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  1. Wira absorber

    If you're under a tight budget can consider HWL adjustable with hi/lo/soft/hard... 15 steps version less than RM1.5k.
  2. Hankook V12 Evo2 finally here

    Wah vr2turbo! Which shop selling at RM185?
  3. Mod plan - 4g93 na

    Nice setup. Exhaust system running how many inches mandrel bent?
  4. Can GTI 4G93 with MIVEC head mod up to 200HP on wheel?

    Hey thanks for the reply! Will work a budget for it. =)
  5. Can GTI 4G93 with MIVEC head mod up to 200HP on wheel?

    Hi receiver, How much did you pay to install in the B16B intake?
  6. Can GTI 4G93 with MIVEC head mod up to 200HP on wheel?

    Isn't there a picture going around right with a 1.8 Mivec producing over 200whp? Of course I don't expect it to be streetable la. Anyway what are the reputable 4G93/Mivec workshops around KL/PJ? Only know of MH Tuner & Prodrag. Anybody care to add on? Okay found the picture, here you go...
  7. AE92 Silvertop swap

    Yup agree with Beyond & rayracing79. Go straight for BT, but if you something without problems go 16V.
  8. Tesco Engine Oil Sales is on

    Want to let go my just bought Mobil 1 FS 5w-50 rally formula from Tesco last week... Reason being engine leaking oil so no use put in FS... now just putting in mineral only. vr2turbo, Buy from UMW itself got discount? Is it cheaper to buy from sparepart or from them directly then?
  9. Whisky, water of life

    Talisker eh? Will check out Duty Free for prices... So far only single malt being mentioned... anybody into blended whiskys? ---------- Post added at 01:34 AM ---------- 6 hour anti-bump limit - Previous post was at 01:33 AM ---------- Talisker eh? Will check out Duty Free for prices... So...
  10. Whisky, water of life

    Not a connoisseur here so have only bought 12y/o. Macallan is by far my favourite but the price is just too expensive, so sticking with Glenffidich and Glenlivet 12 y/o's for now.
  11. Cheap and good tasting Vodka?

    "Branded" and cheap ones are Smirnoff and Absolut. Price range is about the same as well.
  12. K&N recharger filter service kit

    Collected by Izso!
  13. K&N recharger filter service kit

    Guys, Want to let go my very old K&N recharger service kit. Bought it new at 911 Zentrum (Yes is that old) and used it only twice. Since I'm no longer using it might as well give it to someone who will put it to good use. Call me at 017-three six three-1898 if you are interested (10am -8pm)...
  14. Petrol emptty sound

    Okay thanks bro! Might be fuel pump time to KO.
  15. Petrol emptty sound

    Hi guys, Just want to share with you that my SE converted to 101 fuel tank has been giving off the "petrol empty sound" (the sound when your petrol gauge has passed E & it's time to visit the petrol station) even when the tank is 3/4 full. What could be the reason based on your experience?
  16. Smoking Bonnet...

    Ahhhhh looks like it is fairly normal thing lah! Thanks guys!
  17. Smoking Bonnet...

    Guys, Just want to ask your opinion for those Corolla's converted to 4AGE. Nowadays kan raining alot? Is it okay if your car bonnet/hood terkeluar asap like dry ice? Anybody experiencing this? Is my engine bay too hooooot? It's pretty visible during heavy drizzle when you wiper speed is set to...
  18. Product review : Old vs New - Osram Night Breaker Plus Halogen Bulbs

    Hmmm didnt have a relay or VS then. But then only a year isn't very happening indeed. Just my luck! Might give these new Nightbreakers a try then as after the nightbreakers I've got myself VS & relay fitted!
  19. Product review : Old vs New - Osram Night Breaker Plus Halogen Bulbs

    My old nightbreakers lasted me only a year. Shocked that Izso can last 3 years!!!:banghead:
  20. 4age Recommended trumpets.

    Hmmm so home-made style will roughly cost RM150 lah! =) If I remember correctly, the Jasma ones are too tall to fit into the SVT plenum.
  21. 4age Recommended trumpets.

    Interesting. Estimate budget to do it DIY style? Haven't seen aftermarket SVT trumpets that can fit into stock plenum.
  22. Need help improving SEG converted to blacktop

    My take on improving low end torque. Aftermarket halfcut exhaust 2.38" + 4-2-1 extractor. Last time had to downshift to 4th gear on this corner I use everyday, now I can safely stick with 5th gear =) Previous setup was 2inch follow ori route piping with standard extractor. Changed the exhaust...
  23. 20V using problemo !

