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  1. SUBARU STi WRX 6 SPEED(MT) Gear Knob

    pm the price bro.
  2. Wts:Defi BF Meter

    Defi-Link Meter BF Oil Press Amber Red Defi-Link Meter BF Oil Temp Amber Red how much each ? tq
  3. High Performance Braided Brake Hose for Sale !!

    bro, for subaru version 8 GDB how much ?
  4. HKS Oil Cap for Various Cars

    for subaru got ?
  5. evo or subaru..

    last time i also have same dilemma... either subaru v8 or evo 8. Btw, Evo-6 was my dream car during my school time looong time ago :) I choose subaru because last 2 years there was NO unreg. Evo selling on market (only got 2nd car) because of the AP issue. I still driving subaru till...
  6. Anybody know about Subaru Impreza

    Subaru Imprezza Spec-C RA-Ra is limited car. Was built for ‘Ready to Rally’ on group N. Lighter Body frame compare to others Subaru Imprezza. No sound proofing at all, no boot cover for luggage, no nice leather seat. But It come with stunning 6-pot break, titanium muffler. Faster got extra...
  7. STI or WRX ???

    Actually here in Malaysia the power of WRX and Sti are equal. WRX are import from UK, the fuel mapping is using same like our RON. 250bhp on paper is same on engine. While STI is bringing in from Japan know as JDM. Even on paper is printed 280bhp but it was tested on RON100. So, if u using RON97...
  8. What The Difference between GDA and GDB

    for info u can search at subaru malaysia website
  9. R/C Track in PJ/Subang Area

    try ss19 & Glenmarie HPC.. nice track for newbie to learn.
  10. immitation bride low max for sale....

    bro pm the price. THe seat look damn nice like original. How can i know which one is original and imitation ?
  11. Unprofessionalism At Motor Image (MI)

    wow... if buy grey importer sure no warranty can be claim. But if i buy at Motor Image, the warranty will be a big issues. haiz..
  12. ps2 slim black for sale..

    bro PM me the very best price. t.q
  13. Brand New SARD R2D2 Blow Off Valve

    bro, u got SARD blow off that come with subaru GDB8 tapak? t.q
  14. First Evo X spotted in Singapore!

    wow... what the price in sgd$?
  15. Painting Job and Airbrushing

    Bro, kalau nak spray side skirt mivec kaler putih dan bonet belakang + spoiler kaler itam berapa lama boleh siap? RM? utk kereta satria. t.q
  16. Llumar tinting

    Thanks bro. Will go there next week.
  17. Llumar tinting

    where can i install Llumar tint? address? Coz last time i saw Llumar shop at TTDI..last year.. but last week i just when there to install for my new car.. i can't find the shop there. chap lap?
  18. Raya Spoiler Sales!! (definitely dont want to miss this)

    bro, satria mivec spoiler with light how much ?
  19. Stolen RIM

    last time my car using RAYS DURALIUM locknuts the blue color punye... pun kena curi.. lucky only the nuts been stolen. Don't think kutu dadah punya kerja..must be someone who "pro" doing this jobs.
  20. WTS : VOLK RACING CE-28NF (Bronze)

    bumpp...:retarded: :retarded:
  21. WTS : VOLK RACING CE-28NF (Bronze)

    bumpp....bump....nego nego..
  22. WTS : VOLK RACING CE-28NF (Bronze)

    bump.... item is nego!! Item is taking care with love and halal. Not halfkut rims or stolen rims. Can call me to arrange for view 1st. Intrested plz Pm/call/sms....017 3888083. This is Original Japanies rims! With the rims condition, the price is very cheap!! but still can...
  23. WTS : VOLK RACING CE-28NF (Bronze)

    sorry bro. I just want to sell it only.
  24. WTS : VOLK RACING CE-28NF (Bronze)

    dream of owning original ce28 rims ? this is your best moment to make your dreams come true! Half price for original ce28!! Item in good shape, well taking care & most important the rims is not from halfkut shop!. Intrested ? please contact 017-3888083. ~Hidup biar sedap~
  25. Cheap Drift Car For Sale

    hi bro, can u email me the picture at thanks.
  26. WTS : VOLK RACING CE-28NF (Bronze)

