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  1. HWL Adjustable Suspension

    please quote price for CIVIC EF/ED/SH4
  2. EF Civic

    the prices for converted EF varies to which b16A models is installed... most will be running on the vtec kecik= Kabel clutch which produces less power than the egs n eks series.. but the weight of the car actually compromise on the vtec kecik performance... mostly EF9,CRX and DA6 engine...
  3. OTTER® Fibre Color: DIY your dashboard and inside car become a black

    will color come out for door handles where you usually touch?
  4. MOMO Anodized Aluminium Kick Plate

    meaning rm350 get 2 plates? the other one is the same shape also..? will the color/printing wear out?
  5. satria neo r3

    whats the price difference between this and the white CPS? is the seating position and roof been rectified?
  6. Satria and Wira Headlamp and Projector

    Hye, the satria black face tail lamp is water proof quality good? ive seen some got vapour problems
  7. Naza Citra 2.0 or Chery Eastar 2.0

    most probably the exora turbo is a low boost turbo while maintaining the ori internal of NA on the original exora.. after that proton might do offers for a turbo upgrade package to be sold as an ad on for previous exora model..
  8. GTi Steering Wheel

    Want to sell:- 1 used satria GTi Steering wheel, Model 2002 and above using electronic Air Bag Sensor Condition:-used, 85% condition, with minor worn. -Air bag intact, never deployed. Price:RM250 (Postage inclusive within peninsular) Please sms for inquiry or...
  9. Toyota Vios absorber

    use stock if you r satisfied with it..
  10. Advise on Satria Neo CPS

    Fatality, 3rd: Notice the 16"rims are using 195/60 tyres, if were to change the rims will the warranty be void? -it will void warranty for suspension and other handling related parts only if you upsize the rim.. peterj, -Is your 4wd is legal for road use?
  11. wanna change from 4 to 5 hole.. how?

    have you consider the wheel arch space and rim offset?
  12. myvi wanna change vios engine.....

    my appologies if i may sound harsh.. but you should at least learn from 1 mistake and not keep making more.. 1st you chose the myvi.. its a commitment when you do hire purchasing.. so you need to let go your wants of which other cars have and what your myvi does not.. 2nd it is not easy...
  13. my beat up car. help.

    depend on what the owner look for.. some dont care for weight or speed.. most honda fans or enthusiast would go to all lenght to include every single bit to make their eg to become jdm eg9.. some add sunroof as well..
  14. Naza Citra 2.0 or Chery Eastar 2.0

    may wanna check out innova as well.. a used one can get with yr budget
  15. Which 2 doors car to buy?

    Go for rotary.. i vote for FD3S
  16. my beat up car. help.

    for eg9 exterior look no need to change the whole front end.. finding a lip + foglight is enough.. but usually halfcut will sell the whole bumper+foglight+lip.. the rest you should think about is the rear bonet+ducktail spoiler and rear wind screen with wiper
  17. Soft pu engine mounting

    can you please quote for honda civic EF using D series engine.. must give old mounting or you sell everything just plug n play?
  18. newbie need advice

    play look for starters.. do little by little..convert parts to eg9.. interior & seats, foglights, lips, sunroof, ducktail spoilers and slam it to the ground like the americans...
  19. Rebuilding B16a questions

    if theres no major problems just do top overhaul... check ur water pump n radiator too.. check the sensors, wiring & electronic parts as well... these will give more problems since they r not easy to troubleshoot...
  20. Japanese Animes are a danger to children of Malaysia.

    lets hope we dont become like australia... everything is filtered first...
  21. Japanese Animes are a danger to children of Malaysia.

    the problems with jap anime.. not all are voice dubbed to English... i prefer something that has a more serious and strong story..
  22. Will you drive this car for dating with ur girl?

    its not that bad actually... bodys still stock only custom paintjob... the red have an edgy urban flare... i think its better than riding extreme auto saloon cars with tiger fur/fluffy interiors & exagerating body works
  23. Japanese Animes are a danger to children of Malaysia.

    if anything that has mecha.. i think harmony golds Robotech(macross saga,masters,invid) wld be the best...
  24. GTi 05'

    yes.. power zone is the faster way to do.. its like just exchange heads + top up for pnp n other replacement parts n workmanship
  25. Proton Warranty

    its an auto vertion.. i think if u increase horses by modify/upgrades.. ull suffer on fuel consumption... the best is to lighten ur ride n do cosmetic mods only...
  26. GTi 05'

    speed cut dont have.. but rev cut for stock oem models cuts at 7500rpm.. other wise injectors cant take it,fuel starvation will occur.. the siemens vdo models will achieve peak power bout 5-6.5k rpm.. after dat there no point of pushing the rev higher.. thats y the mmc can go further up the...
  27. GTi 05'

    what do you mean maintenance cost higher than normal?? if you referring maintenance gti siemen n mmc.. its basicly the same.. only computer box electronic devices related is deferent.. buying used gtis usually u'll will be spending a bit here n there to restore it to peak performance...
  28. GTi 05'

    if you want to use stock and only cosmetic mods can.. but if u want to tweak,upgrades,compete with friends n others better buy the mmc vertion..
  29. Can anyone tell me a bout Alfa Romeo maintenance cost?

