Just launched minutes ago, Subaru’s latest Driver Assist, The EyeSight is now incorporated into the latest Subaru models. It was debuted alongside Subaru’s newest Outback and XV here at the Singapore Motorshow 2018

What’s new in the 2018 Subaru Outback

Eyesight Driving Assist Technology

A driver support system thst uses a range of functions to assist the driver to provide a safer driving experience. The EyeSight system uses a pair of full colour cameras that continously scan the road ahead for potential hazards and aims to prevent or reduce damages from a potential crash.

These cameras are integrated just behind the front windscreen on either sides of the rear view mirror.


The Outback is powered by a 175ps 2.5L boxer engine with a new alternator which will help it improve fuel economy. This new alternator is in fact 8% lighter than its predecessor.


Power is transfered to all 4 wheels via a 7 speed CVT ‘box which now features a manual mode to induce a sense of sportiness. Not only that, Subaru has even replaced its CVT chain for better short pitch chain which reduces noise from inside the cockpit, while further improving fuel efficiency by approximately 3 percent over its predecessor.

New Front

Facelifted front bumper and hexagonal grille, inducing a premium feel and a rugged look

New Wheels

Turbine inspired wheels thst are both lightweight and aerodynamic

STABLEX-Ride System

Better steering stability and rife quality with less body shake


The symmetrical all wheel drive (S-AWD) and brakes to safely drive over almost any type of terrain

Steering Responsive Headlights

This feature enables the headlights to move according to the direction of where the car is steered to.

Glenn Tan MD, Tan Chong International Limited

2018 marks another milestone for us as we introduce Subaru’s award winning Eyesight technology in the region and we we are excited to unveil the new Outback and XV here at the Singapore Motorshow”,says Glenn Tan, Managing Director, Tan Chong International Limited. The new Outback is a handsomely rugged vehicle, featuring enhanced aesthetics and functionalities that lets you reach your destination in style. We are excited to introduce the Subaru XV with the new 2.0 Litre direct injection boxer engine and improved CVT transmission for our Singapore market which has been well received in our other markets. These enhancements will cater to customers whonare looking for the performance of an SUV and the comfort of a sedan for their everyday activities. Both models are now equipped with Eyesight and we are confident thst they will exceed expectations and deliver an unparalleled driving experience”