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  1. Audi Navigation Map

    I ve tried joining a number of times but the activation email doesnt come at all So i guess i ll just be spending time in vagsg
  2. Audi Navigation Map

    It seems that most of us have this problem , hopefully someone finds a solution soon Anyway why is the audi club so dead here ? i m sure there are tons of owners out there
  3. Subaru Impreza V9 WRX STI Spec-C Type RA

    wah bro this car can loan how much bro ? veli niceeee
  4. wts : evo 6.5 TM edition

  5. Toyota Soarer For Sale (JZZ30)

    Fuel capacity is 80 lit stated in the spec sheet. But you will only fill up to 75 lit. Maintainence shouldnt be a problem , theres heaps of parts and i am sure soarerman takes very very good care of the car. I guess if you want to enjoy the drive of this machine , you wont bother about the...
  6. Toyota Soarer For Sale (JZZ30)

    eh matcha .. why u selling he car ? sob sob . Ju here
  7. For Sale : R34 GTR VSPEC

    buy it now and the free GTT beside it . End year promo
  8. WTS : 18" NISMO LMGT4 w/ tyres

    pics pls , intrested in probalby 3 pieces
  9. WTS: Mitshubishi Lancer Evo 6.5 limited edition Tommy Hakinnen

    is this the version where tommy makkinen is drving and mika hakkinen is the navigator ?? the rally winning one ?
  10. WTS: Mitshubishi Lancer Evo 6.5 limited edition Tommy Hakinnen

    wow this must truly be really a limited edition. free bump for you
  11. WTS: Aristo 00/02

    I ve gotta let me car go , details below Toyota aristo 2000/2002 V300 Black with lexus badging 2jz vvti twin turbo Vertex edition Steering shift triptronic Sunroof, leather , JBL full sound sys with amp and woofer Touch screen , tv , dvd also able to convert to navigation Engine...
  12. Burn_out's LS400 For sale...

    why you so angry ?? u cannot afford ar ? annoying like you
  13. Burn_out's LS400 For sale...

    jeffblazed: I am just waiting for you to sell something on zth eg car , parts blah blah blah , should be intresting to watch. Put you in burn out's shoes then and see how you feel. Get a life bro , you can always start another thread saying .. ohh i saw a 29 k lexus . Then you will really make...
  14. Toyota Soarer 2.5cc

    car is sold guys .
  15. JP Fusa kiko knot medium white

    put where ar?
  16. Honda FD2 Type-R Crash In Malaysia...

    agreed , looking at the cars in the background , we hardly see those around here. Looks like a mazda demio
  17. SSR Professeor SP1 19 inch for sale

    Brand : SSR Professeor SP1 Size : Front 19"x8.5JJ+35 PCD114.3/5 Rear 19"x9.5JJ+43 PCD114.3/5 Tires : Front 225/35/19 20% Rear 265/30/19 80% Location : Klang Selling Price : RM6000. Contact : 012-2042043 Paulson www. bidtrade
  18. APeXi SaFc2 2ndhand fOr sEll

    why r u still bumping the topic if its already sold ? geezzz
  19. Amprex Motorsports in KL

    They are located in sunway , go to links power then take the pependicular road , its next to recaro . The lambo is in singapore or in the port
  20. Lexus Soarer & Iswara For Sale

    well i dont know who the other soarer guy is , but thats my other nick on another forums. Just to clear things up abit , I guess every owner is entitiled to their own price and you just have to respect it , its not like you can buy this car every at every corner. And at 35 k its ridiculous...
  21. Mitsubishi Evolution 6.5 Tommi Makinen Edition

    i think evertything is true except the homo part . hahha
  22. Mitsubishi Evolution 6.5 Tommi Makinen Edition

    hey this car looks familiar ... free bump for u
  23. Nissan Skyline 33 GTR-1995/1997 For Sale!!!

    as usual every post has a stupid comment like the one above
  24. Want to VIP me car hehe

    Oi Donut ... i am sure you can get lovely parts and rims for your car ! See u around la any parts for my car let me know Hi jane ... hows things ? havent seen you inawhile .. say hi to your other half for me. Julian here btw
  25. Mitsubishi Evo 6 TME for DUMMIES

    Be prepared to pay for petrol and your consumption . tyres also go prettly fast depending on your driving style. You should be able to pick one up for pretty cheap these days but always check the chasis to ensure its a original TME. Some owners wont let their cars go for cheap and in some cases...
  26. TOyota Blade at rm67k ...

    but it wont be 60 + k when it reaches here though ! :shades_smile:
  27. Toyota Soarer 2.5cc

    Rattan: Whats a reasonable price ?
  28. Evo 6.5 (TME) - For sale

    U ask for 100k , then you say MAYBE only you will buy ... wtf ? I dont see any logic in your statement , what are you telling the seller ? Anyway good luck with the sale bro
  29. how to tell if Evo6.5 is orig or full converted?

    it should be CP-9A 02 something. CP 9A - 01 something is evo 6.
  30. VIP Style Cars

    very nice cefiro ! nice honda too
  31. Toyota Soarer/Lexus ES300

    Anywhere ranging from 60 to 80 depending on condition .. loan is a problem
  32. Lot of Gadgets/Performance Parts for Sell

    haha thanks man ! I ll try it out tmmw then let you know the results. Keep you updated sorry you had to come out so late ! cheers
  33. Subaru Impreza WRX STi Ver 9 Full cut for sale....

    U r such a pain in the ass you knowthat , one day when you sell something , and somebody does this you will feel it. I am sorry to offend you MR FOLLOW THE LAW MAN. Stop pretending to be an angel, maybe you should apply for a medal, you dont even know if he will cut the car up or not and you...
  34. Subaru Impreza WRX STi Ver 9 Full cut for sale....

    who cares anyway .. its not like you have followed the law
  35. Where to service 1jz-gte turbocharger

    I had the same problem , i suggest turbo tong in cheras . He replaced the ceramic fins with steel wheels to withstand more boost but its a bit more laggy now
  36. VIP Style Cars

    hey man , its okay i got the pics on the other forum check it out there la
  37. VIP Style Cars

    eh how much this rim in the pic ? off set and size ?
  38. C-West Headlight Kit(or its equivalent)

    just becaused i picked u up b4 in this forums and dumped you , you shouldnt be so sore about it pang. Oh sorry paretto , i dont think we ve met. I am nick btw
  39. C-West Headlight Kit(or its equivalent)

    paretto: have we met?
  40. lots of VIP,MPV rim form 17"~19"

    is this kazuto
  41. JZ Club Recruitment

    hahaha 22 my ass , pls find me a friend
  42. JZ Club Recruitment

    ok ok ok jzz30
  43. VIP Style Cars

    cheapest is 680 per piece maybe can cheaper i think , yup multi hole la but if anybody wants can take this rims or choose got two more design (brand new). I want to get somethign else
  44. VIP Style Cars

    yups 19 's
  45. VIP Style Cars

  46. VIP Style Cars

    heres a pic , not sure how to post , pm me
  47. VIP Style Cars

    wah wah so many photos already long time never log in here , how are you david ? Anybody want to buy my rims ? can take mine or change 2 diffrent choices (brand new ) , i have a deal with the shop already . 19 inch no tyres
  48. PS13/RPS13/S14/S15 owners

    WOW ! Congrats NICK ! Didnt know you bought these two cars , you must truly be a car lover !! i guess i ll never be able to own one of these beauties even a s15 !! congrats n drive safely ! I hope to purchase a 180sx soon to hopefully join this thread ! waiting for loan to be approved ...