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  1. silvertop timing belt kit complete set

    hi all, i am a new user who using blacktop auto engine. which shop do you guys can recommend to service engine like changing timing belt , oil seal, water pump and etc ?? do you guys have any idea ekzos pipe should i use ?? 2 inches or 2.25 inches or 2.38 inches?? pls advise ... tqvm...
  2. Brake Rotor

    hi malcolm, I went to toms sunway already upgrade to four port caliper. according to them are using ori GS 300 brake system, but unfortunately the rotor always bend. when i brake that time always shake on my steering. well....any body got any suggestion ?? some ppl ask me change...
  3. Brake Rotor

    hi 1Jztezza, thanks for advise.
  4. Brake Rotor

    hi G221, i saw your post of rotor brake as below since last year 2011. DBA Lexus IS 250 Street Series Slotted Rotors -DBA2726 SL/SR (F) Front set RM1500 DBA Lexus IS 250 Street Series Slotted Rotors - DBA2727 SL/SR (R) Rear set RM1500 I am interested to get front set rotor, may i...
  5. IS250 maintainance

    hi dear all.... i am new joining forum here... i jus bought a recon is250, can any body recommend me to which workshop to change oil change , break oil change , and gear oil change ?? thanks! :confused: