It’s here in KL: BMW’s Concept 8 Series!

In conjunction with the BMW Luxury Excellence Pavilion, they’ve brought in a special specimen. Also for the very first time, not only in Malaysia but the entire South East Asia, BMW Malaysia revealed the super sexy BMW Concept 8 Series.

“As the Chairman of the Board of Management of BMW Group AG, Harald Krüger said, ‘The number 8 has always represented the pinnacle of sports performance and exclusivity at BMW’. This exclusive concept sports car exudes Passion, Power and Performance. The upcoming BMW 8 Series Coupé is certainly one to look out for, but for now, the BMW Concept 8 Series will express our take on a full-blooded high-end driving machine created in the tradition of large sporty coupes.

What is it? 

  • The BMW Concept 8 Series is BMW’s take on a no holds barred, high-end driving machine, a slice of pure automotive fascination.
  • While it is immediately recognised as a BMW, it displays new design ideas and form-building techniques.

  • The Concept 8 Series showcases new approach to the use of forms, reflected prominently on surfaces of the car.
  • A handful of sharp lines mark out clear surfaces while the body of the car is powerfully sculpted, equating to an outstanding package.
  • The Concept 8 Series sports large kidney grille, slim twin headlights and large air intakes that form a striking, sporty front-end.
  • The two kidneys, for example, are low to the ground while spreading broadly across the front end.

  • The grille widens as it extends downward, emphasising the dynamic character of the BMW Concept 8 Series.
  • Together with super-slim laser headlights and the hexagonal “twin circular” theme, it brings a focused look to the front.
  • The use of carbon fiber underline the car’s sporty, high-performance character.
  • Exclusively  developed exterior paint, codenamed Barcelona Grey Liquid – a greyish-blue with highly iridescent pigments – shows off the sexy body of BMW’s Concept 8 Series concept.

  • The rear is defined by the mix between bulk and lines, which extend around the flanks and shape the rear section of the car.
  • The powerful wheel arches hint at the car’s dynamic talent and advertises its rear-wheel drive heritage.
  • The tapering of the passenger cell and that car’s wide track shine a particularly vivid spotlight on this area of the BMW Concept 8 Series.
  • The slim, stretched-out rear lights extend into the sides of the Concept 8 Series and provide a connection between the rear and flanks.

  • The lights take the form of L-shaped blades and project out from the rear, emphasising the width of the car and its muscular stance.
  • The dark, stylised carbon-fibre diffuser in the lower section of the rear apron adds extra lightness and a sportier feel to the rear graphic.
  • Large, trapezoidal exhaust tailpipes complete the rear section and hints at the dynamic driving experience to come.

  • Exclusive leather sports seats are slim in design and are backed by carbon-fibre Shell’s.
  • Steering features hand-polished aluminium spokes arrowing forward with red-anodised shift paddles
  • Merino leather in Dark Brown and Fjord White leads the interior with high-quality ambience.
  • Carbon fibre and hand-polished aluminium accents create contrasts and radiate sportiness
  • The BMW 8 Series Coupé will build on BMW’s tradition of luxury sports cars and adds another exciting model

Be sure not to miss it, or the BMW Luxury Excellence Pavilion this month till the 7th of March 2018

Now Open: BMW Luxury Excellence Pavilion Malaysia at The Mandarin Oriental KL

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