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  1. What's your opinion on RPK?

    ahhhh....and few barrels of english ale to go with that?
  2. What's your opinion on RPK?

    Well.....hes good writer....good at barking....but he ran! Anwar's dont does many other's...... still waiting for all the documented prove that he got on altantuya case...come on in good ol england now..nobody can catch ya...publish it...waddaya waiting for?
  3. Taking my car to Bangkok, Thailand

    question no 7: The road is safe...i drove down from bangkok 3 times already....just watch out for the bikes and cars coming in the wrong directions on the road shoulder....i suggest stop and rest in hadyai....then drive to bangkok around 10am...then ya possibly reach bangkok in 10-13 hours and...
  4. Fuel price in May 1st 2010

    I drove up and down Thailand for 10 days...bloody hell Diesel RM4.40...... if gomen do this...then expect to have Yellow Shirt, Purple Shirt, Red Shirt, Blue Shirt making havoc.... haihhhhh ---------- Post added at 08:36 PM ---------- 6 hour anti-bump limit - Previous post was at 08:34 PM...
  5. Military aircraft engine missing

    insurance? never herd military equipment been insured they? what im thinking of is we purposely gave/sell/donate to Iran andthen make a rucus that it is been stolen to avoid any stern actions from US... we know for facts that Iran have tons of american equipments inherit from...
  6. Military aircraft engine missing

    i believe its safely in Iran hands by now....flying in their sageh fighter
  7. Military aircraft engine missing

    waaaa fred...u think im a provost izit? its an F5e Tiger engine....and seriously head wiil roll because of this
  8. Car Clubs - Inside view from a friend..

    car club also got politics eh? and i believe most of us is still Toy"R"Us kids...never mature into
  9. People insulting ZTH

    muahahhaaa............first time i herd this sort of thing... and since when we are a club?
  10. Majlis Perbandaran Notice

    btol laaaa....i lost the damage claim....i go to court wearing UMNO t-shirts summore still tak dapat.....bengang giler....thats why i pangkah bulan after that...kahakahkahakahakah
  11. Majlis Perbandaran Notice

    ive never paid mine from MPPJ since 2003 till 2005 (when limkokwing still in mayang).... if im not mistaken i had almost 90++ tcikets total almost if im not mistaken up to RM 18k woth of summons they send me letters from for few years till I need to go to court in 2008....but I manage to...
  12. Owners of pirated VCDs, beware

    YouTube- Hoist The Colours - Full Song - Full Scene Yo, ho, haul together. Hoist the colours high. Heave ho, thieves and beggars, never shall we die. good theme song for our own DVD pirates eh...imagine they sing to the cops who rush
  13. Owners of pirated VCDs, beware

    yeah....actually if i can get the local copy i wont mind paying the extra bucks...just the censoring which turn me off.... but why should i pay and make the capitalist fatter eh... Long Live The Pirates!!!
  14. Owners of pirated VCDs, beware

    70-150? I think its not that high.....probably the foreign copy...but if u get the local malaysian copy is cheaper...some as cheap as RM 25...even cheaper during clearence sale in Ezy video... But...the Malaysian copy is sensored....I bought original Braveheart and most of the battle scenes are...
  15. Owners of pirated VCDs, beware

    Xtec....ohh we did change actors dont we...but not the main role laaa....the one in Penang is not bad.....but the one in Kelantan Kedah and Selangor im not laughing at all....these ppls were saying im "hollier then tho' " before they become gomen....but apparently they are more or less the same...
  16. Owners of pirated VCDs, beware

    guys this is just actions...showing to international community and ppl in this business that government do take actions....but its all facade...piracy been here for ages....every other months we saw big shake ups...but its allways there....reasons why is...a speaker which represents intelectual...
  17. Takedown at the Kruger National Park South Africa - Unusual occurence facts i drove from cape town to port sudan, cross arabian peninsular, cross to pakistan and all the way by road back to KL i lurve driving!
  18. Takedown at the Kruger National Park South Africa - Unusual occurence

    i was there in 2004 and 2007....and i drove from Jo'Berg not so much memories of Kruger tho'....more of Sun City actually :biggrin:...poor me cant enter Genting so go balas dendam there....funny thing is when I was there I always thought im at Sunway Lagoon :smokin:
  19. Takedown at the Kruger National Park South Africa - Unusual occurence

    ahhhh...kruger national park....bring back fond memories...
  20. Estimated Worth $97820 USD

    nice....almost halve a million ringgit worth.... huzzah to that and ill drink to Tom...our jolly good fellow...
  21. Air soft gun, electric gun

    hmmm....i think yours cant be refill....the co2 catridges should be replaced i think....
  22. Malaysian Invasion on 8th Oct?

    not sure if there is a channel for norman to get permissions....but to my undestanding....we inherit the culture...that meant we dont have to ask permissions from anybody...unless the Indonesian government patent the "culture".... I agree that they are too emotionals....if they are angry about...
  23. Malaysian Invasion on 8th Oct?

