If you think the Atom sounds like a symphony of screaming Minions, you’re not alone. This Atom 3.5R is powered by a Civic Type-R 2L K20 engine and bolted to it is a supercharger, making it some of the loudest howlers in the world.

350hp is what the mid engine package churn out, which empowers the 550kg Atom 3.5R with over 636hp per ton! Zerotohundred is done in about 2.5 seconds. In the below video, the Atom driver managed to clock his best lap of 2:29.xx. A respectable effort indeed, for a preliminary outing.

The Atom 3.5R’s massive performance is contributed by a motorsport derived sequential transmission made by renowned Sadev. The box is a 6 speed unit and provides ultra quick shifts at 40ms per shift.

Enjoy the VIDEO: