Shell just launched their Anti Ageing Engine Oil – The Helix High Mileage 

So Shell’s just introduced a lube that fights the effects of ageing, a 15W50 engine oil option designed just for high mileage usage.

Made with their new Flexi Molecule Technology, the Shell High Mileage engine oil is not only more cost effective being a semi synthetic alternative, it also boasts 40% better wear protection.

In addition, its inherent Active Cleansing Technology is said to prevent futher sludge and damaging deposits, resulting in a cleaner engine.

The recommended retail price for a Shell Helix High Mileage Pack in 15W50 is:

  • Rm148 for 4L (Peninsular Malaysia)
  • RM150 for 4L (East Malaysia)
  • RM40 for 1L (Peninsular Malaysia
  • RM41 for 1L (East Malaysia)

More good news ahead. Shell is giving out a RM25 discount for every 4L Helix High Mileage purchase from all participating shops. This promo is active from March 15 till May 15 2017.


  1. Can anyone explain more on this product? I think it was good but too less information to know and i need more details that actually feel great on this product, i will be more concern on the functions. Kindly share your knowledge and would be very appreciate it.

  2. The main point of this product is make sure your engine cleanliness, so ur engine can perform better. The oils stains will reduce ur engine performance, so it will clean the stain and prolong ur engine life. It also can protect ur engine from oil leak, so you not need to top up it very frequently

  3. @fikri, the price also acceptable, some more it listed here, easy for consumer to compare the price before buying….

  4. @Jane Chang, nice infomation, can see this engine oil are much prefer for those high mileage car, so the engine will be more protection, just a bit sad on their promotion end so fast…

  5. i agree on term anti ageing engine oil.last 6months I change this one for my car, I can feel improvement for my engine, smooth driving.really recommended

  6. @lemon_89 This engine oil is tailored for older and high mileage vehicles. so you can try for it.

  7. @mr_tan72, a good engine oil will last the car for driving smooth, save petrol and protect the car engine well too, as long as always go on time to service car, do not over the mileage… as you know shell helix high mileage got better wear protection to prolong engine life…

  8. @leom_89, im driving saga old than 10 years, i seldom take care of the engine oil too, sometimes over drive the mileage then only send to service, since i seldom drive too….

  9. @ice hot, really depend… i heard some of them did also…
    but personally think why take the risk while you can avoid before it is happens…
    i’m using shell helix brand quite sometime… so far so good…

  10. @lemon89 I think there no problem for your car to use this engine oil. Are you always travel? if yes then this helix high mileage is suitable for you. As i mention before, your engine can remain cleanliness,the oils stains will less accumulate on ur engine which reduce the performance, you engine will be protected in good condition.

  11. @mr_tan72 Is that really useful for the engine, i heard the product also can reduce oil stain and high wear protection, did u find this product actually have these function, i am eager to know that…

  12. Whao, I’ve received a lot information about this product. Appreciate the user experience and your sharing. Those benefits are good to know!


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