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  1. What happened again at TTA 2015?!!

    All valid and cogent points. Like I said, I too am part of the rot. If I had the time, I would definitely attempt to better my own time and hopefully give the the Singaporeans a run for their money. I wouldn't be:- a) a keyboard warrior b) use excuses like exchange rates, private testing and...
  2. What happened again at TTA 2015?!!

    Ok guys. First a few caveats. 1) These are but my personal opinions. 2) I am not accusing anyone of anything. 3) I too am guilty of being party to the rot. Done. HOW the HELL did we get our ASSES kicked AGAIN?!! Ohmygawd. With all the Genting/Ulu Yam/Sepang/Kuala Klawang/Genting...
  3. I had a nice drive. So i thought of sharing here.

    Thanks for sharing. Was in the area last weekend. Had a blast.
  4. Nicole, the chick modder

    She's into real motorheads. Free tip k guys.
  5. Extreme Engine Modifications

    BlackHowling: Broke bai...
  6. Extreme Engine Modifications

    Thanks Izso for the succinct view. Just wanted to voice out for other motorheads who are also suffering in silence.
  7. Extreme Engine Modifications

    Whether its the same or not isn't the point. FYI, Looking up somebody's profile on the internet/real life WHEN you don't know them is an indication that you are a creep unless stalking people is your idea of socializing. As for watching my mouth, F*&k you. The moment you attempted to try...
  8. Extreme Engine Modifications

    Why the F*&K are you trying to find out who I am you creepy piece of shit? Malaysian tuners aren't the best because Malaysian car enthusiasts like ourselves allow them to get away with too much. We tolerate blown engines/low quality work to such an extent that it has become a culture. As...
  9. Extreme Engine Modifications

    3S-GTE in a SUPRA is actually very interesting. With better balance and what not. We're talking about serious baller type engine builds. Twin Turbo 1UZ, 4 rotor motors, Twin Turbo-ed V12s...etc We do have BIG turbo JZs and RBs but I doubt any of them are really pushing 1kilo-horse and above...
  10. Extreme Engine Modifications

    Sorry guys No proof, no talk. Just being objective ya.
  11. Which car better to get amoi?

    Hahaha. Truth be told, women do look at our cars to help "sweeten" the deal and also help "create" a possible psyche image of the person they are going out with. Guys who say that the cars they drive have no effect on the girls they are going out with are:- 1) Lying 2) Have not shown their...
  12. Extreme Engine Modifications

    Malaysian workshops can only dream of building cars that are on par with Thailand's. Malaysia tak boleh!
  13. RX8 upgrade to RB & SR

    Don't bother with either. 1) The car is going to be shit to drive due the the altered balance. 2) Hell lot of custom fabrication in which Malaysians are lousy at. 3) Setting up the altered suspension geometry is also going to be shit because very few people know how to do it PROPERLY. 4) You'd...
  14. Getting a 2nd hand Mazda RX-7 1996

    One tip. Converting back to twin turbo is one hell of a difficult exercise. Try a smaller ball bearing turbo, GT2830 kinda range. I like the attitude you seem to have adopted. Not many motorheads today are into the all encompassing pursuit of reducing lap times. The ones that do are truly...
  15. Getting a 2nd hand Mazda RX-7 1996

    Rx7 - FD3s Maintenance is cheap as long as you do everything sensibly. Proper warm-ups, no stupid boost levels and proper cool downs. Handles beautifully, superbly balanced and great top-end. Brakes reasonably well. Revs and sounds way better than a SR20 anytime of the day. Achingly beautiful...
  16. Rear cross-diagonal/bar cage & engine cross bar

    Go corner weight your car. Besides, do you really need to lighten the rear? I think some weight would be good for a car with such a short wheel base.
  17. ZTH Petaling Jaya TT

    I scared Big Capacity V10 suck me into combustion chamber. LOL. CABUTZ.
  18. ZTH Petaling Jaya TT

    I scared GT42 (BH) billet turbo suck me in during TT.
  19. SIC Track Day

    When is the next track day???
  20. Nissan GTR Malaysia almost kills us VIDEO

    Haha... ONLY 1 Chrome GTR in Sunway that also went for TTA. I wonder who? This video is a video of idiots driving STUPIDLY. I mean come on la......GTR wor, please show us 280kph at a midnight run or something dangerous with a bit of CLASS. Instead of a video of Mat Rempits doing dangerous and...
  21. How the hell did the Singaporeans beat us on our homeground??!!

    The only person who seems to get it here is Ixeo. If 1 of the podium finishers were Singaporean, there fair enough...perhaps it was his lucky day. BUT all 3 top times were Singaporeans! PLUS our top runners were previous winners/contenders. Only a fool will say that they won because of their...
  22. How the hell did the Singaporeans beat us on our homeground??!!

    Izso - Your question is worthless and so I am not even going to bother acknowledging it after this. Back to the subject I think there is a general consensus as to some factors as to why we had our asses whopped BUT I think some of suggested factors are just plain bollocks. 1) Bigger budget -...
  23. How the hell did the Singaporeans beat us on our homeground??!!

