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  1. Motorcyclist Are Over PROTECTED by Law. Unfair to Drivers.

    its all goes back to attitude... i bet even car drivers will zig-zag whenever there's proper space for them to move... similar to bikes, coz they're small... you can see even women driver do the same... i'm from Penang but now stay in Klang... what do you think about Penang drivers...
  2. Motorcyclist Are Over PROTECTED by Law. Unfair to Drivers.

    sorry... I'm a technical enthusiast... i've a SEG car, now in the process of another convertion to to 2zzge engine from 4age BT... i'm also a rider currently, where you normally label as 'Mat Rempit' coz i'm riding a RXZ... so i suggest for car drivers to start riding motorbike first, prior to...
  3. Toyota Marketplace Links V2

    where's the moderator? bros 6UE5t & LE_sprinter... you post in a wrong thread...:hmmmm:
  4. 2zzge swap on a AE111?

    not yet complete... do drop by at Haz Garage for further question...:rofl:
  5. 2zzge swap on a AE111?

    how's this...:biggrin:
  6. 20v Knocking Sound When Accelerate

    4age 20V is not obd2 not obd1... it's using much older type...:hmmmm: you need Toyota diagnostic computer for that... i think for the cost of this... you can get new Vios...
  7. Adding 2T as petrol additives...

    TCW3 is equivalent to Jaso FD rating... so definitely better than Jaso FC... it's meant for motorboat coz it's ass less.... to minimize polutant in water...:hmmmm:
  8. 20v Knocking Sound When Accelerate

    just visit Haz Garage... get Acai opinion...:hmmmm: btw... not all car/engine are the same...:burnout:
  9. Adding 2T as petrol additives...

    they encourage to use TCW3, any TCW3, the cheaper the better it seems due to cost the recomended ratio is 500:1, tht work out to be roughly 50ml for rm50 of fuel. i think outboard engine got lower rev then a motorcycle, and its water cool so the condition is almost identical as in a car...
  10. 2zzge swap on a AE111?

  11. 7A-GE 20v PRoblem...

    it's easier to change to another piston... cp has the lower compression type...:hmmmm:
  12. 2zzge swap on a AE111?

    as per request...:biggrin:
  13. Adding 2T as petrol additives...

    last tried on my 4age 20v... becomes sluggish with more prominent pinging... probably not for high compression engine...:hmmmm:
  14. Custom Banana exhaust manifold for AE111 toyota corolla SEG1.6

    i haven't update the doc... 4age engine and related parts already sold... now going for 2zz... it's a journey anyway...:biggrin: engine is good but i can't stand on issues related to small auxiliary parts...:hmmmm:
  15. 2zzge swap on a AE111?

    custom header... since there're quite a number of people already ventured into this route... my mech able to get them from his usual fabricator...:biggrin:
  16. Adding 2T as petrol additives...

    been using this on my rxz for closed to 3yr, Maxoil brand... no carbon built-up at all... well i haven't tried on my car... not complete yet...:hmmmm:
  17. 2zzge swap on a AE111?

    a slow built... since its old already...:hmmmm:
  18. Custom Banana exhaust manifold for AE111 toyota corolla SEG1.6

    To All...:congrats:.. been sometime seeing this type of thread which is a good and useful discussion... sorry even though i've gone all the above routes.. even on DIY options... but due to my busy schedule, i'm not able to spend time to reply... just read through my attached journey...:biggrin:
  19. Custom Banana exhaust manifold for AE111 toyota corolla SEG1.6

    custom extractor with straight muffler? well it might increase some... but very bad ratio comparing the cost against the power increase...:hmmmm: btw, how far do you want to mod to achieve your final target? what your final target? how much money you willing to spend? coz, nanti dah spend...
  20. 2zzge swap on a AE111?

    mine, using the same mount thats comes with the halfcut... but with slight mod to the right mount...:hmmmm:
  21. Header : FGK vs HKS vs APEXi

    Sorry, none of the above...:smokin: my vote for 4-2-1 goes to Jian Hang custom extractor...:listen: well worth the money with overall low and high performance... i've used it after complete convert in 2007 and only sold it when I got the Cusco PS Powerball... the last i've heard, the new...
  22. Blacktop perform shit after install trumpet

    yup.. even better if the trumpet is outside of the engine bay... very direct and fresh air...:burnout: stock cams & without air reserves... will coz lag...:hmmmm: just take Nappy advise...:listen:
  23. KL traffic's a nightmare

    Klang - KL - Klang... daily... for the monthly toll cost, i'm able to pay for my RXZ monthly payment... still save more than RM500/month on fuel... so after 3yr of riding again, i'm able to clear all my credit card outstandings...:rofl:
  24. Enkei RPO1 15Inch 4Hole 100

    can pm me the price + delivery cost to KL? thanks...
  25. 4AG BT with CP High comp piston.. compression 10?

