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  1. Suspensions for Satria Neo CPS

    you should include 2 more in your choices :- 1) R.S. Ignition by F.A. Racing (basically it's a product from HotBits but it is developed and tuned by Faidzil Alang himself) 2) D2 Racing (all Satria Neo Clubsport comes with D2 Racing coilovers for their factory specification)
  2. Satria GTi or Neo R3 RS?

    the only thing that i didn't like about the Satria GTi R3 is their Siemens/VDO ecu.. if u wanna go for Satria GTi make sure you get the MMC version.. but one thing not good about Satria GTi is thieves really really favor them.. always make sure your parking spot is secure
  3. Volkswagen Models - The correct choice

    speaking of reliability.. i hardly heard complaints on Mercedes (compared to Audi, VW and BMW) but most young male drivers is not attracted to Merc models such as C180 or E250.. while on the other hand models like C63 AMG is too pricey
  4. Need Help For tyre selection KU36/Achilles 123S

    why so many people look shocked looking at the "RM2XX" price tag? how much you all buy your Kumho KU36 205/50/15? just bought mine 3 months ago for RM295 each at Jooi Seng, Klang.
  5. Good audio set-up shop?

    CV Audio in damansara uptown also not bad
  6. Rota 16" 8j ET20 in Satria GTI?? can it be done?

    did u use heat gun?
  7. The Ultimate Choice! BMW vs MERCEDES BENZ

    once you test drive an Audi or Lexus you will ditch Merc and BMW for sure.. but want it comes to maintenance Merc got the least headache and Merc got the best re-sale value for a conti
  8. Good audio set-up shop?

    KF Audio in Aman Suria and K.K. Lau Car Audio Specialist in Ara Damansara
  9. Rota 16" 8j ET20 in Satria GTI?? can it be done?

    i've heard about this place before.. quite well known, never been there yet, not too familiar with USJ area.. i'll try check it out when i got free time
  10. Rota 16" 8j ET20 in Satria GTI?? can it be done?

    sad to say this is one of the two shops in sunway that i mention before..
  11. Rota 16" 8j ET20 in Satria GTI?? can it be done?

    i'm currently using 15" 7JJ ET35 with 195-55-15 tyres, front can still clear the fender but not rear, tyre scrap a bit.. even tho i've adjusted the rear camber to -1.8 it's still scrapping the rear fender.. just went to two shops in sunway last week to do fender roll but both refuse to do.. they...
  12. NISSAN GTR R35 tyre problem :'(

    just find the cheapest tyres with the same size with the stock one or get a set of used tyres.. i feel sad for the car already.. a Nissan GT-R doesn't deserve to be treated that way.. i wonder if the younger brother a.k.a. the new owner have ever service/replace worn parts of the car, since...
  13. Tyre Pressure for 195/45/R15

    i was wondering too.. normally for 15 inch the most common sizes is 195/55 and 195/50
  14. Satria Absorber, what do you recommend for comfort?

    BC Racing also not bad, lots of Tein and D2 Racing users switch to BC Racing they said it's more comfortable but perform well on corners.. for the "V1 series" it comes with 6K front and 4K rear spring rate and 30 click adjustable damping rate.. for daily use i use 12 click but on trackday when i...
  15. Maintenance

    congratz on your new ride.. i drove IS250 once and it is d*mn smooth and comfortable.. the feeling is similar like driving new batch of Audi.. even the new Merc and Bimmer can't match the smoothness and ride comfort of Lexus and Audi
  16. 195/50R15 on Proton Gen2/Persona

    smaller diameter tires will only give u higher readings not reducing/correcting it.. the most similar size near to 195/60/15 is 205/50/16.. if u still wanna use 15 inch wheels 205/55/15 is the most similar diameter compare to 195/60/15
  17. 6-cylinder turbo manifold

    there's one more fella quite good his workmanship, people call him "Akob" he and late Jaafar (JFA) used to work together for Ah Heng (AH Exhaust) when ah heng just started.. akob's workshop is located at No. 8, Jalan TS 6/10, Taman Industri Subang,
  18. 195/50R15 on Proton Gen2/Persona

    if u wanna use size 50/55 profile tires better upgrade to larger wheels or else u might get wrong speedometer readings.. here's the link to calculate wheels and tires diameter Car Bibles : The Wheel and Tyre Bible Page 4 of 4
  19. Good JB Workshop anyone?

