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  1. Save Team Lotus: A must read!

    Wind it up & reduce the Proton/Lotus local car price instead
  2. Looking for 350z roadster

    Any recommendation guys? Either reg or unreg. Pricing around? Anything to look out for when testing the car? Another thing is, do the Z has any familiar place to service? Like the RX-8 has Ah Choy & ST Wangan. By the way, what is exact road tax price for the 350z? Appreciate the help. Thanks
  3. CIVIC Type-S GT 1.8 VTEC

    This is not manual nor auto, it is i-shift (automated manual). Engine is R18A2, specs is almost the same as our local FD1 R18A, 140PS. The only selling point is the panoramic roof & being FN (Euro Civic). However buyers need to worry on the gearbox & other aspects. Therefore PM me your best...
  4. Unregistered cars for sale

    Your rx8 black got sun roof? pm me your lowest offer
  5. Soft top care

    Personally, Meguiars Natural Shine Vinyl and Rubber Protectant
  6. TOYOTA MR-S Stolen 130110!!! Please help to locate! Reward!

    When I'm selling my yellow MR-S last year, many prospective buyers insist to test the car. So I will just follow & be beside the prospective buyer in the car, make sure to show & give his/her IC first. It is extremely careless to let the so called prospective buyer to test the car alone. He or...
  7. ZOUK KL - Abuse

    Of course I knew it. This Zouk shit needs some refreshment to the public & club goers.
  8. Mazda RX-7/8 Marketplace Links - Parts & Others

    Guys, where is actually the local Mazda parts official distributor or parallel importer? Like Toyota got Wing Hin. Please advice. Thanks
  9. How to know Rx8

    Just saw the 2003 Rx-8 unit the other day but it was booked. The engine was left running by the dealer there, maybe for warming up purpose? I can feel it is sort of vibrating above normal. Is this okay?
  10. How to know Rx8

    Just found an 03 rx-8 auto unreg at 125k, guys is it a good buy? really eager to get one before cny
  11. Trade in your car here with attractive price!!!!!

    Offer me best price for my 2009 Gen2 CPS Auto, mileage 11k km & including some nice accessories
  12. You sell!!!! We buy!!!!

    Offer me best price for Gen2 CPS Auto 2009, mileage 11k km with some nice accessories put in
  13. Imported Car With Low Price

    Singapore or from recon Japan?
  14. Buy & Sell your RX-7 and RX-8 here.

    Looking for good condition full specs 2003 rx-8 with sunroof manual or auto. Budget rm 110k
  15. ZOUK KL - Abuse

    I never support Zouk since I read this years ago.
  16. How to know Rx8

    According to Bermaz, the new facelifted RX-8 has its reliability improved as well as more compatible with local weather) than the recons (even compared with post-2006 auto models). Is this true??
  17. Trade in Price.

    Offer me for my gen2 ur best price.
  18. How to know Rx8

    FD2R also priced much higher than ZZT231
  19. Buy & sell vehicle

    How much can offer for my gen2 cps auto 2009 h-line?? 10k km & good condition
  20. Trade in Price.

    Gen2 CPS Auto H-Line 2009, highest can get how much? 10k km & excellent condition
  21. How to know Rx8

    SS-II of course
  22. How to know Rx8

    Yea found 1 super strut manual, going to see tomorrow. Anyway the used 8 seller still not sure he dared to reply me or not after I sent him a very pissed off sms. Even I sold my MR-S last time also not even 10% as cocky as him.
  23. Rotary have to redline regularly?

    The facelifted RX-8 got lsd according to the brochure. So recon 8 got traction control also?
  24. How to know Rx8

    Regarding the used RX-8 I found, the seller is very cocky... kept saying I am not serious buyer just because I asked for further discount & also 5 months ago he knew (from his automotive frens) I'm looking for another type of car. Maybe can't join you guys in RE yet. Dunno this seller is active...
  25. Uninstall RSM cause vvtl-i disable .....

    RSM acts as speed cut remover too
  26. Rotary have to redline regularly?