    8.0mm... huh! typo error la bros... old already...:rofl:
  26. 4AG BT with CP High comp piston.. compression 10?

    how much to skimmed? wierd coz 3mm clearance is too much coz you're using CP piston...:confused: if i can remember; only skim max 0.5mm if using 0.8mm TRD gasket... this is with Toyota 0.5mm oversize piston... if more than 'engine tak sedap'...:hmmmm:
  27. LCP Alert!

    sorry, forgot to state this...:rofl: my high rev definition = 8500 to 9500 rpm
  28. LCP Alert!

    vibration and resonance will increase in par with rev... so if you always high rev, just use lightened pulley for your water pump and alternator... if you want to use the crank pulley, since its daily drive... just monitor it, you can see whether it start to 'gelong' or not at idle... my...
  29. 4AG BT with CP High comp piston.. compression 10?

    i think the mech worry about the piston/valve clearance... you need to check it if you use aftermarket high comp piston... my mech normally do something to CP piston valve pocket...:hmmmm:
  30. LCP Alert!

    car usage? if daily commute then ok... still need to frequent check if you high rev sometime... if always high rev, then better don't venture into this... just my RM0.02... then again looking at your other thread, should be ok kot...:rofl: just save a bit more and get Mythelogy or Works...
  31. new 86 engine 12.5:1 - can we do same?

    well thinking that there's better and smaller chips nowadays... some more with 128bit or more programming + Java embedded etc... surely they can fit more in a faster PCB, in a the small ecu casing... some more they're releasing an 'Icon'... worldwide... with different brands... surely they...
  32. This is what happen when VS fails

    ''wah! sakit sudah berjangkit.." as Izso said highest possibility is the altenator is causing it...:hmmmm: but then again... while driving...:confused:
  33. I really need help, like seriously dude.

    more expensive... more money given to the Gov... so for me, just retain my 1997 car and mod it wisely...:burnout:
  34. This is what happen when VS fails

    the car dies while driving... cannot start again after pulling to the roadside... even after changing distributor, starter, fuel pump, plug & cables etc... after twice being saved, with the last being close to 300km away... i just take out the VS... the problem stop occurring... so i've...
  35. I really need help, like seriously dude.

    suggestion... Stage1 - PnP parts like open pod filter, spark plugs & cables, extractor, pulleys etc... Stage2 - braking and handling upgrade... Stage3 - cam, cam pulleys, port&polish, oversize piston, piggyback ecu... good if you're doing overhaul at the same time... Advance - standalone...
  36. Fuel Injector Cleaning & Service

    yup, done this for my BT20V at Trial Tuning SgBesi... probably around 2yr ago... i can't recall the cost but i think at the time they charged me around RM150...:hmmmm: i ask them to repeat several time until the injector shooting out the same cleaner volume...:rofl:
  37. This is what happen when VS fails

    yup, its leaking... this is why I've post in the '2VS thread' to monitor it closely...:rofl: mine is Zaptor, not Pivot and happen after around 3yr of usage... no matter what's the brand, capacitor has its lifecycle...:hmmmm: for my case worst coz its a modded car, my mech from Salak South has...
  38. VVT Pulley

    if you search, they're people remove VVT but still using stock cams... it all depends on usage actually...:wavey:
  39. new 86 engine 12.5:1 - can we do same?

    probably Toyota already prepare a lot of tuning tables for this new 86... to cater various fuel type and emission regulation... yeah! that's why they take time to launch it...:hmmmm: anybody with it willing to dyno test, to compare against stats Toyota stated... we can at least compare the...
  40. 4AG BT with CP High comp piston.. compression 10?

    what parts do you upgrade/use apart from the piston? 2mm head skim is too much, prone to detonation and rough idling... or do post your a/f ratio graph since you've dynoed... Acousti, a long time didnt see this type of post... too many thing to think of la...:rolleyes: btw, yes you're...
  41. new 86 engine 12.5:1 - can we do same?

    BT + TRD 0.8mm metalgasket + re-surface head + 81.5piston + 272cams = 11:1+ kot... already hard to use Ron95... now moving to 2ZZ = 11.5:1...:hmmmm: hopefully Malaysian Ron95 can support... at the moment, i only plan for Ron97 since its weekend car... but 12.5:1... might be worse...
  42. 4AG BT with CP High comp piston.. compression 10?

    thanks bro... i've learned a new thing today...:rofl:
  43. 20V plug cable comparison

    seldom browsing huh!:wavey: even your site is not updated...
  44. 4AG BT with CP High comp piston.. compression 10?

    correct compression?:confused: i think its 2 different things, compression ratio and static compression... sigh... need to learn more...:banghead:
  45. VVT Pulley

    it's not just about the sound... prolong usage, your VVT would not be able to engage properly... all this is because of the oil viscosity degraded... i think...:confused:
  46. VVT Pulley

    yup, they've done it a lot of time... i've done twice in fact, for 2 different pulleys... you can service it only once anyway...:wavey:
  47. VVT Pulley

    ok... search or call, coz it's trade secret actually... you'll save more than half, compare to the cost of new item...:biggrin: Haz Garage Kuala Lumpur
  48. VVT Pulley

    ok , good luck to you...:wavey:
  49. Mod 20v 4age

    j_l200s, i can't load pics in the pm reply... so here goes my old BT head + some other sample, on groove actually... the '20V_groovedchamber.jpg' is what recommended by Mr.Singh... but the space is too tight, unless you've access to machines...
  50. VVT Pulley

    never read through... want to spoon feed...:hmmmm: