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  1. Sparco Pro Jet Rally & Auto Racing Helmet

    - SOLD - :proud:
  2. Arai GP-5k

    -SOLD- :biggrin:
  3. Arai GP-5k

  4. Sparco Pro Jet Rally & Auto Racing Helmet

    - USED - Sparco Pro Jet Size L Condition 7/10 RM850 Call / Whatsapp @ 012-292 5659
  5. Arai GP-5k

    - USED - Arai GP5k Size L Condition 8/10 RM1350 Call / Whatsapp @ 012-292 5659
  6. Bmw e39 m5

    saw this machine in Elite hiway on yesterday morning
  7. Peugeot 308T

    is it go with the registration number?
  8. Bmw e39 m5

    seriously nice car man!!!
  9. Satria 1.8 MIVEC fully built for SNF/TTA event (Road Legal Car)

    nice car man!...:top:...btw whats is the best time recorded by this car in SIC?
  10. Hot hatch daily driver - Renault Clio RS 197 - RM105,000

    How much loan available for this beauty?
  11. Toyota Corolla AE86 Levin

    willing buyer...willing seller...gud luck!
  12. Used VW Golf Mk5 - is it worth buying?

    ... errr maybe need to stop hunting lah :smokin:
  13. Used VW Golf Mk5 - is it worth buying? to hear that! :driver: ---------- Post added at 09:44 PM ---------- 6 hour anti-bump limit - Previous post was at 09:00 PM ---------- ohh mannnn...!!! :banghead: ...this is not good...:smokin: err...can U gimme the price for the items listed...this very important before I...
  14. Used VW Golf Mk5 - is it worth buying?

    Hi guys, just want to collect some info of the car mentioned above. Many says that : 1) DSG gearbox start to create a problem once the mileage hit 100,000km, is that true? 2) Electronic gadjet/system also suffer the same problem at that mileage. Feedback from Mk5 owners (preferably...
  15. [WTS] Subaru Impreza STi (M) Version 8

    is that a GC8 beside the Ver 8? :rolleyes:
  16. Honda Integra DC5 Type-R

    how much loan? repymnt period? :love:
  17. Mitsubishi lancer evo 6.5 tommi makinen

    50% loan??? :banghead:
  18. JDM Track Car for sale

    I'm looking for EK9 Type R...preferably in standard form...possible to get below 20k? :smokin:
  19. Honda Civic EK4 SIR

    nice car man! like! :love:
  20. How many original EK9 type R in Malaysia???

    12 units only??? fuhhh damn rare...:smokin:
  21. Subaru Impreza STi Spec C Version 9

    how much loan can go bro?
  22. WTS: 1996 Honda Integra Type R DC2 (Original not converted)

    how long the car with U bro? :biggrin:
  23. EK9 Civic Type R 2 Door Hatchback

    I like this car so much...perfectly done with my favorite engine & cosmetic...hv to make a good decision now...hmmm...:smokin:...EK9 or DC2...:smokin:
  24. Brothers from another Mother - MINI x Lambo Spyder x GT3 RS

    hmmm :smokin: ...nice signal green...will paint my Starlet GT with this colour :proud:
  25. Toyota Supra

  26. Daihatsu Charade Detomaso

    nice car!:driver:
  27. Original E-EK9 silver

    U're rite...for track use(cant be registered) only EK9,Evo3,DC2 just <25k...:smokin:
  28. Open track day 4/9/11

    Madman, mine is only standard EF9 with B16a la...y1 gbox only...that day was the 1st time for me driving this car in SIC...still learning the characteristic of this machine...I can say its a fun car...and it really satisfy me same like driving my previous Evo3 :love: Akuma, the grey RX7...
  29. Open track day 4/9/11

    Akuma, whats a problem with the greyish RX-7?
  30. Open track day 4/9/11

    Dumb & Dumber at SIC 04-09-11 - YouTube
  31. Open track day 4/9/11

    mine is the red colour...1st time trying this car in SIC since bought last year...this is my 1st VTEC in life since playing too much turbo before...and this EF9 handling was very nice! haha...:love: ...but its need a new clutch plate lah...teruk oredi :biggrin:
  32. Open track day 4/9/11

    newbie having fun! :driver: Al-Syawal at SIC-Cam Car EF9-2:57 - YouTube ...errr...any still photos available? I saw 2-3 cameraman at turn 1 snapping around...:biggrin:
  33. mitsubishi evolution 6.5

    waw! original TME!!!...I like...! :driver:
  34. JDM Integra DC2 Type R 96

    very nice car...congratulation on your sale! :driver:
  35. Random Shot: Sultan of Johor in his Bluegatti Veyron

    the sultan always looks cool even in a locomotive...:biggrin:
  36. Audi’s power of four

    I love those Avant! :love: :adore: :proud:
  37. Mercedes-Benz Concours 2011

    I love the olskull Gull-Wing
  38. Touge fever descends on Bukit Putus

    just gone through Google & Yahoo...:adore: Jeffrey Wong- Porsche 996 GT2 (2.47) - MMER racer Teh Kean Yong- Ferrari F430 (2.53) Ray Hong- Porsche Carrera 4S (2.58) Jesper Traerup- Porsche 993 Turbo (3.01) Azizi Yom Ahmad- Porsche 997 GT3RS (3.04) - 80's racer Erwin Azizi- Porsche GT3RS...
  39. Touge fever descends on Bukit Putus

    from my observation...all supercars driver are enthusiastic...most of them in their past involved & enjoy the performance car very well..either in race track, rally or the 'haram' one...when they got rich & richer, of coz they will choose the supercar to fullfill their driving habit in more...
  40. Original JDM CIVIC EF9 SiR

    wahhh! U got so many original EF9 yaaa! nice :love:... btw, just curious how many the Ori one available in this 'boleh land'? :hmmmm:
  41. BMW E46 325i year 2004

    -BUMP- Price revised! RM85,000...full loan can be arrange :proud:
  42. Original Lancer Evolution 3

    same batch with my previous one...:driver:
  43. Random Exotics Pics

    U wanna be an artist?...ber'gewe' lah dgn artist! wakakaka! :love:
  44. Toyota Corolla SEG BT with Toda inside(optional)

    wahh! Altezza is on da way! :driver:
  45. Saturday Night Fever: Round 2

    nice! :driver:
  46. (FS) Toyota Altezza RS200 6MT 99/07

    very nice such money to pay no more oredi...:bawling:
  47. 260Z in half project

    nice car dude! :adore:
  48. BMW E46 325i year 2004

    BUMP! :driver:
  49. A riders death wish: Yamaha R1 at full throttle through heavy traffic

    correction..."except he done it with R1 :) which is much more faster than our average malaysian SUPERCAR" :biggrin: