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  1. [Toyota] Looking for parts ? - Post here !!!

    looking for blacktop valve cover.
  2. how to import parts directly from japan??

    Hi EDRA, I think it is time for our Blacktop to get replace by some new seal, rubber parts, and etc. Engine oil coming out everywhere, however when i gave the part number to wing hing/vanli, all of them shaked head. I know i can approach toyota directly to order, but the price sure will rip me...
  3. Superstrut hell

    Wah I saw someone using Tein
  4. Ae111 lower arm bushes

    is there any 555 lower japan bush in the market? i aware 555 got dog bone only.
  5. Superstrut hell

    xMika, can you please share with me the machining shop that can done that? i would take them out and send to the shop too.
  6. Superstrut hell

    me2kimi, can you pm me your contact?
  7. Superstrut hell

    but from the half cut, mechanic also knock or hammer out the figure 8 and the control arm out. unless buying new, the figure 8 and control arm is come separately. me2kimi and D7zul, do you guys DIY to repair your SS?
  8. Superstrut hell

    recently my superstrut noisy for the 2nd time. now both side noisy, it last only around 30k km or less. Any mechanic that can diagnose properly rather than just replace figure 8 and control arm? in fact i dont see anything wrong with the old figure 8 and the control arm that taken out last time...
  9. [WTS] STOCK CLEARANCE up to 50%!!! AMP, SPEAKER, WOOFER (Mohawk/Kicker/MTX/Rainbow)

    Re: [WTS] STOCK CLEARANCE up to 50%!!! AMP, SPEAKER, WOOFER (Mohawk/Kicker/MTX/Rainbo Hi, can offer me a best price for this? Rainbow CS 265 Profi (6.5" 2-Way Component System) ori price RM4798, now disc 70% RM1439 ONLY! (6 unit available) thanks,
  10. Mazda Astina BG market value only RM3K? Insurance need help!!!

    insurance company are idiots, today i just do survey in my car all selling around 18k - 22k when i insure my car, they said ur market value only 13k. if really hit an accident, or total loss, i think they pay 10k to me only. damn idiot.
  11. Insurance Without Loading

    etiqa takaful also charge loading already.
  12. Some advice

    let me comment as a ripped off user for the 1st time accident and an experienced user after being ripped off for the 1st time. I have 2 incidents happened to me. 1st incident was the tow truck tow to his workshop. according to insurance part list, they only give 40% from it. I am a very fussy...
  13. any suggestion

    Drive shaft kong mah get whole pcs from chop shop loh. RM150 per pcs. last bought for my dad SEG on haft year ago. workmanship RM20-30 bucks only. Clutch kong is wear and tear ler.... just replace with original clutch diameter loh. i dont know what is the diameter, u just has to ask around and...
  14. ZTH Kepong Area's TT

    yoyo, still standing too....
  15. MA AUDIO MA-3001D 600W RMS Class-D Monoblock Amplifier

    where to send for repair? any recomendation?
  16. Install Oil cooler

    j_l200s, you got oil pressure gauge? my OEM Blacktop dont have this woh, is it important or a must to fix this? But i keep my car original lar. use original oil filter and castrol magnetic 10w40 oil, not sure enuf or not lar.. btw, is it advisable for us to use 5w30 on 4AGE? :p
  17. AE-101 Wheels offset

    thanks for your comment, My rim is 15" x 7J offset 35, kena kao kao on my driver side belakang. if i carry stuff, example luggage of 4 persons, and 2 ppl sitting behind. I will cry. :( ppl will scold me what a lousy car and keep on looking down on my car. please please.... anybody or workshop...
  18. Toyota AE101/111 half piping

    hihi, i m interested on ur pipe. how much lar? :-) i need to know how you measure the 2.38"? I also having a whole set of levin piping, but i measure, it is not 2.38", maybe i don't know how to use or read those engineering ruler.
  19. AE-101 Wheels offset

    Hi all SEG expert, Anybody having problem of Rear wheel hitting the fender on the driver side only when using 195/55/15 tyre with 35 offset rim? Is this common? I facing this problem, and i think most of the ppl mechanic ask me to knock my body fender. I have a friend who use the same set...
  20. Toyota Marketplace Links V2 7) Rear Discbrake from Levin (for AE111, AE101)
  21. AE-101 FX/Wagon Meter Wiring

    seems like the topic ended without any information. am i missing out in other thread that already have the solution?
  22. where to get Made in Japan Oil Filter for 4AGE

    wah... RM20 each, maybe sparepart shop know we are blacktop ppl, so they markup kaw kaw lar... :-p anybody call wing hing before for made in japan filter? ---------- Post added at 05:42 PM ---------- Previous post was at 05:40 PM ---------- so brother lonely, any idea where can get?
  23. where to get Made in Japan Oil Filter for 4AGE

    so brother chin, you are using E2 all these while?
  24. where to get Made in Japan Oil Filter for 4AGE

    Dear all 4age owner, 90915-YZZC6 90915-YZZC5 90915-10004 90915-YZZB6 any idea which spare part shop in the town can get made in Japan oil filter? I know we can get most of the Made in Thailand one. C6 has been replaced by E2 and B6 has been replaced by D4. E2 and D4 is selling at roughly...
  25. Fuel consumption for 4A-GE BlackTop

    i can get average 11km/litre, 25% rev, 75% cruising like uncle (not more than 4krpm) if rev more still can get at lease 10km/litre. I m having superstruct AE101 6speed BT. with 1 x 12 inch woofer, 2 amplifier, 15" enkei rim. heavier rite? hehehe
  26. Fuel consumption for 4A-GE BlackTop

    wah u get so good mileage ler...
  27. 4AFE engine and parts to let go...

    I got whole bunch of cable with me, engine wiring all still keep. dashboard wiring also with me, but the dashboard meter socket i cut and and use back with my haft cut wiring. ECU still with me. thanks.
  28. using levin AE111 wiring on local AE101 dash opionion

    Brother n0th1n, Sorry for long delay, i don't know this thread still so active after sometimes. actually i got your mechanic contact by a runner who sell toyota haftcut one. At first, i just go there and have a look, but then i saw so many toyota, somemore i met you when the first time i went...
  29. using levin AE111 wiring on local AE101 dash opionion

    thanks for giving me your photo. really appreciate it. today i did together all wiring with one of my friend. take us haft day to hide and mount all central lock module, abs module, sidemirror module and finally mounted the fuse box similar to ur picture, the fuse box 1 side using cable tie, 1...
  30. 14"x6J sport rim PCD100

    midnight BUMP
  31. Levin dashboard complete set

    thanks everyone. ITEM SOLD to ombakjernih. He cleared my house by taking all of the stuff at RM200 for the dashboard sets with arm rest, the dashboard bar. He also get my steering colume with levin steering kit at RM135. big offer... :-) (ITEM SOLD)
  32. AE101 6 Speed Airbag Steering Complete

    good item, free bump for u... :-)
  33. Levin dashboard complete set

    i went to chopshop, want to pay them to buy those not pecah haftcut, they also dont want to take out for me, if mine is not pecah, i will use this dashboard also... put in the Airbag too. if in future really pecah, then i go winghing buy new one. this is my earlier idea. :-p Bump: update...
  34. using levin AE111 wiring on local AE101 dash opionion

    ivan (AE101-Wong), i sent to nothin's mechanic. he doesn't do wiring his own one. Johnny also recommend that one lor.... i really do not know he didn't do his own wiring. if i know, i will not send there. somemore 2.5 weeks to complete, take me so long. Edra, can we do it ourself by mounting...
  35. using levin AE111 wiring on local AE101 dash opionion

    but i am using levin haftcut, according to scortwrx, his fusebox also hang there one, of cos we cant compare to your haftcut, urs is perfect fit of wagon cut mah.
  36. ZTH Kepong Area's TT

    5115, dont say so lar...... Blank suddenly put me on table i must voice up geh... :-p i headache with the wiring and some sau mei..... alarm also kena burnt by the baliah wiring man, central locking also belum siap, aircond switch belum modify to put in yet, car still cannot drive to pick ppl...
  37. using levin AE111 wiring on local AE101 dash opionion

    yes, i m using levin aircond system too.... only remain the local 101 dashboard.
  38. using levin AE111 wiring on local AE101 dash opionion

    Hi guys, i just converted my car and collected it 2 days ago. When i open my cover under my dashboard at my driver side. the wiring is so mess. I want to seek or ask you guys opinion before going to speak to my mechanic, is this the way normally it will happen when using back our Local AE101...
  39. 4AFE engine and parts to let go...

    Bumpppppppp ENGINE Kosong change dropped to RM150
  40. Levin dashboard complete set

    got mah. the one that can see airbag lubang. :-P overview 4.jpg...
  41. Levin dashboard complete set

    the airbag pecah liao, but i still got keep the cover. can stitch back or cover it by cushion man... :-)
  42. Toyota & Nissan Gear Knob

    AUTO HOCK MING, the TRD knob got 6speed sticker or label or not? thanks.
  43. Levin dashboard complete set

    I set of levin dashboard, all the aircond ducting still here. aircond vent no broke at all, no scratches on the dashboard. very good condition dashboard. I still keeping the levin dashboard bar, planning to throw away soon. fast grab anyone? all go with RM200. location, KL/kepong/PJ...
  44. 14"x6J sport rim PCD100

    Bumpppppppppp price reviewed!!!
  45. AE101 Local Seg Dashboard

    picture for grey meter please
  46. Toyota & Nissan Gear Knob

    Is the 6 speed gear label included in the box too? I can only able to see the 5 speed label from the picture..
  47. AE101 airbag steering+airbag control+signal switch

    PM me best price. thanks.
  48. TRD Gear Knob At Affordable Price!!!

    got 6 speed imitation one or not?
  49. 14"x6J sport rim PCD100

    thankiu thankiu... albert :-)
  50. 4AFE engine and parts to let go...

    april bump................