410hp BMW M2 Competition comes to M Town, Sepang Circuit Malaysia!

The M2 for grown ups finally arrives Malaysia, ditching its standard issue 370hp N55 3L Turbo for a more potent, M division derived S55 engine which was lifted directly from the M3/M4, but slightly detuned – from 425hp to 410hp. It even gets the CF boomerang strut brace, carried over from bigger brother M. Price? RM627K

4.2 sec / 410hp / 550nm / 1,575kg / 7 speed DCT or 6 speed manual / M active LSD

Competition Highlights:

Body updates are mostly on the front, which include a reprofiled bumper with additional air intakes to accommodate the racier ///M powerplant. Also gloss black finished kidney grille and fender side gills

As a true M car now, the M2 Comp feature sexier M specific, twin strut wing mirrors instead of the non Comp, regular 2 series units. As a facelift 2 series base, it also get new LED headlights


Revised exhaust makes even louder pop bang and crackles through twin, electrically operated volume flaps, integrated into an all-new muffler with tailpipes finished in black chrome. The exhaust valves can be controlled via centre console using M Dynamic Performance Control.

Racetrack-ready M2 Comp can handle prolonged high G’s and revs with clever lubrication system. Unique oil sump cover helps keep lube in place, sophisticated oil return and extraction system guarantees uninterrupted oil supply. There’s also a transmission oil cooler for the 7 speed DCT box.

Active M Differential comes as standard in the M2 Competition. A mechanical LSD on steroids, this electronically operated, multi-plate rear differential manipulates how power is sent to either rear wheel for the best possible corner exit grip or the gracefullest drifts

Colours and Availability

Alpine White, Black Sapphire Metallic, Long Beach Blue Metallic, Hockenheim Silver Metallic, BMW dealerships from Friday, 28th June 2019