    Drift...i beg to differ....ask from embassy? does the embassy have the channel for this kind of issues? nope i dont think so....if we want to perform Lion dance during CNY does we need to ask permissions from Chinese Embassy? if we do they will probably only laugh at us. Now the documentary is...
  24. Air soft gun, electric gun

    mari mari...who wanna join 1st November....Cherakah Botanical Park Shah Alam....starter pack 100 bucks 500 pellets....
  25. Air soft gun, electric gun

    lets go... u watch my front...i watch your back... muahahahah
  26. Air soft gun, electric gun

    selling at RM2000++ in local paintball store...20 available all sold out... but i knew a way to get it around 1900...but he only bring when the number of booking hit 15 anyway this is the last big game...some 200 over players slogging it out in shah alam YouTube - FPS Mk.2 - BT Big Game @...
  27. Air soft gun, electric gun

    airsoft is fun....if its legal..... till then i just play paintball then...there is new jungle park in Bandar Utama...pretty nice layout and setup also....still a way to go to match Shah Alam Botanical Park paintball arena setups... the craze nowdays...every milsim paintballer want to have...
  28. Malaysian Invasion on 8th Oct?

    i got this through sms...sorry mods...its in malays... ini berita terbaru yg saya terima dari sumber yg boleh dipercayai. dipercayai usaha oleh pergerakkan BENDERA untuk menyerang malaysia pada esok hari terpaksa ditunda. ini berikutan ketua pergerakan tersebut terpaksa mencari dana sumbangan...
  29. Malaysian Invasion on 8th Oct?

    my magic the gathering card are ready in my hand... where are they?
  30. Malaysian Invasion on 8th Oct?

    sometime some people is full of imaginations...kahkhakha
  31. Malaysian Invasion on 8th Oct?

    i still got my magic the gathering cards...can use ah?
  32. RMAF and USAF Thunderbirds air shows in Subang Airport (TUDM)

    nice nice nice....hmmm...i think i need to get my ass up to langkawi for lima....what we had that day is not enuff...
  33. RMAF and USAF Thunderbirds air shows in Subang Airport (TUDM)

    they got new jungle paintball park at BU la brader.....down surian road from ikea
  34. Magnitude 7.9 earthquake strikes Indonesia...

    not in a our lifetime will be ages before we will be in a range of an epic centre.... as of now dont have to worry if an epic centre in the straits of malacca....what im scared of if another quake that cause tsunami that can happen in middle of andaman sea and volcanic Krakatoa...
  35. RMAF and USAF Thunderbirds air shows in Subang Airport (TUDM)

    bloody awesome....i was playing jungle paintball in bandar utama and were watching the show from top of the hill while waiting the rain to of my mate said "here come our air supports" im laughed like hell.......
  36. RMAF and USAF Thunderbirds air shows in Subang Airport (TUDM)

    in 7-9 years we will see either FA-18 Super Hornet, Su-35, MiG-35, Eurofighter Typhoon, Dassault Rafael or Saab JAS39 Gripen NG... sadly...byby MiG 29n.....bout time we have 2nd squadron of MRCA
  37. RMAF and USAF Thunderbirds air shows in Subang Airport (TUDM)

    just lepak by the roadside.....not everyday we can see our Su 30 MKM
  38. A Guide For Expatriate Drivers In Malaysia

    i dont have garfield....i got hello kitty...courtesy of me wife.... and big arsenal logo that cover halve of my rear windshield..... muahahhahahahaha
  39. KD Tunku Abdul Rahman - Malaysian 1st Submarine

    this is commando bro....those soldier know that the "torture" is part of their training....they were never invited to join...and they know what what is coming.....still they voluntered to join......out of 100 aplicants only 15 are selected to join Gerup Gerak Khas.....besides.....Commando modest...
  40. Robbery at H.L Bank Taman Segar,Cheras 18/9/09

    pity the family...raya summore....haihhh
  41. KD Tunku Abdul Rahman - Malaysian 1st Submarine

    barage of opposition rambling laaaaaaaaaaa...........everything the gomen do is wrong what..? the army commando torture their newrecruits also salah...this is commando la brader...bukan kelas memasak
  42. KD Tunku Abdul Rahman - Malaysian 1st Submarine

    ohhh itu missile is a gift once you got the commision...usually delivered either by Lim Kit Siang or Anwar Berahi
  43. KD Tunku Abdul Rahman - Malaysian 1st Submarine

    ohhh...missile attack ah...ours cannot la....but anti ship surface to surface missile can laaaa
  44. KD Tunku Abdul Rahman - Malaysian 1st Submarine

  45. Analisis ec725 cougar-gerenti dibeli malaysia

    have to ask first...tak gerenti
  46. KD Tunku Abdul Rahman - Malaysian 1st Submarine

    v14 diesel engine.....2 somemore....i wonder how loud when this thing running
  47. Analisis ec725 cougar-gerenti dibeli malaysia

    you want to ride nuri? i can bring you...
  48. Analisis ec725 cougar-gerenti dibeli malaysia

    u also too...:evil:
  49. KD Tunku Abdul Rahman - Malaysian 1st Submarine u have any picture for loading access for the torpedo?
  50. Analisis ec725 cougar-gerenti dibeli malaysia

    the problem with our army is we like to mix and match system....sometimes it works...sometimes it dont.....for example our took ages for all the electronics to be integrated and talks to each other.....we trying to mix ex-warsaw block system with french system by sagem....its a...