    Stock rx-8 type-e comes with lsd?
  27. How to know Rx8

    Found an used 2003 rx8 with 60k mileage, selling about below 120k. Color wise is my preference. Owner claimed it maintained very well. Another member also said his car maintained the best. But I don't think he will let me do a compression test. So is it a good buy at that price? Thank you for...
  28. How to know Rx8

    For the revving to redline part, the new facelift 2008 RX-8 got indicator on the meter panel cannot rev above certain rpm until the engine is warmed up enough. That means also cannot simply rev the car as we like. Really tough to take care if no research on this car.
  29. Used,Unregistered Cars For Sell (Cash Only)

    Cash means we arrange loan ourselves? Pm me.
  30. How to know Rx8

    I thought revving to redline on the 8 is part of the drill? ---------- Post added at 11:39 AM ---------- Previous post was at 11:35 AM ---------- I know got compression test, not many owners or dealers willing to let us prospective buyers to do it.
  31. How to know Rx8

    That's why la if unlucky can become like this even if only 20k+ km?? Found some cheap 2003s but really freaking fear the damn word 'rebuild'. Now is either thinking to get a cheap 2003 & get over it, or wait for a suitable unreg 2006 once & for all.
  32. How to know Rx8

    Wah, if maintain the car well also if unlucky at 20k+ km also need to overhaul/rebuild??? Most unreg recon come in also 20k-30k+ km already. Really love the 8 because 4 doors suit my new small family but the horror stories really is killing the car fast.
  33. How to know Rx8

    Ok guys. Let's say I maintain well the 8 as per adviced like use mineral oil only, topping up mineral every week or so whenever the level dropped, service on time at 5-6k km, rev up to red line every 2 days or so & etc. So roughly how long I can last before I need to rebuild or overhaul?? Please...
  34. How to know Rx8

    So the 2006 auto is exactly the same (engine) as the facelifted 2008 model (by Bermaz), except on the cosmetic & meter panel changes?
  35. How to know Rx8

    Any big difference between 2006 facelift & 2005/older models? For both auto & manual.
  36. How to know Rx8

    350Z year 2003 model 2nd hand price is as low as 130k now. Actually I understands 350z depreciation, as one of the main reason due to the road tax. Currently I'm considering Celica or the RX-8, previously drove MR-S. Definitely will be getting one before CNY. Due to extreme horror stories on...
  37. How to know Rx8

    Rebuild means the engine fails or spoilt??
  38. How to know Rx8

    But if it is not that hard to maintain or the engine easy to fail, why there are so many people disposing their rx-8s? Search at mudah or motortrader, rx-8 most of the time got the most number listed among other jdm sports car. Just wondering...
  39. How to know Rx8

    Looking for a good condition 2006 rx-8, wonder anywhere is selling at a reasonable price
  40. How to know Rx8

    But many said (including the Mazda Bermaz sales guy) 4 speed auto is faster than the 6 speed auto on the RX-8 facelift.
  41. Toyota Celica TRD Sprt-M 6 speed manual

    year of manufacture? your location? pm me to discuss. serious genuine buyer
  42. Getting a RX8

    SG Motor
  43. Used car, recon car & import car specialist

    Unreg either one; rx8 white sunroof type e or s celica white sunroof super strut, manual or auto Budget best lowest possible
  44. Getting a RX8

    Wan to ask 2005 unreg type E with sunroof at 149k is it worth buying? Pls help
  45. Euro Spec 01 Toyota Celica for Sale

    Your location?
  46. Celica GTS 6 Speed 02/05-Selling price RM 100k.. Worth to buy?

    the one i found is auto? By the way, what are the Euro spec 01 celica with JDM ones?
  47. Celica GTS 6 Speed 02/05-Selling price RM 100k.. Worth to buy?

    Found another super strut 2000/2005, everything stock except the exhaust & rims. Priced at 86k, is it ok to buy?
  48. Euro Spec 01 Toyota Celica for Sale

    Your car mileage?
  49. Euro Spec 01 Toyota Celica for Sale

    Super strut version? I am looking for one