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Mar 18, 2018 at 2:31 AM
Jul 6, 2000
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Mar 18, 2018 at 2:31 AM
    1. everod
      Hi tom, I have been trying to source head lamps for my honda city type z. Do you know of a supplier
    2. henry5337
      thanks tom
    3. tehtarikru
    4. Ikhwancapunk
      Thankz tom..
    5. ariel
      Hi Tom, may I know where did U paint your Mini and how much...love to have that GT3rs green on my car too
    6. DareDan
      Hi Tom,

      Since I do not know where to post this, I will just drop you a PM.
      Lately I saw there is a lot of spamming post. most of is is taken care by Mod but can you try to do a virus, Malware, adware and spyware scan to make sure there is no virus or anything in the server?
      Please see picture for one of the example.
    7. Tom
      hi ian, sorry for the late reply, looks like we've sorted this over the phone earlier,

      david00, sure you can call me at 017 7770666 or email tom @ zerotohundred.com :)
    8. davidv00
      Hi Tom, its me davidv00. I used to write for you over ZTH Automotive News, how can I contact you via phone?
    9. optionmag
      We are the publisher for Option Magazine from Japan, Malaysia edition. Our magazine will be published in english and the first issue will be out in November. We would like to offer 20 free magazines for you to give out to your portal members in exchange for our Option logo and hyperlink to our website to be on your portal. We will also do media coverage for your events.
      Our magazine will feature news and technical articles on drifting, tuning, parts and DIY info which will be very useful to your members. We will also extend special promotion prices to your members for parts and services provided by our advertisers which will be beneficial to your members.
      Please feel free to email me at ian@optionmag.com.my to further discuss.
    10. chrome
      hye tom..is there any media pass to be given for this sunday timetoattack?? :0
    11. janso
      Hi Tom
      Can you ship to Australia Vic 3550 LL1193 Veil side front bar to fit satria and what would the cost be
      Thanks Leo
    12. poolupwai
      Hi Tom,

      I have purchased a set of stickers from ZTH store a month ago but until now i still have not received the items. I have tried messaging your customer service but none of my messages were replied? Mind giving me advise? FYI, i have banked in the amount to your maybank and emailed the transfer slip to you, yet nothing happens.

      Do contact me at poolupwai-at-gmail-dot-com. thanks!
    13. baii
      Tom, Irwan here from HIN motorshow. how are you? sorry i cant trace your number. just change new Handphone. can i have your number again? BTW, hows the update of Hot IMport NIght advertisment?

      thanks bro
    14. carolyns023
      We're doing a season-long NFL roundtable with our friends at Slate
    15. mazarion
      moning tom
    16. edosfightex
    17. Tom
      MINI11991: Try The Marketplace

      Jack7: It's better to post this in the Honda forums to gain replies from the onwers

      eizu89: The better paint shops would be able to obtain the codes, unfortunately, i do not have the codes to the paint colour of the Signal Green

      Arsym: glad it helped you
    18. ArSyam
      Thanks Tom.
      Ive found out that the webpage is very helpful. i hope that teh forum can find a solution to my gearbox problem.
    19. eizu89
      hai bro tom..i mau tanye u punye code colour mini RS..Porsche RS Signal Green... code colour.....
    20. JACK7
      Which car has better FC, the best pick up OR torque & power..1)honda city type z...2)honda city type z vtec - D15B...3)honda city i-dsi...4)honda city i-vtec engine L15A7...5)toyota vios - engine 1NZ-FE.Pls rank & advise me. basically im looking at honda city (D15B) & honda city (D15B VTEC) BUT NOT SURE WHETHER IT CAN MAKAN THE REST 3 CARS MENITONED ABOVE. Also what is the torque for honda city type z vtec ??
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