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  1. Adjustable

    ok.. thank u guys.. :wink:
  2. Adjustable

    sorry that is google pic for example.. my adjustable got body shift.. :biggrin:
  3. Adjustable

    set spring to low mean compress the spring rite.. yes got body shift..
  4. Adjustable

    yup, full adjustable.. HWL brand..
  5. Adjustable

    hi all.. i use adjustable but too soft.. how to setup to more harder.. :hmmmm::banghead:
  6. Car Spray Paint, Body Work...

    berapa bos spray kat satria neo..
  7. neo campro cps losing engine oil

    i also using Liquid Moly at my satria.. but no problem until now..
  8. Unregister number plate F1313 F898

    how much sir?..any number do u have.. ---------- Post added at 03:54 PM ---------- 6 hour anti-bump limit - Previous post was at 03:47 PM ---------- no whatapps..
  9. Philips Xtreme Vision +130% & White Vision 4300K

    that is original sir?
  10. drift car..

    yes bro vr2turbo.. :biggrin:
  11. drift car..

    thanks guys.. i've already fix my car.. the problem is my pump break was so small.. so he changes to 1' pump break.. :biggrin:
  12. drift car..

    this is serious 6UE5t.. that car use for drift before.. and i buy for daily use.. then when i drive 'SHITTT NO BRAKE..':mad: :banghead:
  13. drift car..

    owh.. thanks guys.. i fixed now.. :vroam:
  14. drift car..

    ic.. i just bought nissan cefiro.. but no break.. i using hand break when i drive.. i think that is normal.. damn.. :banghead: ---------- Post added at 06:53 PM ---------- 6 hour anti-bump limit - Previous post was at 06:49 PM ---------- wht chamber? :confused:
  15. drift car..

    hi ZTH.. that is normal drift car dont have a break.. just use hand break? :hmmmm:
  16. Cefiro a31 RB25

    Hi ZTH.. Nissan Cefir0 a31 for sales.. Engine RB25det.. Already endorse.. Price can nego.. If interested to buy u can call/whtapps me at 0127956806..
  17. [WTS] Iphone 4-5

    that is new or 2nd bos?..
  18. Adjustable Suspension..

    noted ^pomen_GTR^ :driver:
  19. Adjustable Suspension..

    owh.. can i choose any spring rate or is it come with package set sir.. :confused: ---------- Post added at 02:48 PM ---------- 6 hour anti-bump limit - Previous post was at 02:44 PM ---------- that is info i got from FTuned.. Satria neo rm1950 hi lo monotube, rm2200 hilo inverted...
  20. Adjustable Suspension..

    walaweiii.. thanks bro Supra_Fanatics..:top: i will updates later.. :dancing2:
  21. Adjustable Suspension..

    saya MUSTI pilih.. :party:
  22. Adjustable Suspension..

  23. Adjustable Suspension..

    that is FAKE or what?:hmmmm: i knew form here.. HWL Adjustable Suspension >>> 15 Step Soft Hard >>> Hi Lo Bodyshift >>> Spring Rate 8k Front / 4k Rear >>> 1 Year Warranty promotion Price - Rm13xx only ( Installation Available ) Only For Proton Wira.Waja.Gen2.Persona.Satria...
  24. Adjustable Suspension..

    wowww.. thanks vr2turbo :shakehands:
  25. Adjustable Suspension..

    i think mostly suggest HWL.. tq all of u.. actually i prefer GAB.. but now maybe i go to HWL.. i find new product from HWL..
  26. Adjustable Suspension..

    wahhhh.. its so expensive.. my budget below 2k.. :bawling:
  27. Adjustable Suspension..

    hi guys, i want asking about adjustable suspension.. which one is better..:hmmmm: - GAB - Zerone - HWL - KYB RSpro for ur info i want install at my satria neo.. tq guys..:biggrin:
  28. best engine swap for SAGA FLX

    owh.. i think BOT for stage 1.. :biggrin:
  29. best engine swap for SAGA FLX

    bolt on only 3.5k???? which workshop??? :eek:
  30. 5lug for ne0

    oooooo... thank Slipar..
  31. 5lug for ne0

    thanks DanzEterna.. ---------- Post added at 03:02 PM ---------- 6 hour anti-bump limit - Previous post was at 02:59 PM ---------- evo4 also 4 lug rite..not 5..
  32. 5lug for ne0

    thanks stupidcar.. :biggrin:
  33. 5lug for ne0

    any risk if i drill DansEterna??
  34. 5lug for ne0

    i think so.. :biggrin: ---------- Post added at 11:05 AM ---------- 6 hour anti-bump limit - Previous post was at 10:58 AM ---------- me too.. :biggrin:
  35. 5lug for ne0

    oic.. PnP or need some mod stupidcar? ---------- Post added at 08:09 AM ---------- 6 hour anti-bump limit - Previous post was at 08:04 AM ---------- b'coz 5lug is more easy to find offset >38..
  36. 5lug for ne0

    hi all, can i change my wheel from 4lug to 5lug? if u say yes.. can i use the Ezora hub wheel? :idea:
  37. post your modded satria neo pic here!!!

    where can i got this body kit? nice n clean..
  38. Roll fender

    do u want let go or service??.. :biggrin:
  39. Best grip vs Price

    I used this tyre.. dry superb.. wet not bad lorr.. :biggrin:
  40. V40 T5 vs BMW 118i vs Audi A3

    vote for v40..
  41. Matching sports spring with stock absorbers ...appreciate feedback

    which one is batter HWL,GAB,Zerone?? ---------- Post added at 11:41 AM ---------- 6 hour anti-bump limit - Previous post was at 11:36 AM ---------- is it KYB RS is adjustable? or not..
  42. About the adjustable .

    thanks bro Izso.. :burnout::biggrin:
  43. About the adjustable .

    HWL and Zerone adjustable with one is batter? :idea:
  44. E32 740iL

    clean interior.. :adore:
  45. Neo Campro CPS to Mivec 1.6 Boleh?

    so satria neo can convert to GSR CK la nie.. :biggrin:
  46. About the adjustable .

    yesss.. i using satria neo.. rim 16" offset 41 still sagattttt maaaaa... :bawling:
  47. Smell From Engine To My Car

    my car also smell when i rev hard.. i don't know why.. do u know why bro???.. i worried about that.. :confused: