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  1. nissan skyline R32 GTR original

    any price indicative?
  2. New Auto Spa - Sunway Damansara

    Ro, tried to contact u few times but can't reach. I've sent my car there yesterday and noticed there's stains on the front bumper that believed came from the tar remover. Pls PM me cause I need you to check on the condition. Thanks.:banghead:
  3. Nissan Teana

    Hi everyone, Anyone here have more infos on this car to share? :driver: Thanks.
  4. Clearance Sales Unregistered Cars !!

    2008/2009 vellfire 2.4 Z edition?
  5. Pantai bharu cny sales for 2 days only

    vellfire 2.4 Z edition best price?
  6. Mofaz price for best condition alphard 2.4 year 08 pls.
  7. Lot of Unregistered Imported cars 4 sale

    pm me best price with best condition alphard 2.4 yr 08. tq!
  8. Used Car continue loan / cash n drive

    yes..need clarifacation on that...wether need to pay monthly installment or not? tq
  9. C200K Avantgarde 2010 Registered UK Spec

    why does ot reg in 2010? do u re-register the car?
  10. Mitsubishi Lancer GT Demo Car

  11. New Facelift A33 Cefiro 2.0 Yr2006

    best price? loan?
  12. HONDA CIVIC 1.8 AUTO I-VTEC Yr2006

    how low is the mileage actually?
  13. BMW 730i (Auto) E38 CBU Yr1996

    nice car. ori paint?
  14. Toyota estima 2.4(a) with no 5 plate

    01/06 for 130K? not bad.. goodluck in ur sales bro.
  15. Grand Livina 1.8 '09 white IMPUL full package

    what reasons of selling? since it's still new. Gudluck in ur sales.
  16. Smart for four 05' @ rm 56,500!!!

    is it a high maintance car? btw, may i know why is the Smart cars price drop quite fast?
  17. Used Car continue loan / cash n drive

    bro..UGPM! ---------- Post added at 05:11 PM ---------- 6 hour anti-bump limit - Previous post was at 05:03 PM ---------- bro persada auto...UGPM.
  18. SUperB conditiON AUDI A6

    ya..since the seller quoted MOST parts are original in & out.. :)
  19. Wts skyline 250gt 2005

    agree.:driver: well, nice car anyway..
  20. Unregistered recond cars / used / trade in

    any used FD with good price?
  21. WTS All Japanese cars below market price!!!

    how's the buying process? any loan available? what's the price for used civic FD? tq.
  22. Calling all used car dealerships!!!

    bro, any idea?:proud:
  23. Calling all used car dealerships!!!

    dear auto pimp, please kindly provide me with the 2007 camry (latest model design) pricing. BTW, how about the loan procedures? tq.
  24. Mercedes Benz 300ce 2 Door

    nice car!...great for those who appreciate W124 model.
  25. KIA FORTE (setapak branch)

    the 1.6SX doesn't come with free bodykits as 1.6 EX?
  26. Peugeot 206CC

    sold??..what's the price?
  27. Mercedes E230 '97/02 for sale!

    whuts da price? i mean, best price. still possible to go for financing? tq. cheers
  28. Urgent sales!!!!

    157K after discount for a 2005 model? ok bro. Gud luck in ur sales! :proud:
  29. Urgent sales!!!!

    ESTIMA 2.4 unregister offer 30% for sales~! 157K before or after 30% discount?
  30. new sonata yf 2.0 and 2.4

  31. Mitsubishi Lancer MX-EVO6.5

    nice bump for u! BTW, manufatured year? Interior also TME 6.5?
  32. BMW 320 Coupe E36

    have more pics?
  33. Lotus Excel 2.2 (M) 1983

    nice! expected price?
  34. BMW E34 yr91 V8

    V8 means the car is 535i isn't it?
  35. audi S4

    nice car, cun! free bump for u.
  36. Nissan Grand Livina 1.6A

    yeah..wondering why does the previous owner letting such a new car go?
  37. Toyota Vios 1.5 E-Spec 2006 (Auto)

    nice car. best price?
  38. Rexton RX280 2003 for sale

    if im not mistaken rexton got 7 seaters is it?
  39. Proton Perdana 2.0(A) V6 Executive 2005-ALfa version2

    pity this car la..the resale value drop so much, i wonder why?..but it's quite comfortable though. A good car. Gud luck in your sale.
  40. Toyota Dealer- special offer promotion.

    the camry E with RM1500 discount D/P how much bro? monthly installment?
  41. [wts]merc c200 95

    are there any problem on previous ECU that make u changed it?
  42. lancer ck2A 96/99 for sale

    details please. tq.
  43. Honda accord inspire 90's for sale

    Maybe what bro USJ101 said was true. Anyway, good luck in ur sales! Nice car.:driver:
  44. I want to Buy AE86 Trueno!

    That's why la..Haha! :dancing:
  45. Brand New Toyota Wish 1.8

    any other cars? if u got the list of used cars, please email to tq.
  46. Personal Loan 4.9% p.a Only!!!

    PM me details bro. tq
  47. Direct Buyer CRV 2.0 I-Vtec

    How's the fuel cosumption? heard that crv is quite thirsty. Reason for selling? tq.
  48. Bungalow lot For Sale - Johor Bahru

    Hi everyone, There's a piece of land for sale in Kampung Melayu Majidee, Johor Bahru. Address No.22 These are the details stated in the grant: Lease Hold Hakmilik sementara Lease end at 11 January 2057. Pajakan berakhir pada 11 Januari 2057 Lot area: 935.5355 meter square Luas...
  49. [wts] Unique Deal - Affordable Luxury

    cheap cars usually not, i guess.
  50. Imported cars cheap - loan arrangeable!!!

    demam teruk kot..