    R Engineering C6, JALAN BUNGA ANGGERIK,Plentong,, 81750 Johore Bahru, Johor, Malaysia 012-7179399 LAI WEE SING / 013-7688000 Ah How / 016-708 7408 Low Fook / 016-7172427 Madzlan
  20. Putra gear not smooth

    worn clutch plate also could be the culprit.. i've experienced 1st and 2nd gear very hard to engage especially at traffic lights, after replace to new clutch plate and clutch cover together with transmission fluid everything turn out to be fine after that
  21. Port & Polish

    "Like" them on facebook, just search for NASTY PORT FLOW
  22. FD2r rim

    looks like EP3 wheels to me
  23. PR - To reduce prices of car if they win GE

    wanna buy unreg recon car without tax?? can.. langkawi duty free maa.. below 1 million can get ferrari 458 italia :listen:
  24. PR - To reduce prices of car if they win GE

    damage already being done.. but hey we're almost at the end of year 2012, soon we'll reach year 2015 without we even realizing it.. ask any recond cars salesman, they all will say without AP we can only reduce around RM30K - RM35K to the price of each car.. imagine if we can abolish the tax, if...
  25. PR - To reduce prices of car if they win GE

    if every Bumiputera back then can run their company very well then why our second Prime Minister and his deputy giving AP to Bumiputera in the first place?? it was meant to help those in need.. u'll be surprise most of this AP holders started just as the person who wash cars at car showroom...
  26. PR - To reduce prices of car if they win GE

    actually i don't mind if any government want to scrap AP overnight, because those AP holders who're doing well they'll just smile and laugh because most of them are well prepared.. most of them already has those 3S franchise such as Honda or Suzuki or what so ever.. my main concern is what gonna...
  27. PR - To reduce prices of car if they win GE

    the yearly quota was given according to the company's performance, they even have external audits from MITI to check all the company's accounts.. if they do well this year their next year's quota will be increase and if they're not performing their next year's quota will decrease.. some unlucky...
  28. PR - To reduce prices of car if they win GE

    Without AP around, now everybody can start a recond car business! <-- i love this sentence dude, it reminds me why our second Prime Minister Tun Abdul Razak and his deputy Tun Dr. Ismail, gave AP in the first place.. back then after the May 13th 1969 tragedy they realize that the bumiputera's...
  29. PR - To reduce prices of car if they win GE

    since everyone wants AP to be ended really soon, i just hope n pray non of our family members or close friends is working in this recond cars industry.. imagine how many people who works as runner, salesman, accountant, managers will lose their jobs.. n hopefully they don't have wife or kids to...
  30. PR - To reduce prices of car if they win GE

    what's up with all the fuss with this AP thingy?? don't u know our previous Prime Minister "Pak Lah" already announced that there will be no more AP after 2015, thanks to Tun Dr. M for playing around with "AP King" issues.. so starting January 2016 there's no more recond cars.. if u wanna buy...
  31. Satria GTi Owner Headcount

    ohh sorry i don't publicize my fb account to strangers especially on public page like this :biggrin: normally comitee/admin will post when is next TT, so if there is one i'll let u know
  32. Satria GTi Owner Headcount

    for your information we do have to bring the copy of our "geran" when we want to fill up the registration form just to prove that our Satria GTi is genuine.. maybe we don't have any TT this week because we're having "Anaconda Drive" this saturday, feel free to come to our next TT with the copy...
  33. Satria GTi Owner Headcount

    admins is being strict nowdays.. there's alot of "GTi convert" inside the group
  34. Normal Satria Vs Satria GTi ?

    - only Satria R3 have different chassis from other satria.. it has "double stitch weld" chassis.. - 4G93NA may not be fast as 4G93T but it has more performance parts in our market nowdays, it's more fun modding a 4G93NA rather than 4G93T - yes u can convert a normal satria to satria GTi...
  35. Normal Satria Vs Satria GTi ?

    it's like comparing a VW Golf TSI vs. VW Golf GTI
  36. Satria GTi Owner Headcount

    yup Pan-R.. if u're lucky u might bump to others Satria GTi Club members.. but if your engine is heavily modified then i'll suggest u to go to MH Tuner at sect. 26 shah alam
  37. Satria GTi Owner Headcount

    familiar with shah alam area? especially section 7 and section 26
  38. Satria GTi Owner Headcount

    notaracer, where do u stay? if u are from KL or Selangor area maybe i can suggest u the workshops that most of the club members send their cars
  39. Satria GTi Owner Headcount

    look for "Satria GTi Club Malaysia" on Facebook
  40. Satria GTi Owner Headcount

    Satria GTi Club is having Sunday drive tomorrow morning
  41. Best affordable alarm system

    brands like clifford, viper and phyton came from the same company.. the company name is "Directed" there's one reputable audio products named "Orion" also came from that company
  42. Best affordable alarm system

    last 3 years i bought the most basic "clifford" alarm.. can get below RM1K.. now i'm not sure about the prices.. try to get any decent brand, those cheap one will give tons of problems
  43. satria neo r3

    if i'm not mistaken the latest neo R3 already comes with different final drive and close ratio gear.. if it still can't satisfy u maybe FD2R can
  44. Satria GTi Owner Headcount

    3 am to be exact
  45. asking about fuel regulator

    i've tested both, 20 horsepower differences.. dynojet --> big single roller --> inertia / dyno dynamics --> smaller dual roller --> load
  46. Putra Mileage and Trip Meter Malfunctioning

    have u check your speedometer cable?