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    can you PM the price for 225/40/18 & 245/40/18
  2. Tein Super Street Coilover - S40 T4

    Can fit 2010, S40 or not
  3. [WTS] Aircon Filters for Many Models

    hi do you have the filter for lexus is250 ? pm me the price pls
  4. [WTS] Bosch Carbon Cabin Filter

    Hi Do you have the filter for lexus is250 ? pm me the price pls
  5. New Tyre

    Wah so expensive remember change my N8000, nexen for less than RM1500 for 4.
  6. sharing BIG problem in my Is250

    check ur sterring ball joint, or the roll bar bush and ball join
  7. IS250 maintainance

    usd 220
  8. IS250 maintainance

    You are right there are tones of reason for misfire, all the work shop you go will tell you to do this and that but not able to tell exactly what is the problem becasue they are lazy to put in the dianostic to check the problem. They think they are GOD can see what is the problem without plug in...
  9. Welcome Lexus onwers......... lets do a headcount

    I think we should have a big gathering for all the Is owner here....then we can drive more interest in this.........may be someone can take the lead to makle this an official lexus club endorsed by Lexus Malaysia to promote lexus in Malaysia.
  10. club name........

    I think we should not limit to IS but to all may be "lexus my"
  11. IS250 07 japan with auto folding mirror

    I think you need to do the setting, should have but not activated
  12. Mis understand

    Totally agreed why bother to talk to someone who cant even differenciate honda and hyundai, for them all are cars only. wasting time even to explain to them.
  13. IS250 07 japan with auto folding mirror

    yes, standard for all jpn spec
  14. TT Session this friday, 23 Mac

    Sorry to hear that bro. My condolences to your family.
  15. Welcome Lexus onwers......... lets do a headcount

    I tought AFS ( Adaptive Front-lighting System (AFS) ) is standard on all IS and the headlight washer (+HID) is optional, available on UK-L spec onl and Japan spec as option.
  16. Best IS250 to buy, UK or Japan spec?

    Simple switch to sport mode and hold on to 5th gear on 5000rpm and check if your can can go beyond 220km/h, I tried 4th gear on 6500rpm it hits only 200km/h may be my car is too old lo :driver:
  17. Best IS250 to buy, UK or Japan spec?

    Are you they are is250 ? in US majority are is350 and some other country are is300. I yet to see an is250 hit 240km/h. I think i must sit in your car to see this happening.
  18. TT Session this friday, 23 Mac

    where is this place ? nv been before can someone show the direction pls
  19. Replace Gear Oil

    Any good workshop recomendation to do the ATF change beside vision ?
  20. Fuel Consumption Thread

    City driving mostly can get 450++, depend on the traffic condition in the city jammed can get 450+, smooth get 500+. For highway guarantee can get 550 ++, i got 580+ before but dont spped more than 140km/, set on cruise control 120km/h guarantee can get more than 600+. If you cant get this it is...
  21. Best IS250 to buy, UK or Japan spec?

    Hi do you mind to share how you manage to get 240km/hr while the factory spec claim is only 225km/hr top speed.
  22. Bodykit - Lexus type

    Manage to talk to the supplier again on the price, the price is RM1200/set now (inclusive of shipping) , have only 2 set to offer as I am taking one set. Any taker ?
  23. changing tyres again............

    Fren how much you pay for the ferrari, posrche use tyres ? :biggrin:
  24. FS: DIXEL Brake Pads & Rotors

    do you have any for lexus IS250, price ?
  25. K sport BBK

    Bro you have any 6 pot for lexus IS250, how much ?
  26. KNN drop in.

    open up a port on the lower airbox like the F sport the sound much better like turbo. can test mine if have chance.
  27. changing tyres again............

    swapping left and right .........does this give you more mileage ? if the tyre wear off evenly for both side.... so what is the the purpose of swapping left right unless you can do front back.
  28. changing tyres again............

    staggered tyre how to rotate ah ?????
  29. is250 interior dash rattle

    No problem on mine, may be is your engine mounting or the gear box mounting.
  30. Bodykit - Lexus type

    Only fit the pre facelift model, not sure if yours is facelift model or still the same as the 2007 model.
  31. TRAC/VSC off

    check out youtube there ia a short video showing how to disable the VSC, tested myself it works and will atuo on back until the next time you restart the car.
  32. tyre prices

    Good on both wet and dry, Toyo T1R, Goodyear F1, Michelin PS3
  33. tyre prices

    Wah dont know this tyre so bad in wet , so what is point using them as msia have rain all year round. I have used Toyo T1R, Michelin Pilot, Falken 452, Hankook S1evo all dont have the issue with rain, can even drive 140 no problem at all.
  34. Bodykit - Lexus type

    I dont think any of the local shops are doing this and they can only do cheap fiber not PU as the OEM are made off.
  35. Bodykit - Lexus type

    hi guys look like no one is interested in getting the bodykit....anyone ?? i need 2 taker to make the 3 set minimal order.
  36. Bodykit - Lexus type

    Just got the confirmation from the supplier the price inclusive of the transport will be RM1500 / set and the minimal order is 3 set, so if I am taking 1 set left 2 only any taker ...if not the wont be any buy from me as well.
  37. Bodykit - Lexus type

    I think the total should cover all as the transpor co able to save some tax as they mentioned.
  38. TT tonight........ 2nd Dec

    will join if my meeting finish early today.
  39. Bodykit - Lexus type

    Hi all, Just gotten the price, around RM1200, without the transport charges and tax yet, the transport will cost around RM200-300/set depending on the number of sets. This set are made of PU same as the Ori not fiber.
  40. Bodykit - Lexus type

    Here you go, you can contact them they have stock when i check with them the last round, if you want bendix ultimate you can check with FMP Auto. Action Auto 30, Jalan Segambut, Pusat Segambut, Kuala Lumpur, 52100 Tel 03-6258 5868 Fax 03-6258 5877 FMP Automotive (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd...
  41. Bodykit - Lexus type

    still waiting for the price la, the china doll work so slow...she say MOQ 5 set.
  42. Bodykit - Lexus type

    Attached pic
  43. TT Session this FRIDAY night!!!!!!! come on guys let's do it.............

    The price is too expoensive the Ori Toyota pad is only RM330, Bendix Metal king (local now) RM170, Bendix Ultimate RM330. The Ori Toyota rotor selling at RM960/pair. I can confirm this coz I just change mine last weekend myself.
  44. Bodykit - Lexus type

    Hi guy I have manage to contact the OEM manufacturer of the bodykit in China , design will be the same as the standard in most of the japanese spec IS250. So thinking of doing this a group buy anyone here interested but will confirm the price later once i got the reply from them; 1)tkew
  45. TT Session this FRIDAY night!!!!!!! come on guys let's do it.............

    good that why the TT are for right ??? to share ma
  46. FS: DIXEL Brake Pads & Rotors

    Hi do you have set for lexus is250
  47. Brake Rotor

    Re: Brake Rotor & Pad Save all the trouble gotten the original rotor and a set of Bandix Ultimate.........will put it on this week.
  48. Nexen n8000, n9000

    Using for more than 6 months, with no scary moment, quite is the best so far among falken, dunlop, federal that i have used before and good grip on dry and wet. Never go on track yet, not sure how it goes.
  49. TT Session this FRIDAY night!!!!!!! come on guys let's do it.............

    My vote on A&W coz there will be more parking and might be some non drinkers around.
  50. Car battery size & brand?

    Normal size N70, can get easily anywhere.