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  1. BR clutch

    No need to comment soo much..but using the clutch wont make my life easy..burn well..waiting like reopened with my cost that make my day piss new original and peace of life
  2. Rear seat lancer evo 8 cup holder

    PM Best price bro...
  3. MITSUBISHI EVO 10 Unregister

    Can trade in with my Evo 7 ? if can..I loved to have one
  4. Mitsubishi Evolution 7

    Bumps up for today
  5. Mitsubishi Evolution 7

    Still available to those that realy know and wanna play with mitsu ....
  6. Mitsubishi Evolution 7

    Still available to those that realy know and wanna play with mitsu ....
  7. Pillar tiang kancil (ABCDEF)

    Pm best price bro
  8. Mitsubishi Evolution 7

    PM sent
  9. vibration from 80 to 100 kmh

    Any otai could help me. please help la..I'm tired already..problem still remain unsolved..
  10. vibration from 80 to 100 kmh

    So jame3399..did ur problem solve ? Finally what us the root cause ? Any major part causes that vibration? ..Please share ur final troubleshoot bro..I really piss off with this problem la huhh
  11. vibration from 80 to 100 kmh

    Got. .everything ok as per discuss earlier in this topic..wheel tire..rim balance..use machine. .manual still vibration is anytime its happening. .acceleration time..normal drive. .reaching at 60 to's start to vibrate..Over than that it will...
  12. vibration from 80 to 100 kmh

    Adoi..I'm also get the same problem la bro..vibration at steering wheel at 60kmh to 80kmh..can someone update the results..maybe bro srh_85m can share ur results. ..tire new. .rim new..perfect balance and allingmennt by bro ah sun autopex. .so what next ? me...
  13. Mitsubishi Evolution 7

    Tuesday fever bump..hukhuk
  14. Mitsubishi Evolution 7

    Today free bump
  15. ATS Brake System Type II 6 Pot Brake Kit

    For Evo 7 ct9a got ?, price please
  16. Mitsubishi Evolution 7

    Still available...whatapps me if have any question
  17. Mitsubishi Evolution 7

    Feel free to whatapps me to get more info...
  18. Mitsubishi Evolution 7

    Wednesday bumping..anyone..Please whatapps for detail
  19. Mitsubishi Evolution 7

    Break fast bumppppp..
  20. Mitsubishi Evolution 7

    Thanks for the free bump !!
  21. Mitsubishi Evolution 7

    Thanks beb..anyone interested please whatapps me for best offer
  22. Mitsubishi Evolution 7

    Takdo la sampai 350K iqmal...tolak murah murah je ni..bagi generasi baru main lak huhuh
  23. Mitsubishi Evolution 7

    Best price could be mention or describe before seeing the then the car is well maintain and fully rebuild. .whatapps me at 0192536857 ..any to be honest..I could not give you guy's best guy's offer me you wish price and I'll judge it ok or not ok..
  24. Mitsubishi Evolution 7

    Converted exterior with full Evo 9 running with 2.4 stroker kit ! Mileage is 13000KM due to it is a full rebuild Engine with blueprint and balanced. Lots of performance thing are inside. Torque gain at 57Nm, good for money, too many item to be listed.. Call/whatapps is acceptable. Can...
  25. Infinite Downpipes and J-Pipes

    J pipe for Evo 7 have stock ?
  26. Mitsubishi Lancer Marketplace Links - Parts & Others

    Guy's. .would you all advise me..where I could buy valve cover evolution 7 ? I need it for my modifications. .whatapps me at 0192536857
  27. (WTB) Valve Cover Evo 7

    Fuck la this guy neosa..Wtf..kacau my wall post..but it's ok..bring my post up :puke::aetsch::thefinger:hahahah..
  28. (WTB) Valve Cover Evo 7

    I'm calling anyone that want to sell or know where I can buy evolution 7 valve cover. .mine is mint condition and need to be replace. .call or whatapps me urgently. .my location is in kota kemuning shah alam.
  29. Haltech Platinum Pro 1000 pnp evo

    Still available bro ?..PM me set or 2nd ?
  30. haltech for evo

    Yo brother luvmyride...rege mati ke rege nego..hurmmm plug n play ke ? atau kene mod ?.. Bro banana tomei ada lagi tak ?...serious buyer here
  31. Hks camp2

    Still available..selling without sensor but still can read all your obd2 sensors from ecu's
  32. Fan Controller Evo 7

    Still available...
  33. Hks camp2

  34. Hks camp2

    That price gud already la's nett
  35. Hks camp2

    Bumppp for today sale...anyone ?
  36. Fan Controller Evo 7

    Now I got 2 pcs, 1 already fix and another 1 spare, who need it ? pm me, hurry, location Kota Kemuning COD RM 350 only...
  37. Hks camp2

    Still available...hurryyy
  38. Hks hi cam high camshaft 272 for evo 7, evo 8 n evo 8

    Adeiii...3.3k...budget tu huhuu..kalau kurang lagi agak2 nye barapa tu ?..
  39. Tomei ARMS - M7960 Turbo For Sales

    Bro, the unit wastegate pump is blue right? Why this one silver? Is it same? Pm me best price
  40. Ori Evo 9 spoiler

    Sold to me...thanks you this week Friday nite !!
  41. Hks camp2

    Can, why? U interested? U want to know detail? Google hks camp2
  42. WTS - Ori Evo 9 Front Bumper

    Interested, PM me best price..
  43. Tomei ARMS - M7960 Turbo For Sales

    Still Available ? how much if it's nego ? This unit is plug and play for Evo7 right ?
  44. Evo VII Stok Fan Controller

    Hi bro kojai !! just talk with you...wondering where I can get it near by shah alam ???
  45. Fan Controller Evo 7

    Can someone help me ?..I need this item. My Evo7 fan were now not capturing any signal to turn. Currentlly using adapter and bypass using additional sensor to detact the fan ...
  46. Wangan Racing Moving Sale

    do you sell thermostat evo 7 ? mine maybe jammed already lorr..during traffic..temp move over than half la.. how much the price ?
  47. Hks camp2

    Anyone interested ? bump for today
  48. Hks camp2

    My Loc Kota Kemuning Shah Alam. Currentlly installed to my Evo 7. Gadget is new, just 1 week install. Also some stuff Reason sale,need money to repair my turbine. Only call will be entertained. Item is still in my car, and you can view it before pay. Easy installation. Need to know more...
  49. Hks adjustable for evo 7,8,9

    Bukan aku dah beli ke huhuhuhu