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  1. Car flooring + railing mode URGENT HELP

    Hi all, any recommendations to a shop that does welding and proper measurement so that seat is seated right and centred? I took off base seat and got a botch job. ANy shop around klang valley klang, or subang that can do a proper jon. PLS HELP!
  2. Toyota MRS

    dual-clutch? really? one misleading ad after another.
  3. Cardoor LED Floor Light (No wiring needed!)

    LOL. car-ra-tey... april fool joke wanna cheat marnie too ah?
  4. AT352 Parking monitoring mode FULLHD CAR DVR

    Hi..this camera recards when parked? All night long???
  5. A Beautiful Volkswagen Golf GTi MK6 For Sale

    dude u looking for mx5, go here or mudah got a few also. Good luck
  6. Maintenance

    yao moooooo
  7. Nissan fairlady 350z -03

  8. BMW E46 (B) M-Sport Lifestyle

    so many years the car, mileage is abou there ler. If it's 80k and with message owner rarely use, and u really believe, then we are so-high (hai)
  9. Nissan Silvia RPS13 180sx SR20DET

    wow... the photos look like a teaser ad for a car launch. Well done! Can't wait to see the car pics in full glory
  10. Honda S2000 AP2 with Vortex Supercharge

    Nice photography!
  11. Ft86

    Am tink.. Am thnnking again. Same.. All look no go... Lol
  12. Ft86

    nice stance... all look no go, what an insult to a fun car. But hey whatever rocks their boat yes?
  13. how to DIY a start button

    haha.. ok... but how does one finger a car. Too high a task sir. And whoops I didnt know have to turn in 'on' first one. I learn this from JUSTIN LEE haiz epic fail
  14. how to DIY a start button

    thre's nothing like poking in something and turning it ON. hell yeah!
  15. Is installing Open Pod air intake supposed to be loud at higher accerleration?

    I open eeeeeverything liao... Open pod with cai, throttle intake bore wider to compensate air flow, then extrator to match... Plus exhaust 4-2-1, 4-1 if turbo loooo. Fuahhhh! Dun pray pray...! Next up? Emage blue to tell the sttttttewpit ecu to 'stau dog!', coz stttewpit ecu will learn and...
  16. Used VW Golf Mk5 - is it worth buying?

    Sorry to hear about your horrific journey with such an awesome mini beast. Did you check with other mechanics besides going to the same throughout your journey? Even if that infamous workshop is outstation or faraway? I find that no ONE workshop can resolve all issues. And the GOLF GTI with...
  17. Is installing Open Pod air intake supposed to be loud at higher accerleration?

    wow nice pic.. look at the size of the hole.. no wonder la the intake sound, with such short piping and fairly straight, mesti la sound nya mengancam! If u study the stock it has a few curves and turn, that helps to lower the sound, which the general public prefer. But for 'other peep', they...
  18. Is installing Open Pod air intake supposed to be loud at higher accerleration?

    missing one element: acceleration acceleration depression = air(1) + fuel(1) = power(2); if (acceleration depression (+5)) (air + fuel) + 5); POWER +10 else if (acceleration depression (+1)) (air + fuel) + 1); POWER +2; else end if(got tree and bang); HAHAHHAA LOL
  19. Is installing Open Pod air intake supposed to be loud at higher accerleration?

    yea it is louder, its also suppose to improve FC, did it for your alza?
  20. Used VW Golf Mk5 - is it worth buying?

    good luck then!
  21. Used VW Golf Mk5 - is it worth buying?

    no la... so far never heard of such thing. But then... I dun own one.
  22. Car interior custom modify

    Hello all... am noob. Do any of you know of any car workshop or accs shop that does custom dashboard job? This will include customizing the dashboard all the way to the door trim. This will be a somewhat fully customize job. It will probably include hacking, for example, toyota + honda + ...
  23. Warning on Auto Pacifica Puchong SC

    Is it under warranty? How long have u had you car? Sorry to hear your predicament, it is really quite serious. Hmm, u said u were filing a complain, I wonder if we can file a complain, like we do, to tribunal. I believe the government shld have such a body to protect us, the victims. This is a...
  24. Magician Plate for your license.

    hahahahaha.. april already?
  25. 15" or 17"?

    Am confused. I thought if its a go-fast car, the smaller and lighter the rim, the better. What is meant by traction not good? Perhaps adding LSD or looking into the suspension setup could be a better option? Bigger rims will slow down regardless if it is light due to radius. AM I wrong here? Pls...
  26. EG3 fully converted EG6

    may i know.. why the back bumper got 3 holes? a difusser u mentioned? The function?
  27. steering whell restore / repair

    just ship ard accs shop, most does it... but do shop at least at 5 and in differing territory. EG. KL, selangor, klang... gudluck
  28. Driven: Audi A1 S-line – same-same, but different.

    Dear Supra-fanatics. I hear you! When the first AUDI, with it's daring design approach came out many many years ago I was smitten. People were asking, is that an AUDI? It is simple, elegant, just right, for it's time that is. But yes...
  29. Driven: Audi A1 S-line – same-same, but different.

    "Few cars appeal to both men and women at the same time, and the Audi A1 S-line you see in these pictures is one example that breaks that convention." U got that right. In this case, I beg to differ. Certain AUDI models only do appeal to a few. An acquired taste, if you will. One thing that...
  30. Gone with the wind

    Gulp! now I am having second thought of getting an EG liao... giler betul, the market must be crazy in demand of the engines and parts. So sorry to hear about your lost. Despite what you are doing, still, they manage to steal it. No wonder most EG wners I know tend to keep their car inside, and...
  31. IS 250 Recond Spec?

    Hey FYI, places like NAZA and simliar will not let u test drive on open road. Something to do with AP. See only when u do a booking on a car(means buy liao) will they go pay for the said Ap blablabla... But yes u can test in the compound area. Yea its lame, but better than nothing. At NAZA...
  32. satria neo cps 1.6 or myvi se 1.5??

    listen to your heart. Buy car is you happy. But then, if making other ppl happy makes u happy, by all means. BTW, I vote for neo muahahaha
  33. IS 250 Recond Spec?

    I like this lexus u looking at too. But I like the IS F version more but it cost a whole lot more haha. J or UK: I would personally choose the one from J. They are known to take care of things, I have exp this not in cars only, but also in the way they treat their rented homes here, or anything...
  34. Wish vs Exiga

    Sir. Do you prefer a station wagon or an SUV. This perhaps will help you not only narow down the models, but als allow the community to provide you even more options under the category. As 2 differ in that sense, both wll have pros and cons in it's on right. eg. SUV, higher seating position...
  35. Engine bay:paint,shave,tuck...

    Holy Moly. How mch are u charging for such a work, as I too, might need this kinda service! pls PM