9.5 sec / 184ps / 300nm / 1.8L 4cyl turbo direct injection / 7 speed DCT / FWD / RM94,800 onwards

Proton’s hugely successful X70 SUV is back with a new 2020 edition. No more automatic transmission, the updated Proton SUV gets a 7 speed dual clutch box, 1.8L turbo engine and is now proudly assembled in Malaysia. There’ll be no 4WD option available this time around, for all 2020 X70 models will be streamlined to 2WD only

What’s different

1.8L turbo now offers 15nm more in torque, to 300nm in total. Performance wise, Proton claims acceleration from zerotohundred has been improved by 1 sec from 10.5 secs to 9.5 secs, which is probably contributed by the new DCT transmission

7 speed dual clutch transmission from Geely replaces the older 6 speed auto. It uses the shift by wire knob instead of the mechanical selector kind and runs on a wet clutch system. There will be no steering shift paddles in the 2020 X70

Front ventilated seats is a new feature in the 2020 X70. It has 3 fan speed option, which circulate cool air through the seat and can be controlled via the infotainment system or voice command. Rear seats now recline with 2 step, 27 to 32 degrees of seat back adjustment and independent 60/40 split fold

Auto tailgate is now available on the Executive model onwards, which includes programmable height adjustment and can be operated via the key fob. Premium variants get the hands free foot swipe sensor


All 2020 X70 models will be 2WD, specced in the new 184ps engine 1.8 turbo GDI engine, 7 speed DCT transmission and differentiated by trim levels

Premium X RM122,800
Premium RM119,800
Executive RM106,800
Standard RM94,800


Space Grey (Premium & Premium X) Amour Silver, Jet Grey, Snow White, Cinnamon Brown (Executive, Premium, Premium X) Ruby Red