Launched: 2017 BMW 740Le Plug-in Hybrid, 326hp / 500nm / 5.3secs!

BMW’s latest flagship luxury limousine is here and now has its own plug in hybrid system. As majestic as ever, this electrified, new 740Le retains exact wheelbase and proportions as its predecessor.


The highlight of the 740Le xDrive has got to be the hybrid powertrain. The famed 4cyl 2L TwinPower Turbo engine is featured here, but with a bang. Unlike the one used in the 330e, This one in the 740Le gets BMW’s latest and most powerful version.

  • Petrol Engine: 258hp / 400nm TwinPower Turbo
  • Electric Motor: 113hp / 250nm in pure electric
  • Full Electric Driving Range: 41km (Claimed)
  • Combined Power: 326hp / 500nm
  • Zerotohundred: 5.3 seconds


Drivetrains are crucial in high performing cars thrse days and the new 7 will get BMWs advanced 8 speed automatic with Steptronic.

The paddle shifting slushbox enabled the 740Le to sprint from Zerotohundred in under 5.3 seconds and on to a top speed of 250kmh

This automatic transmission is directly integrated into BMW’s eDrive system which takes on the role as a dynamo, which can either assist the car under acceleration or regenerate energy during braking to be stored in the batteries.

EDrive modes

Of course, the highlight of the 740Le is indeed the edrive system, which features 3 main modes to improve the hybrid driving experience.

AUTO eDrive:

To maximise fuel efficiency by synchronising both its 258hp petrol engine and 131hp electric motor at all times. This mode also favours the electric motor when possible and will require the fuel engine to contribute at speeds above 80kmh

MAX eDrive

In this mode, owners can drive in pure electric only. Petrol will only intercept this drive mode upon increase in acceleration. When the throttle pedal is fully depresses, it’s petrol engine comes on to facilitate with the drive.

Battery Control Mode

This mode allows for full control over the electric drive where the owner can set charge value to be available for pure electric drive later on in the journey.

Driving Experience Control + Adaptive & xDrive

Some of the most highly regarded feature in the 740Le are the customizable driving modes. Engageable via  a switch on the centre console and comprises of:

  • Adaptive
  • Eco Pro
  • Comfort
  • Sport

These modes influence the driving experience by augmenting power, ride and handling as well as fuel efficiency to the drivers preference.


This All-New BMW 740Le xDrive being a BMW iPerformance model, includes two-axle air suspension with automatic self-levelling and Dynamic Damper Control which allows minimal interruption to ride comfort.


The all wheel drive system in the 740Le is the fastest reacting and the most versatile 4WD system in its segment. The xDrive operates proactively and enables fully variable drive power to be directed when needed between the front and rear wheels. We’re taking about 100 percent power to the desired axle when needed, and that’s awesome to know. .

BMW Connected app.

One can command and monitor the 740Le via the BMW Connected app remotely, from anywhere with a connection and your smartphone. Features enables you to:

  • Monitor car performance
  • Set interior atmosphere
  • Set interior comfort via auxiliary air conditioning
  • monitor charge levels of the hybrid battery
  • Acquire location of charging stations
  • Determine distance covered on electric power alone
  • Find out the amount of petrol saved.

BMW Display Key

Various features available in the BMW Connected app can also be accessed via the BMW Display key which has a touch screen display integrated. Status data and functions include:

  • Fill level of the fuel tank
  • Current vehicle range
  • Electric charge status
  • Status of the central locking system, windows and glass roof
  • Service prompts and the time of day
  • Activate air conditioning and ventilation system

Charging the new hybrid 7 & BMW 360° ELECTRIC.

There’s a couple of ways you can charge the 9.2 kWh high-voltage lithium-ion battery in the 740Le, either via:

  • Conventional wall power socket
    Duration: Overnight
  • BMW i Wallbox Connect
    Duration: Under 5 Hours

While the car is charging in the car park, you can even monitor the process via the BMW Remote app from your office for example. Also, all 740Le owners are included in BMW’s 360° ELECTRIC program which will enable them to access all of GreenTech Malaysia’s network of 181 ChargeEV stations through the BMW ChargeNow mobility service. This club include all BMW e cars such as the i8, 330e and X5 xDrive40e.

Colours and Upholstery:

Body wise, the 2017 740Le will be available in the following body colours:

  • Black Sapphire
  • Imperial Blue
  • Mineral White
  • Sophisto Grey

On the inside, Nappa leather surrounds the upholstery while interior trims are finished in Poplar Grain Grey fine-wood.



  • Retail price before Government Approved Hybrid Incentive: RM853,800.00
  • Government Approved Hybrid Incentive: RM255,000.00
  • Retail Price after Government Approved Hybrid Incentive: RM598,800.00

From BMW Malaysia

Unveiling the All-New BMW 740Le xDrive, Mr. Han Sang Yun, Managing Director and CEO of BMW Group Malaysia said, “Since its introduction early last year, the BMW 7 Series has already redefined the idea of driving luxury in the premium automotive world, even taking home the much coveted World Luxury Car of the Year 2016. Here in Malaysia, we have already delivered over 600 units of the BMW 7 Series since its introduction which clearly shows the appeal of this luxurious limousine. Now, the All-New BMW 7 Series Hybrid with eDrive Technology will only set the benchmark even higher, offering to our customers the most cutting edge BMW eDrive technology which we have developed through our expertise with BMW i.”

Mr. Raymond Tan, Head of Sales, BMW Malaysia added, “The All-New BMW 7 Series Hybrid with eDrive Technology could not have arrived at a better time in the BMW iPerformance portfolio for BMW Group Malaysia, especially with the phenomenal success seen by variants of the BMW 3 Series and BMW X5 vehicles introduced last year.”

“The BMW X5 xDrive 40e and the BMW 330e introduced last year have already proven that there is a demand and the need of premium vehicles that not only offer the best in class in terms of comfort, driving dynamics and prestige but also leading in terms of efficiency and innovation. To date, we have already delivered over 2,500 units of the BMW 330e and over 2,000 units of the BMW X5 xDrive40e to our customers across the country.” said Tan.

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