    alfa really packs a punch... acceleration is better than most contis of same class... but maintainning it is quite expensive.. resale value is not good as well... other options is Audi or volvo, cheaper to maintain n parts are easily source too..
  30. struggling getting new car :(

    u mean completely CBU imported cars? or ckd also included?
  31. Proton Satria Neo Light Mods

    if u want to swap engine no need to do light mod... it would be a waste... save the light mods to for the engine swap n upgrades
  32. What if Neo was a 4 dr...

    the neo was to be a replacement for the satria models... thats y it is in a hatchback design... yr design is impressive to look at since u retain some of the neo distinct head lights n tailights features... however designing exterior look to match with good interior ergonomics are not as...
  33. err.. another survey? if the perdana looked like this...

    it looks like a s15 silvia becoming sedan though...
  34. proton gti 4g93p exhaust pipe

    yes u r right... theres 3 vertion....
  35. auto tranny exhaust mod..really!!

    thats a nice quote..:biggrin: well... he's right the jass is built for eco... if you start messin for more power on the cvt gb... ull end up killing it...
  36. Sport spring

    color doesnt mean anything... some comes in black like Eibach Feidern Springs... Tanabe iS Orange... Dark Purple usually is the color for HKS... its just a dignified color to match with the brand usually
  37. Best Fuel Savers in the world

    please make things clear for newbies or those who aren't experience n knowledgeable enough.... SAFC only works with Electronic fuel injection systems... others like carb cant use
  38. clutch questions

    if your pump is leaking then ull hv problem sfithing/cannot shift... if not... then why replace the pump.... maybe the problem is else where... r u using the the whole set Racing Clutch+Racing Pressure plates??
  39. me out with my jpj summon..plsssssss

    Is your exhaust set up goes through the original route (not going under fuel tank)? if its not n it goes under the tank it is illegal.... and if yr exhaust too loud also illegal without proper bullet...? But dont worry... they wont saman u if you change ur plate no according to JPJ...
  40. na or turbo(93na or evo)..

    turbo motor needs constant care... canot delay any required change or repairs and still driving it... it wont perform n thus gets worst... if you go for a Sgti with a 63t... ull hv same maintenance as a turbo too...
  41. No more 3rd Party Insurance

    Maa is another option... if u wnna renew yr insurance for 20yrs older cars.. better do the 1st party coz 3rd party also pays almost the same as 1st party
  42. na or turbo(93na or evo)..

    the evo motor is meant for all wheel transmitting power to the tarmac... ur sgti wont be that much happy attacking the apex once u got a 63 motor in it... u catch on fast of most thing i explain... if you done with the GTi... maybe its time to go to AWD Evo empire...
  43. na or turbo(93na or evo)..

    what chasis r usin it for?? still on C99??? if u wanna go for 63T.. its better to get the evo motor... younger n lighter than VR4 motor... but once u go turbo... everything is different story already... maintenance,handling, no more NA redlining... its all about bigger turbines n up boost.. u...
  44. can i own an evo if.......

    if your dad going to buy a new car for rm50k Budget... i think its better u go along with his choice... however you suggest to him something else than the myvi if u want... and Even if u were to get an older version of Evos or converted ones... PLEASE ask yourself... can you afford to restore...
  45. New Honda city..

    i think u started on a wrong car... its built for economy n very limited parts for engine upgrade.. for styling mod it is ok though... for perfomance wise would be difficult to achieve... maybe u should plan for a BOT with low boost if u really want more power.... but how will the last.. i...
  46. Buying a tracked car

    too much time on the tracks n too much hp can destroy chasis.. but some ppl hv their chasis reinforced...but still... its best to find a normal road car... better a week end ride owner... but price would be high though...
  47. Buying a tracked car

    u mean a road legal car but used on track racing right? or a track car with no pink slip? it depends how much time it spend on track... if ocasional trackdays it should be ok... but too much time in battle n too many HP been done... yes.. chasis detiorirating is more than a normal road car....
  48. GTR34 VS Evo9

    skyline is more prestige.. 2 door super coupe.. an eye cather on the roads.. but dont expect much power on a stock ride... u need upgrade to unleash the monster... not very practical for daily ride due to its size.. but if u like attention n to be different.. this is the ride... on malaysian...
  49. Need Suggestion for budget Car

    i think it looks more similar to civic FD.. but design and built quality seems good...
  50. advice of rim offset???

    other options is using stretch tyres and - chamber ur wheels