There it is, in all its Panamericana grilled glory, the latest incarnation of AMG’s mad A45, now gone mental.

3.9 secs / 416hp / 500nm / 4 Cyl 2L Turbo / 8 speed DCT / 4WD / Drift mode

There’s a brand new M139 4 cylinder turbo engine leading their hot hatch war and is capable of producing over 420hp, which pretty much trump the competition, at least in the 2,000cc Turbo class.

These engines continue to be hand assembled following AMG’s “One Man One Engine” philosophy, in their Affalterbach facility.

The actual 2019 / 2020 AMG A45 however, makes 416hp in its S trim and 382hp for non S. And yes there’s the S and non S for the 45 series now, differentiated by power, trim levels and styling.