    Guys, Does it shock you to know that the top 3 times posted at TTA are from Singaporean teams? How did this happen with all our Sunway race team experience?? GTR club etc etc....the Singaporeans are a good second quicker than us PER LAP. They stay 350km away from the track, out of this...
  24. Saints & Hypocrites

    As for plays and the such. I wish I had half as much talent as you guys have for the circus.
  25. Saints & Hypocrites

    For the record, I have no idea who the Top Oil Evo driver is. It is a case of all the kettles here think that they are less black than black. ---------- Post added at 04:34 PM ---------- 6 hour anti-bump limit - Previous post was at 04:33 PM ---------- One more thing Phyzwe or whatever your...
  26. F355.

    Never really thought about taking pictures of the interior, not the prettiest Ferrari interior that's for sure. The console was a bitch to maintain, especially where the air-con controls were. Sorry.
  27. F355.

    Fair enough. From personal experience. Parts are not that hard to source if you go to the right workshops. Car is old.....true but it also means its less complicated and easier to fix. The general cost of things are not TOO expensive. I enjoyed my time with the car but I cannot STRESS how...
  28. F355.

    Maintenance if circa 20 - 30k a year IF you did NOT buy a Lemon. BUT if you have to ask and worry about it, you're probably not going to be able to afford it. No offense.
  29. 2013 April 7, Ignition @ SIC

    Best lap time for the day?
  30. Is the CRZ worth it?

    My idea on the process of finding out whether a CRZ is worth it. 1) Take a 18 year old JDM ride. 2) Cruise around till you bump into a racy looking CRZ. (I.e. Downturned exhaust, rims, kit...etc..) 3) Let him take a sniff of your bump as you "oh-so-slowly" pull in front of him. 4) Watch him...
  31. Is the CRZ worth it?

    Okay. Fair point on the matter of subjectivity when it comes to an individual's taste in cars. Just like, how some people have good taste and some bad. I'm just one of them guys who readily admits that shit smells bad, no matter where it came from. Like I said earlier, Cold Shit smells less...
  32. Battlefield: Sabah

    I highly doubt we are able to jam anything or even thought about doing that.
  33. Battlefield: Sabah

    This mismanagement should result in the firing of all the Ministry of Defense & Ministry of Internal Affairs Senior Management staff. Our wonderful country and brilliant leaders have been outplayed by a small number of pirates from a forgotten sultanate whom do not even have a country of their...
  34. Is the CRZ worth it?

    All this talk about the CRZ's handling, economy and performance is nonsense. A RM15k - 40k CRX, EG, EK, EJ, EF, DC will rip it a new asshole in terms of outright handling or power. To talk about economy when you're discussing a "performance" car is bollocks. If you cannot afford to pay for...
  35. NA or Turbo ?!!!

    Hi-revving 570bhp big capacity V8 with 9000rpm red line with late gen dual clutch box. That's all you need to destroy all them "claimed" 750bhp Dyno Queens (esp Malaysian Built ones) I think the argument nowadays is no longer NA vs Turbo BUT more of Dual clutch vs Stick shift. A 250++ bhp VW...
  36. My 1st tulan thing in 2013

    I do not think 99% of Malaysians are able to do what has just been suggested. No balls.
  37. SL55 or Boxster S

    Oh. Here we go. Ignoramuses supporting ignoramuses. Birds of a feather truly flock together. Let's see. 1) I have no beef with the privileged/fortunate/lucky/silver spoon people of this world. I however have an issue with people who know very little and yet choose to inflict their ignorance...
  38. SL55 or Boxster S

    Most of the guys here talk about handling, agility, nimble-ness, feel and a whole lot of that "I read Top-Gear" magazine bollocks. True, the Boxster is a great car in the RIGHT hands, at the RIGHT time, on the RIGHT road. There is sure a hell of a lot of RIGHTS before a car like the Boxster...
  39. Two GTR35 Serious Crash in Kuantan...

    Sad thing happened. Time to move on. Everybody knows the price for street racing, these people paid the price. Nothing new here.
  40. What's your dream car?

    Porsche 917. Sorry little boys.
  41. MONSTER VIOS, Skilled driver...Smoked 2 RX-7 and S15..Click to read more.

    I heard that Zero_one is now driving a Celica.
  42. MONSTER VIOS, Skilled driver...Smoked 2 RX-7 and S15..Click to read more.

    Vios Vs City Track battle would be interesting
  43. Fairlady 350 Z 6 Speed , EVO 7 RS for Sale

    PM me evo 7 rs price
  44. Geng samun caught in One Utama last night!

    No one commits a crime just for nothing. I think the problem has a much deeper root than what society perceives. At the end of the day, do not be surprised if we, ourselves are to be blamed for the amount of crime on the street.
  45. HALL OF FAME LIST! TIMETOATTACK Round 2 - 22 July 2012 Sepang

    Porsche GT2 = 3mins 30secs = Really??!!
  46. Stop! Pls stop the "snatch & kill" incidences!!

    I would rather booby trap the bag with a nail bomb to blow off their heads.
  47. The Nurburgring Days are Numbered!

    Why are we crying over this? Nothing new here to see. Malaysians (including myself) could not even save our own "famed" Batu 3 track. Motorheads like you and me gave up "our" legendary track without so much as a whimper. I am embarrassed as a motorhead and what's more, I would have the self...
  48. Myvi spining in kesas during heavy rain

    Amazing luck though.
  49. 13 Exotics Impounded by Canadian Police

    I don't know what the uproar is all about? The faster we accept that rich people get away with thing we do not, the easier it will be to be less resentful. Most people who are up in arms about this sort of behaviour tend to be motivated by jealousy and envy more than anything else. They...