    Using Ron95 as well, retard distributor but like what pcmoddingmy mentioned during 2000-3000 knocking is most apparent so must tekan alot less. Fuel consumption not much difference than RON97. 1Litre=10km.
  24. VVT Pulley

    Hi guys, Based on the old threads, it seems refurbishment/recondition of the VVT Pulley is the best way to eliminate the famous 20V diesel sound and also to make sure your VVT engagement is in tip top condition. Questions to users of this refurbished VVT Pulley though, after months/years of...
  25. Need suggestion and experiance comment

    Lari topic abit...anybody knows where to can trumpets that can fit straight into standard SVT airbox?
  26. 4AFE Turbo vs 4AGE Blacktop

    Veloc, From my understanding 16V dishes out more low end torque compared to 20V. Also when you say Good Power how much whp are you looking at?
  27. Kidnap Fraud case

    Same thing happened to my mum. Exactly like what TitanRev said, caller called up speaking in mandarin asking dad for help as he's beaten up by people. Can't remember who closed the call first but my mum called me straight away knowing that I dont speak mandarin and also calling her "dad".
  28. Toyota Marketplace Links V2

    MR2 245hp Twin Port Caliper + Disc + Pads
  29. So I renewed my insurance....

    Mine same case as Cybreed, MAA and car is insured for RM5000 only... 3rd party only sumore. B*stards. Premium: RM355.50 Loading: RM106.65 Some other nonsense that they force you to take: RM145 + Rm10 stamp duty Total: RM617.75!
  30. MR2\MRS Stuff to exchange\sale

    MR2 245hp Twin Port Caliper + Disc + Unknown Pads For Sale. RM250, location PJ. Please call O17-363-1898.
  31. MR2\MRS Stuff to exchange\sale

    SW20 245 front disc & caliper...RM280 Interested please call 017-363-1898. Location Damansara.
  32. Toyota Marketplace Links V2

    My item for sale. Location PJ. AE101 single port disc caliper
  33. Simple Exhaust Question

    Oops Alan edited my posting already, its a 2nd hand performance exhaust. The exhaust comes with a mid box and bullet so actually quite quiet.
  34. Simple Exhaust Question

    Guys a question for to ponder, what if your japanese exhaust system mid box died on you and needs to be refibered? The exhaust already has a bullet but will it be sufficient to silent the noise? What would your choices be? A) Refiber the midbox B) Buy a brand new taiwan/local midbox C) Forget...
  35. Come n talk about ur SE ride here....

    Banzai... that's great! Check pm! :)
  36. Come n talk about ur SE ride here....

    I've sent to two Toyota Sifu's, both also refused to do for me.... I think its too troublesome... I also given up hope already.
  37. IS that SAGA BLM fast

    Hmmm anyone kena cucuk / play / tested with the Campro CPS engine before? Advertised as 125hp and on Satria Neo chassis shouldn't it be quite fast?
  38. |wts| ralliart,trd,nismo gear knob

    Good responsible seller. Thumbs Up!
  39. AE92/101/111 Grille's

    Alright thanks to all especially to Tauke Wong! :proud:
  40. AE92/101/111 Grille's

    Hi all, Question is simple, are AE92/101/11 grille's interchangeble? That means AE92 using AE101 grille etc. Thanks in advance.
  41. management for 20v bt, e-manage or safc neo?

    E-Manage + ignition harness : Fuel & ignition SAFC : Fuel only SITC : Ignition only Most people will opt for E-Manage because it's cheaper, a SAFC Neo I think easily cost RM1K while E-Manage + Ignition harness + Tuning cost only RM1.5k +/-.
  42. AE101 Modification advise

    glozz, You're an old timer here right? Remember your nick back from the old days. Anyway good fuel consumption don't go hand in hand with high horsepower. So: Good fuel consumption = remain stock High horsepower = 7AGTE + Manual g/b (Definitely more than 10K)
  43. 4AGE 20V Top Overhaul / Full Overhaul

    Fellow bros, Is a top overhaul if I have the following symptoms on my 20V? Mileage is currently at 170,000kms. White smoke when high rev & 3,000km into a normal service the oil would be at a minimum level. This is with normal daily driving with occasional revving.
  44. Local Made 20V Extractors

    nnik, June tak lama lagi...sabar... My 2sen. If want count value for money, get a local made 4-2-1 extractir for less than 400 + emanage tuning is the best la. Total less than RM2K... but of course emanage tuning with japan 4-1 extractor is the far more superior one la! :)
  45. Local Made 20V Extractors

    nnik, have you tried out the local made 4-2-1 extractor which you mentioned?
  46. Unbreakable Autolock!

    Bought the cross type from Eneos last year, RM1XX. Don't you think it's weird that according to twodee, Brother's are selling the original & Eneos are selling fakes?Hmm...
  47. Local Made 20V Extractors

    bro howard? the extractor you got from Jaafar is a 4-2-1 design copy of what do you know or it's custom made to Jaafar specs?
  48. Local Made 20V Extractors

    Guys, Checked out Hypertune mag yesterday & there is a shop in Sunway called H-performance selling 4AGE 16V/20V 4-1 Extractors. It's stainless steel so it's bound to be pricey! Not sure what copy of it though although it looks quite canggih! Attached is the link to the pic! nnik, Mind telling...
  49. Local Made 20V Extractors

    Hi all, Anybody tried using local made 4-2-1 extractors for the 4AGE 20V before? What japanese brand copy are they from and are they any good? Also anyone heard of local 4-1 20V extractors before?
  50. 4AGE 20V Top Overhaul / Full Overhaul

    Anybody tried running on a 7AFE gasket before? I think it's 0.4mm in measurement, making it thinner than the TRD one's.