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  1. .: Exhaust Modification Corner :.

    Hello, yesterday went to exhaust shop in Cheras near Roundabout Jalan cheras/MRR2, but not sure the name. today went to Kaki Exhaust Maluri, to check price. I decided to go with Kaki Exhaust since the muffler price is a bit cheaper compare to the other shop, but not until now since you advise...
  2. SR20-DET-My plan for the exhaust system

    Thanks bro.
  3. SR20-DET-My plan for the exhaust system

    Hello, successfully installed an SR20-turbo from S14 into a 2-door jeep. Now still have the ori 1.5" stock pipe with stock muffler. I plan to change to 2.5 normal steel pipe with the matching straight flow exhaust- maybe with a bit of sound. What do you think? is this okay? The engine is 100%...
  4. sr20 workshop

    BY the way, taking my jip out of the workshop today and probably just gonna park around the house until go to another workshop. Really can't wait until I can get the engine 100% done. :)
  5. sr20 workshop

    Bro thanks.
  6. sr20 workshop

    Hello, I much prefer Sri Kembangan than puchong. I just already checked their facebook. I might be contacting them very soon and tell them my problem and see if they can have a look at my car. Thanks a lot bro and do you send your machine there as well?
  7. sr20 workshop

    Hi damnthing,thanks, I kind of looking for workshop in KL for now. last resort then will consider going to Puchong. The current workshop that takes care of my jip now has completed its scope of work and I can say the jip is driveable, and running okay. I really like this SR20 (bongkok version)...
  8. sr20 workshop

    Thanks bro, I know him, he did my a31 before. But I am looking for a place near where I live ie. near KL area. I appreciate though bro...I need someone like him but in KL area, cheras, pandan indah, keramat can consider.
  9. sr20 workshop

    Hello, I installed an SR-20 turbo (engine and gearbox) from S14 silvia on a jeep. The car is now running fine but still in the workshop because it needs some repair/adjustment on brake system and also some wiring. However, as the mechanic is not a "kaki modified" mechanic,especially on...
  10. SR20 (S14) Turbo Engine major problem

    Blitz, thanks for your advice.
  11. SR20 (S14) Turbo Engine major problem

    Hello, Bought Engine (lantai) SR20 manual Turbo from S14 car. After successfully installed on another car, found problems as follows; 1) When we took off the sump pan, there were small pieces of broken something about 2 table spoons worth-like when you smash a ceramic cup- the pieces are...
  12. Installing 3rd row seat in a SUV

    Hi, I am driving a 5 seater SUV and plan to have a third row seat (to make it a 7 seater). Anyone know where this can be done professionally? Thanks.
  13. Mitsubishi Challenger 96/97 3.0 Petrol

    Price reduced to RM38,888.88
  14. Mitsubishi Challenger 96/97 3.0 Petrol

    Mitsubishi Challenger 4x4 SUV year 96 registered in 97. 3000cc Petrol/auto. Just bought in November last year, have not done anything to it except a regular service and I installed a nudge bar with a couple of fog lights. Mileage is 149,000km, new and nice paint job. Clean interior and exterior...
  15. Taking my car to Bangkok, Thailand

    Saga, thanks a lot. do you remember the part where you obtained the temporary permit to drive your vehicle in Thailand? How long did they give the permit for? Or how they decided how long the permit would be? or can we just ask for the maximum ie. 6 months?
  16. Taking my car to Bangkok, Thailand

    Mokomoko, no problem. in your case (from what i read), if you travel with your own car, not borrowed or rented, take the car ownership (Geran) with you, the car should have valid road tax too. Take any paperwork related to the buying of the car such as loan document or Transfer of ownership from...
  17. Taking my car to Bangkok, Thailand

    Hi All, I have to work in Bangkok for a year (possibly 2) and I plan to take my Malaysian car across the border (Bukit Kayu Hitam)and drive straight to Bangkok. I was wandering if anyone has experienced doing this? I googled and found out some good info but would like to know more in details...
  18. Glass window shop

    WFhan, Hi bro, thanks to you, i did change the glass window at the shop you mention on Chan Sow Lin. I think they did a good job too. Thanks a lot for your advise.
  19. Glass window shop

    Thanks, will check around that street
  20. Glass window shop

    Hi all, I bought a Mitsubishi challenger that comes with original dark glass windows. Now looking for window shop that rents out window so that my car will pass Puspakom inspection. I went to the one in Sunway, but they didn't have one for my car. Also went to the one near Hospital Tawakkal...
  21. Toyota Nadia comments/feedback

    Hello, any Nadia owner out there. Plan on getting a 98 or 99 Toyota Nadia to replace my compact car. Now got 2 small kids and I think it would be more comfortable to travel (baik kampong ) in this kind of car. Appreciate your opinion. Now most are selling them for 48k to 50k. Thanks.
  22. repair tein absorber

    hello, called RS, for tein hilo, one piece is RM400, depending on the condition they said it could be between 350 to 400. So I am postponing my plan to get my leaking tein repaired. :(
  23. DVD Metallica: Some Kind of Monster Ori

    another unit available with reduced price RM75
  24. R32 standard rim 16"

  25. R32 standard rim 16"

    1 pair only, good condition, tire size 205-55-16 Falken 30% thread RM200 per piece. 0122254461 or 0199510190.Location Desa Pandan. thank u
  26. 17" FR Work made in japan

  27. 17" FR Work made in japan

  28. 17" FR Work made in japan

    17" FR Work made in japan-SOLD 17" Work made in Japan, 5x114-SOLD not sure if these are 2 or 3 piece type. Front:215/45/17 20% thread Rear: 245/45/17 Bald Good condition, need polish, no damage/bent Reason for selling:change to 16" rim rm1500, item in Desa Pandan.
  29. Red Wings Dress Shoes cum work boots

    Red Wings Dress Shoes cum work boots-SOLD Brand new with tags/box steel toe dress shoes cum work boots (SOLD) Made in USA Size 8, outside sole length 12 inches Location Desa Pandan RM350 Call or sms Zam 012-225-4461
  30. Dr. Martens Air Weir Suede Leather Shoes

    Dr. Martens Air Weir Suede Leather Shoes-SOLD Lightly used shoes, very comfortable(SOLD) Size UK 6, US 7 Outside sole length 11 inches, height 5 inches Made in England Location desa Pandan RM220 Call/sms zam 012-225-4461
  31. Kramer Guitar- Explorer style

    sorry rm1k no can do bro
  32. Kramer Guitar- Explorer style

    Brand new Kramer guitar, bought in the US. 24 frets with floyd Rose, 2 Kramer Quadrail humbuckers. Nice slim neck. Price RM2200 Location KL Pls PM. Thank you
  33. DVD Metallica: Some Kind of Monster Ori

    Brother, best price RM90. If interested please sms or call me, 012-2254461. Thks
  34. DVD Metallica: Some Kind of Monster Ori

    Original DVD bought in the United States (Yes, can be used with all DVD players sold in Malaysia). Over 4 hours of Movie and rare/exclusive clips and footage from concert, studio, clubs, press conference etc etc. Price: RM75 Location Desa Pandan, KL Please SMS or call only, to Zam 012-225-4461...
  35. Jeans (Low rise) for Ladies, Original Guess, Levis, GAP

    GUESS Low Rider. Factory distressed. stretch, New jeans, Waist size 30, in seam 30, length 40 RM120 (Pos Laju add extra RM5) Levis 505. Stretch. Very good used condition, Waist size 32, in seam 31, length 41 RM100 (Pos Laju add extra RM5) Levis signature. Very good...
  36. Levis 501 for ladies made in USA

  37. Levis 501 kepala kain

    Takada, there are quite a few models that don't reach us in Malaysia, one of them is kepala kain (or in their term is Levis redline) without capital E. Kepala kain with big E selling at Mega Mall for RM900. Big E that comes with single stitch at back pocket and waist band is supposed to b more...
  38. Levis 501 kepala kain

    For sale vintage levis 501 with redline selvage (kepala kain) for men. Size as measured is 31 x 29 Condition: nicely faded, one small hole at the left knee as pictured, some frays at the cuff Location: KL Price: RM220 (pos laju add extra 5)/ Pls PM if interested or have any question. thanks.
  39. Diesel Jeans Made in Italy

    Diesel Jeans made in ITALY Condition: Excellent Size: 31 Location: KL Price: RM120 (pos laju add RM5) Please PM if anything
  40. Levis 501 for ladies made in USA

    Original made in the USA Levis 501 button fly for ladies All in excellent used condition, no rip, tear or stain, ready to wear, Waist size currently available 26, 27, 28 and 29 inch. RM90 per pair Location KL/ Postage add extra Please reply or PM if interested. Thank you. Size 26 X 29...
  41. Levis 501 Button Fly Original

  42. Levis 501 Button Fly Original

  43. Levis 501 Button Fly Original

    currently available size is 28, 30, 32 and 34. thks.
  44. Levis 501 Button Fly Original

    All are in very good used condition, no holes, rib, stain. Have been washed, clean and ready to wear. Location: Maluri KL. Please PM if interested or have any questions. Now only size 28, 30, 32 available.Thank you brothers! Levis 501 Size 30- black RM100 / Pos Laju add extra RM10(SOLD)...
  45. Levis 501 Authentic size 28

  46. Distortion Pedal- YJM308-new in box

  47. Levis 501 Authentic size 28

    other size is also available, same condition, same price, size 30 and 32
  48. Distortion Pedal- YJM308-new in box

  49. Levis 501 Authentic size 28

    Condition: Very good used jeans, season & rugged, clean ready to wear. Color: Blue Made: USA Size: 28 Location: KL/Cheras Price: RM110 (postage not included)
  50. Distortion Pedal- YJM308-new in box

    Brand new, Selling cheap RM220 only. PM if interested.