    Guys... Item is nego-nego till sold.
  27. WTS : VOLK RACING CE-28NF (Bronze)

    This rims my brother punye. Otak dia gila baru pakai 2 bulan then tukar 18" pulak pasang kat satria neo.
  28. WTS : VOLK RACING CE-28NF (Bronze)

    thank you. Item use for several months only.. now already change to 18". Item is nego!!...
  29. WTS : VOLK RACING CE-28NF (Bronze)

    Hi all, Item for sale: Original Volk Racing CE28 (bRonze color) Size: 17" *4x114.3 Off.43 Price: RM 4.3nego Condition: 9/10. Note: Item was bought brandnew, not halfkut!. Reasons of sale: upgrade to 18" rims. Currently use on Satria Neo. Location: K.L/Ampang/Sunway. Intrested please...
  30. [fs]autogauge meter

    u got Rpm gauge ?
  31. :: F1 Grandstand ticket for sale:: CHEAP

    Item SOLD. Ok, Mr.Ari, make sure you go for the lunch..if lucky u might have a picture with the driver wife & F1 babes :) All the goodies & petronas merchandise will be given there, such as Ear cover & etc..
  32. :: F1 Grandstand ticket for sale:: CHEAP

    Hi all, Item: K1 GOLD TICKET FOR SALE WITH FREE LUNCH SET ON SUNDAY. Details: Block K1-M, Row-L, Seat No.14. Only 1 ticket available. 3 DAYS TICKET, 6 APRIL, 7 APRIL & 8 APRIL. Price: Only RM280!! Intrested plz direct call/sms: 017 3888083
  33. Buying a Lancer Evo?

    yeah bro cannonfodder... me confius already... survey too many cars this week..sorry.
  34. Buying a Lancer Evo?

    Hi all, I am also searching for evo 7. Today i when up to one used cars next to BMW show room & Ford Show room at Jalan Ampang. There 1 unreg. evo7, yellow colour. Price offer is RM155k (no yet nego) Anyone of u guys knowing the background of the car's ? very hard to find unreg. evo 7... :(
  35. LED replacement Bulbs for Cars!! Cabin, Pole, Side Turn Signal, Festoon, License

    Bro, where is ur location in s'pore? got any shop ? or location ? Plan to change all my bulb tu led. cabin,plate & reading light.
  36. Blitz SBC i-D III (Sequential Boost Controller ) with Power Meter i-D III

    Bro, Pm me the best price of The Power Meter i-D only...t.q
  37. skunk2 products in malaysia?

    u direct order from online bro.
  38. [WTS]Apexi RSM, V-AFCII for SALE!!

    PM me your best price RSM !
  39. Dont go to Jooi Seng Klang change tyres and rim

    Kedai papan also use this kind of tactic (3rd and 5 tactic)... almost kena last time when i planning to change my tyre. Btw, the Rim price is almost same or same with Sunway price (Falken shop / LS shop). Only the tyre price is cheaper rm20 & above from sunway or k.l price.
  40. WTS : SPARCO Monza seats

    Pm me best price...
  41. APEXi item

    Any actual picture of your Recaro SPG ?
  42. wana upgrade ur PDA / Phone?

    Bro, mine is HP iPAQ 6365 series. Using Windows Mobile 2003 Processor type : TI OMAP1510. Currently 200mhz (if not mistaken). What the maximum mhz i can get ? Upgrade mean must replace the current cpu with new cpu ? thanks.
  43. {wts}hid Conversion Kit 6000k N 8000k Start From Rm450

    bro, u got HID brand, GT-HID ?
  44. [WTS] Memory Card.

    Standard SD Memory 2GB RM 125, can play into PSP ?
  45. The petrol price will increase by RM0.50 per litre on 1 Jan `07?

    reduce minimum price of roadtax subsitute with petro high price.. New toll rate was ridiculous. Kesas toll before this rm1.50 now rm2.20.
  46. RSM....RSM..... who want??

    bro. ur rsm come with stand,wiring & socket ?
  47. Motorola V3 - Black

    any pciture
  48. Hot Topic to discuss... no emotion just common sense

    antaras, plz remember the topic here is : Hot Topic to discuss... 'no emotion' just common sense. t.q