So Shell’s just introduced a lube that fights the effects of ageing, a 15W50 engine oil option designed just for high mileage usage.

Made with their new Flexi Molecule Technology, the Shell High Mileage engine oil is not only more cost effective being a semi synthetic alternative, it also boasts 40% better wear protection.

In addition, its inherent Active Cleansing Technology is said to prevent futher sludge and damaging deposits, resulting in a cleaner engine.

The recommended retail price for a Shell Helix High Mileage Pack in 15W50 is:

  • Rm148 for 4L (Peninsular Malaysia)
  • RM150 for 4L (East Malaysia)
  • RM40 for 1L (Peninsular Malaysia
  • RM41 for 1L (East Malaysia)

More good news ahead. Shell is giving out a RM25 discount for every 4L Helix High Mileage purchase from all participating shops. This promo is active from March 15 till May 15 2017.


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