone tried Brisk plugs before? quite interested le...price range also not bad....
  42. how to power up V6 6A10 ?????

    wakakaka...again with the garfield.....tongkat ali garfield satu wakakakkaka..... monsterville> open lah quickly a workshop....later every weekend sure lepak at your place doing my car hehehhe
  43. how to power up V6 6A10 ?????

    where got sifoo one.....only got sea-food only.....wakakakaka:rofl:
  44. Bigger throttle body...

    i think 6a12 oem tb are sufficient oledi...maybe you can consider enlarge the intake....
  45. how to power up V6 6A10 ?????

    how many threads lah you wanna open in a day.....yup,6a10 pistons are 73mm...while 6a11 are 75mm....can go either change the block or change pistons alone are ok
  46. 6A12 Vs 4G91

    yup for 1.6 autogb can be pricey..but dun be some mitsu manual gb can go way higher than auto gb
  47. Some stuff for sale

    6a10 1.6 v6 tb
  48. Condo For Rent

    wan77 >> sure can nego....why expensive? its a NEW condo...blum rasmi lagi with 2 a/c and bla..bla iz282>> not planning to sell the unit...hehehe...wanna generate some income from it first..hhehhe
  49. Some stuff for sale

    Some stuff for sale; 1) VR4 450cc injectors - RM 280 nego 2) v6 oem sparkplug cables - sold 3) Proton saga door visors (black plastic) - RM 50 nego 4) 2inch exhaust muffler - RM 60 nego 5) c11 lancer fiore side markers (lampu oren panjang fender) one pair with extra left side- SOLD 6) vr4...
  50. Condo For Rent

    hye there, i have a condo to rent out,below are the details; Place: Royal Domain Sri Putramas 2 Exact Location: Nearby Kediaman Kakitangan Kerajaan Jalan Duta,Off Jalan Kuching Condition/facilites: 3 rooms/2 bathrooms,new condo,1 lot parking,security,2 a/c,1 waterheater,swimming...